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The 10 Best Gifts for Runners

Getting gifts for runners can be difficult. A lot of runners tend to be the “uber healthy” type (people who haven’t seen a carb since 96’), and a pair of running shoes don’t always make sense as a gift because good ones are expensive, plus, what size is Ted anyways? Additionally, they probably have their “favorite brand”.  We tried our best to break down some of the best gift ideas for men and women runners to make your job a bit easier.

We like to think of drinking as a sport – and we’re quite good at it. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have some rather athletic friends. In fact, we have a few buddies that always turn down our happy hour invites because they’re “training”. “Can’t do it tonight, I’ve got to get my run in early tomorrow morning”; ” Can’t hang out this weekend – doing a 5K on Sunday”; “Don’t ask me to party for the next six months…I’m training for the marathon…”

We’ve heard it all. But we miss our running buddies – and sometimes we need to buy them gifts. If you’re looking for the best gifts for runners, keep reading. Here are 9 awesome gift ideas for all those trail runners and marathon runners in your world (and no, sneakers are NOT on this list).


Gifts That Runners Actually Want (and will actually use)

Sneakers may seem like the most obvious gift for a runner, but that’s a pretty impossible thing to pick out for someone else. Skip the kicks and check out these ideas that he can use before, during, and after every run.


Nathan Sports TrailMix Plus 2 Hydration Belt

If you run, you know that a bounce-free hydration belt is key. And this one is ergonomically designed with stretch fabric so that you’ll never have to feel that pesky bounce.

This hydration belt from Nathan Sports is a favorite among runners, and it has two 300ml flasks with push-pull caps so you can hold water within easy reach. It includes a zipper pocket to hold energy gels – don’t worry, runners know what those are – and reflective accents for better visibility. Plus, it’s designed for one-handed access, so you can hydrate without ever missing a step. $49.99


Foam roller

The best part about a foam roller? You don’t have to be a runner to enjoy it. It works for everyone, but for runners, it’s an absolute must.

The GRID® Foam Roller from Triggerpoint offers as much compression and muscle relief as a sports massage. It feels absolutely incredible when rolled on the back, the thighs, or the back of the knees. This roller features a soft foam surface yet has a firm design, making it perfect for anyone who desperately needs to release muscle paint and increase circulation. Use it before a workout or use it after – the slim shape makes it easy to toss inside a tote bag or backpack so you can even carry it to and from work. $34.99


Hyperice Hypervolt Cordless Vibration Massager

If you’re looking to give the gift of total comfort and you’re willing to splurge a bit, this cordless massager from Hyperice is the way to go.

Lightweight and easy to use on different parts of the body, this massager is a runner’s dream. It relieves sore muscles, increases circulation, and improves the body’s soft tissue, all of which are essential for the athlete who runs long distances or likes to run every day. It comes with interchangeable attachments so you can work any muscle that needs relief, and it’s something that every professional athlete or lazy beach bum can enjoy. $349.00


Under Armour UA Storm Launch Running Pants

Every runner needs a great pair of athletic pants, and this design from Under Armour is about as good as it gets. Water-resistant and wind-resistant, they’re made for the guy who won’t let the weather get in the way of his run.

The UA Storm Launch running pants fit close to the body without squeezing the legs, and they feature 4-way stretch construction for total comfort and mobility in every direction. Leg zippers, tapered ankles, pockets, and reflective accents add style and function, while an elastic waistband makes them ultra-comfortable to wear before, during, and after a run. Technically, they’re made for performance, but they’re stylish enough to wear when you’re hitting the coffee shop, stopping by the local brewery, or running errands around the city. $69.99


Nike Flex Stride Running Shorts

At $50, the price might seem a little bit steep for a pair of athletic shorts, but these are designed with total function in mind. And, of course, they have that little swoosh logo (and you always have to pay up for that).

The Nike Flex Stride running shorts are made from stretch flex fabric, allowing for total comfort whether you’re running a trail through a park or pounding the city streets. They have a cool streetwear look, but they’re made with technical details, including a pair of inner shorts that provide added coverage and support. The loose outer layer features an elastic waistband, a zipper pocket that can hold your phone, and perforations for better ventilation. The better the ventilation, the better he’ll feel (and smell) when the run is over. $50


WRIGHTSOCK CoolMesh II Tab-Back Socks

We already discussed why you should NOT buy a runner sneakers – but it is totally acceptable to buy him socks. Socks may not seem like the most impressive gift in the world, but if you’re on a tight budget or just want to give him something small, they’re ideal.

These cool mesh socks from WRIGHTSOCK aren’t just made for running – they’re great for anyone who’s into extensive workouts and high-powered performance. And that’s because they’re designed to minimize friction and blisters. They wick away moisture to prevent the feet from getting gross and sweaty, and they have arch braces that help support the feet. If your guy likes dry feet – and who doesn’t? –he’ll definitely love these. $14.00


Polar H10 Heart Rate Sensor  

The next time you see someone running or working out, take a look at the sneakers, the gear, and the accessories they’ve got on – and it will be pretty obvious who is a serious runner and who isn’t. And nothing screams “runner alert!” quite like this chest strap heart rate monitor.

For runners who are fanatical about monitoring their heart rate, the Polar H10 Heart Rate Sensor is a must. It’s got a soft fabric strap with electrodes that wrap around your chest to provide the most accurate measurements possible.

It’s also Bluetooth compatible and can be connected to two Bluetooth training devices at the same time, so you can pair it with your bike computer, gym equipment, smart watch, and your favorite fitness apps. Another reason we love it? It’s even safe for use in water, so it’s perfect for the triathlete who wants to monitor their heart when they’re running, swimming, or cycling. $89.95


Garmin Forerunner 235 GPS Watch

The runners we know are super dedicated to their sport, and they love using technology to help them track, monitor, and improve their performance. With the Garmin Forerunner 235 GPS watch, they can do exactly that.

As you would expect from Garmin, this watch provides GPS tracking. But it has a slew of other cool functions as well. Sporty with a silicone strap, this watch tracks distance, pace, and time. It also functions as a heart rate monitor. It uploads to Garmin Connect and offers live tracking, prompts, notifications, and social media sharing. And if that’s not enough, it’s also an activity tracker that counts steps, distance, sleep, and calories. It’s a great gift for any runner or fitness fanatic looking for a sporty accessory that offers as much style as it does function. $249.99


Yaktrax Run Traction Cleats

Serious runners don’t skip a run just because it’s cold or rainy. But in the interest of safety, it’s best not to run on icy or snowy roads. And that’s exactly why runners love these traction cleats from Yaktrax.

They’re sort of like snow tire chains for your sneakers. They’re made from natural rubber with steel coils and carbide steel spikes along the bottom. So you can run on packed snow without having to worry about slipping, falling, and being down and out with a broken ankle or a twisted knee. It’s kind of amazing how much traction they actually provide – and they’re so affordable there’s almost no reason NOT to buy them. With these attached to your sneakers, you’ll have no excuse for skipping a run in the dead of winter, and you’ll be able to train all year long. $40


A Fitness BroBox

A lot of these other ideas may full under the “too expensive”, “too personal”, and/or “too late to ship to them” categories.  Never fear, The BroBasket is here to hook you and them up with the perfect gift for runners, our Fitness BroBox!

This BroBoxes are packed with the healthy treats and meats that runners will love to get.  So if some of these other gifts don’t make sense, it is a great gift to get.



Like any athlete, runners need the right technical gear to perform at peak levels. They also have their own unique culture, including some items that have sort of become status symbols in the running community.


Whether your buddy or brother is a marathon-running maniac or a less intense 5K charity racer, it can be tricky to find the perfect gift. Don’t just settle on an armband to hold their phone – they probably already have that. Don’t buy them a pair of sneakers – you probably don’t know the type of arch support they need. Find a gift on this list that meets your budget and you’ll definitely get a thumbs up for knowing how to pick out a great runner’s gift.


We hope you enjoyed our post of some of the best gifts for runners, let us know your thoughts, or any other great ideas you might have in the comments below.




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