The BroBasket Manifesto

When you see the term “Bro” you probably think of that party-loving, egotistical frat boy who always insisted on hi-fiving you for some reason.  We hate the typical nomenclature for “Bro” and we want to redefine it.  

We are taking the term “Bro” back because to us, a Bro is much more than that.  A Bro is that friend you’ve known since you were 5 years old, your buddy from softball, your dad, your brother, your best friend, or maybe even your lover.  (so smooth)

Our BroBasket’s were created to be THE best gifts for men, ones that all the Bro’s in your life would love to receive.  The guys that love beer, scotch, whiskey, tequila, wine and maybe the occasional long distance hug only a BroBasket can provide.  Men love our unique gifts with their favorite alcohol in them, and we love making the best gifts for men around almost as much as guys love receiving them.

The BroBasket

For all the Bros in your life

Why we make the best gifts for men

Why did we set out to make the best gifts for men?  Because we as men were tired of getting boring gifts (there is only so many socks and ties a guy can have) so we set out to make THE best gifts for men.


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