10 Great “Thoughtful Thank You Gift” Ideas

Sometimes a simple “thank you” will not do, we need to go the extra mile and get someone a gift that is a bit more thoughtful.  That’s why we put together this post on thoughtful thank you gift ideas, check it out!


Personalized Thank You Gift Ideas

Want to gift your special friend a really amazing and thoughtful thank you gift? Here we have got some thoughtful thank you gift ideas that you must see, have a look at the article!


A Customized Gift Basket

A customized gift basket full of the things you know they will love is a really thoughtful gift and a great way to say “thank you”.   You could make it yourself with good quality basket and add all of their favorite products in it. Orrr you can buy one from us at The BroBasket, most of our gift basket are customizable and we do a lot of special requests to make sure that thank you gift goes the extra mile.  So let us help you save some time and maybe even some money with your next thank you gift.   


Custom Cuff-links

If the person you are saying thank you to is a dapper kind of guy some custom cuff-links can really go the extra mile and wow them with your thoughtfulness.  From logos to engraved sayings you can personalized cuff links with just about anything these days, so the sky is the limit with how much you want to personalize it.

Of course if this person is a little more “special” to you, we know selecting the best gifts for your crush can be a little difficult, but these may be the ticket


Personalized Chocolates

Who doesn’t like them some chocolate?  Well if you have someone in your life that has a bit of a sweet tooth then some personalized chocolates can really send that thoughtful thank you that you were going for.  Then when they are sitting there enjoying their chocolates in their sugar high, they will think of you ever so highly. Plus if you are lucky they might share some with you.   


A Coffee Spoon With “Thanks A Latte” Written On The Back

For a really punny gift that you can gift the pun loving coffee drinkers in your like, a coffee spoon with “thanks a latte” written on its back is gold!  Every time they swirl their coffee with that thing, they will get a little chuckle and think of their super punny friend (get it…)


‘Thank You’ Personalized Champagne Bottle

Gift your friend a special personalized champagne bottle with a simple “Thank you” written in the place of a label tag.  If they like to drink and/or love champagne this can be a pretty sweet thank you gift, not only will you give them the gift of a buzz, but they will still be happy the next day, even if they are hungover.   


Do-it-yourself (DIY) Thank You Gifts

Not all of us have the money to buy personalized thank you gifts. For some of us, when we think of a gift as “thoughtful” it has to be something that we put our own time and effort into.  These thank you gifts are of the more ‘hand made’ variety and will help you say thank you without spending an arm and a leg.


DIY Homemade Soap With A Hint Of Wine

Homemade soap may sound harder to make than it really is. It’s really not all that involved.  Plus it makes a really interesting thank you gift – especially if you fancy yourself a crafty person.  


How to make homemade soap

The Easy Way – Melt base and pour in your wine

In this process you need to melt the soap base that you can readily find in kits and then add your color, additives, wine and/or any other fragrance you want. Pour it in a container of choice that is in the shape of a bar (Or the one that came with your kit) and here your handmade soap is ready.

The Hard Way

Cold Process

In the cold process you make a bar of soap from scratch with lye and essential oils. All you need to do is to heat the essential oils at 100 degrees and then slowly add lye water mixture. Add the colour, fragrance and additives and pour it in the shape of a bar.


Hot Process

The hot process of making soap is a variation of the cold process in which we actually cook the soap in an oven.

Anyways, we aren’t soap making experts, find out more on making soap here.


Scented Candle in a Jar

A scented candle in a jar is an amazing way to say thank you to someone. You can pick a jar and melt the desired color of wax in the jar with the aroma. Stick a nice label on the outside of the jar with with ‘Thank You’ or what ever you feel like writing on it, or painting it with chalkboard paint and writing in chalk. This way whenever they light the candle, it will make them remember you and how thoughtful your gift was and how awesome you are (hopefully).

You may also want to stick to a candle making kit here as well.  


Hand Made Thank You Card

Of all the DIY ideas we have here this one is probably the simplest and most approachable.   It may be a “no duh” moment, but a lot of people do not think about making a card from scratch when sending a simple thank you.  These days it can be pretty easy, I like to get a cheap card or box of cards from somewhere like the 99 Center Store and finding some funny meme’s they would like and pasting them on there with a glue stick or similar.  It is surprising how far a simple touch like this can go when sending a thank you gift.


Thank You Gifts more on the Fancy Side

So far we have given you a fairly solid list, but some people like to go the extra mile and really get something fancier than a candle. Not all thank you gifts are created equal, just as the reasons to say “thank you” vary. If they came to your wedding and hooked you up with a nice gift,  a simple card will do, but if they gave you a kidney, then maaaaaybe go the extra mile.


A Nice Watch Band

If you know them to be into watches, or always wearing a watch then getting them a watch band as a gift is a pretty thoughtful and unique idea.  Even if they have been wearing the same old dingy watch for years but you know they wear that thing every day a new band for that bad boy can go a long way.  Either way, every time they go to check their watch they will see that band and think of you, the gift giving genius.


An Anchor Bracelet

Anchor bracelets are pretty in these days, or at least so I am told. And if you are thanking someone that you know loves a good piece of jewelry, then this makes a great thank you gift.  More importantly with places like Etsy, these days you do not have to spend an arm and a leg on a piece of handmade jewelry that looks awesome. So the bigger point is that a bracelet of any kind can make a pretty awesome thank you gift.      

We hope you enjoyed this post on thoughtful thank you gift ideas, please take it as just that: “ideas”. With these ideas we hope it inspires you to find that perfect thank you gift that will really convey how deeply thankful you are.  Of course if you have any awesome ideas, feel free to share them in the comments.


The Guys @ TheBroBasket.com


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