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10 Epic Rotterdam Day Trips

Rotterdam is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the planet for good reasons – it’s staggeringly beautiful, immensely welcoming to newcomers, and is nearby to many other tourist attractions. This makes Rotterdam an excellent place to visit for a week or two, only to take a day trip elsewhere before returning to the city. Nevertheless, finding out which nearby location you want to make a day trip to is never easy, simply because there are so many options to pick from.

Here are 5 epic Rotterdam day trips to consider, and why they’re worthy of your time and attention.

1. You need to visit Leiden

Rotterdam is one of the most well known cities in the Netherlands, which means that it often overshadows other destinations just as worthy of visitation. The beautiful university city of Leiden, for instance, is often ignored by tourists who don’t realize that it’s easily one of the most visually attractive areas in the entirety of Europe, let alone the Netherlands. Leiden is particularly great to visit if you’re a young person, as there are many university-aged individuals there who will ensure that you’re surrounded by people somewhat similar to you when it comes to age and their social preferences. 

Leiden is old and has many historical attractions, but don’t think you can’t get plenty of modern and exciting experiences in, either. The “Leiden Loop,” as it’s usually called in English, will allow you to walk around the city and visit both major historical attractions and more contemporary tourist destinations which offer modern luxuries. To those planning a day trip from Rotterdam to nearby areas, this is perhaps one of the most accessible and enjoyable options you have to consider. 

If you peruse a neat list of reasons to visit Leiden, you’ll encounter many charming tourist destinations waiting to be explored, from the De Valk windmill to the charming canals and their picturesque waterways. Rembrandt’s birthplace is only about half an hour away from Rotterdam by train, making it one of the best day trip locations you could ask for. What are you waiting for? Start packing your bags for Leiden immediately! 

2. No trip is complete without going to Amsterdam

Is it even possible to be in this part of the world without making a visit to Amsterdam? Anybody in Rotterdam looking to make an exciting day trip should obviously consider Leiden. Yet after you’ve witnessed the university-induced charm of Leiden, you should consider a day trip to Amsterdam, as no visit to the Netherlands is complete without visiting its capital. 

Political junkies from all over the world should be excited at any opportunity to see government in action. Amsterdam isn’t only worth visiting because of its political importance, either, but also because it’s the home of many small museums which are begging for the attention of intrepid tourists eager to immerse themselves in history. Sometimes, history only truly comes alive when you get to see it in-person, so don’t shun the many museums that Amsterdam has to show you. 

Amsterdam’s red light district gets all of the attention from tourists, but the truth of the matter is that the entire city is a lovely destination replete with countless eateries and plentiful museums that will turn your journey into an informative and enjoyable adventure to be remembered. Are you struggling to determine what you’d go about doing in Amsterdam during your day trip from Rotterdam? Don’t worry, as there are many helpful guides which are replete with thrilling suggestions for you to consider. 

3. Hit the beach at Scheveningen

Are you tired of the hustle and bustle of city streets? If so, it’s worthwhile to take a day trip to the beach at Scheveningen, where you can relax and enjoy the sunshine while your toes are tucked into the sand. As modern as the Netherlands can be, it can be nice to head to the great outdoors in order to bask in the majesty of nature. When it comes to picturesque beaches and a physically pleasant atmosphere, it’s hard to beat the beach at Scheveningen. It’s largely considered one of the most popular seaside areas in Holland precisely because of its immense beauty and accessibility to tourists. 

About 30 minutes away from Rotterdam and part of the district of The Hague, this pleasant beach is one of the most romantic day trip destinations you can hope for. You can enjoy surfing, dipping your toes in the sand, or a visit to nearby institutions like the Sea Life Centre. 

Give the Scheveningen Ferris Wheel a try and take a dip in the ocean if you can manage to wait 30 minutes after stuffing yourself with some local cuisine. Then, get ready for your next trip to…

4. Kinderdijk, home of the windmills

Your day trip options from Rotterdam are plentiful, but few of them compare to the majesty of Kinderdijk, home of so many beautiful windmills that it’s actually a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This area in South Holland was originally developed in the 18th century but remains one of the most desirable tourist destinations of the 21st century because it’s managed to retain its natural splendor despite the marvels of human engineering which grace the landscape. If you’re in Rotterdam and find yourself planning a day trip to nearby locations, how could you afford to miss out on an opportunity to see a UNESCO World Heritage Site in-person? It’s something for your scrapbook, of that there is no doubt. 

It’s not too far if you’re taking Rotterdam transport, either, which is why it’s such a fantastic day trip destination. Whenever you’re considering such adventures as a day trip from Rotterdam, you need to keep things like transportation and costs in mind. Otherwise, you may end up overextending yourself and be forced to cut your trip short. That means missing out on the splendor and fun of the Netherlands, which nobody should be forced to go through. 

If you’re in the Netherlands, it would be a tremendous shame to miss out on this opportunity to see windmills up close. The windmills may be old, but wind-power could very well be a defining facet of our shared future as humans. Wouldn’t it be exciting to see the past, present, and future collide in an internationally-recognized hotspot of human culture? Only after you’ve visited Kinderdijk and worked your way through the rest of the list should you finally proceed to…

5. Otterlo

Are you a nature junkie? Can’t wait to spread your legs and experience the great outdoors in a new and exciting place? Consider Otterlo, which could be right up your alley. Otterlo is a fantastic day trip destination from Rotterdam because it’s surrounded by the largest national park in the entire country. Those of you trying to get some hiking in are thus well advised to travel to Otterlo, a little more than an hour away from Rotterdam, in order to experience firsthand the wondrous confines of Hoge Veluwe National Park.

If parks aren’t your thing, rest assured that Otterlo has other offerings, too. With the second largest Van Gogh collection in the world, it’s a fine destination for art lovers. Before long, you’ll realize that Otterlo and these other day trip destinations are beckoning and waiting for you to visit them from Rotterdam. 


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