11 Awesome Gift Ideas for Firefighters

We’re totally unimpressed by the fact that Hollywood continues to rake in hundreds of millions of dollars from superhero movies. Batman, Spiderman, Black Panther, blah, blah, blah…the list goes on and on. So let’s get one thing straight RIGHT NOW. These characters aren’t real – but heroes are. And you probably know quite a few of them IRL. 

They’re your boyfriends, your hubbies, your best buds. They’re your brothers in law, your uncles, and your neighbors. They’re the fearless firefighters that actually come running in to save you when the flames are raging. Hell, they’ll toss you out a window if it means saving your life. 

Will Deadpool do that for you? Definitely not. 

So in our quest to help you find the most awesome gifts of all time, today we’re talking gift ideas for firefighters, most of which won’t burn a hole in your pocket (pun intended). Spoil alert: they don’t all require a hook and ladder symbol.


BEER… and more beer

Firefighters work endless days and extended shifts. Their work is exhausting. And when a call comes in, they literally risk their lives to save yours. So the perfect gift for a firefighter is a way to relax and unwind at the end of a long shift. And what better way is there to unwind than with a couple of cold beers?

Whether you’re looking for an assorted six pack of craft brews or a massive bucket of domestic light bottles, our BroBasket beer gifts are built to impress. (After all, that is what we do for a living). You can build your own custom gift set or choose from one of our perfectly hand-crafted gifts filled with everything from beer koozies and bottle openers to snacks, candy, and pint glasses. Whatever you want to add to make the gift special, we’ve got you covered.


Fire Hose Nozzle Bottle Opener 

What’s the best way for a firefighter to open a bottle of beer? With a bottle opener that looks like a vintage fire hose nozzle, of course! This bottle opener is made from plated cast metal and features a vintage look with a worn in feel that makes it look like it’s taken a beating through the years.

Just like a vintage hose, it has a cool open and close shutoff handle. It also has a durable sturdy feel that makes it perfect for use in a bachelor pad, a man cave, or any home bar.  


Grillmaster Flipper

Is your firefighter a self-proclaimed grillmaster? Does he love sparking up the backyard barbecue on his nights off? It makes perfect sense, considering that he breathes in smoke and fire all day long. And though we hate the name, we do love this Firefighter Sportula.

Made from durable stainless steel, this spatula features a laser cut fire union logo that you can burn right into your steaks, burgers, salmon, or whatever else you’re sizzling on the grill. And even though he’ll never be able to have all of his buddies over for a backyard bash at the same time (because someone has to be on duty in the fire house), it’s a surefire way for him to make his mark in more ways than one. 


Firefighter Ice Cube Tray 

With this gift, it doesn’t matter if he drinks water, iced coffee, or straight up booze. The fact is, ice goes with everything. And the firefighter ice cube tray is the perfect way to personalize any drink. 

Made from hard plastic material, this ice cube tray features ten firefighter Maltese cross molds. He can load them up in a lemonade for the kids, put one or two in a bit of Scotch, or overload his gin and tonics with tons of ice. Either way, it makes for one cool (and cold) drink.


Firefighter Decanter 

Maybe he’s got a fully stocked home bar and hosts parties every chance he gets. Maybe he likes a single glass of whiskey at the end of a long shift. Either way, this fire and rescue decanter is one gift he definitely won’t be expecting. 

And that’s because it fully customizable. 

Personalize it with his name and Ladder Company for a one-of-a-kind look and it’ll be pretty obvious that you put some thought into this one. And considering that he risks his life to save people every day, we think that’s the least you can do. It comes with two rocks glasses, both of which can be personalized to match the decanter. It’s the perfect gift whether he’s just graduating from the academy, in the midst of his career, or retired after years of duty.


Vintage Fire Pump Backpack 

This is not a backpack that we expect anyone to wear in 2019, but it is a pretty cool gift for someone who fights roaring fires for a living – especially if they collect fire memorabilia or vintage antiques. The Smith Indian Fire Pump Backpack is a show piece for sure – he can put it on display in his man cave, in his apartment, or in a bunk room or community room in the fire station. 


A Massage Chair to Soothe Those Muscles

Firefighters work HARD. They carry heavy equipment and they have an extremely physical job to do – not like us, sitting in an office chair writing this or like you, sitting in your office chair reading it. The physical demands of a first responder are something we are willing to admit we could never handle. 

And that’s why a massage chair is the perfect gift. There’s no better way to unwind at the end of a long shift than enjoying a relaxing rub down while you’re parked in front of the TV. 

We love this massage chair from Brookstone, but it will set you back a few grand. Massage chairs are expensive – there are some good ones out there that cost as high as $10,000. But this one, at $2,799 is actually a really good value for what it offers. Deep tissue roller tracks for a full body massage, foot rollers for the feet, built-in Bluetooth so you can listen to music, chromatherapy lighting….this one is built to soothe your body and your mind. 

If splurging on a massage chair isn’t in your budget, a one-hour massage at a spa is a great alternative. Pick up a gift card to a spa in your local area or check out spa chains, like Hand & Stone. With a gift card your firefighter can decide if they want a deep tissue massage, a sports massage, or some other type of treatment. 


Apple Music Subscription

Firefighters have to be in shape, hell…it’s their job! They need to be strong, lift people on stretchers, carry those heavy hoses, etc…and to do that you have to spend at least a few hours a week running or working out in the gym. And if we’re being totally honest, we think working out sucks. 

But listening to some good tunes while you’re running or lifting weights is what helps us power through. So a subscription to Apple Music is like the endless gift that keeps on giving. 

Sure, you’ll have to shell out $9.99 per month…but with more than 50 million songs at your fingertips, it’s SO worth the price of admission. You can get the Led out… you can go full-on country…and hell, if you’re feeling theatrical, you can get down with some Broadway show tunes. And you cancel at any time, so you don’t have to commit to a lifelong gift (though that’s a pretty amazing gift to give).  


Beer Cap Map

Okay, so this may not be a map that can get you from point A to B, but by the time it’s full, it will at least be a mini map of the breweries you love. Plus, it’s a really cool way to show your pride as a firefighter and your love for beer. In the shape of the firefighter Maltese cross, the beer cap map is made from American birch wood (very cool) and offers space for up to 50 beer caps. 

If you want to make it more unique you can personalize it with his name, his fire company, the date he graduated from the academy, or the date he retired from the job. 


IAFF License Plate

Firefighters are a proud bunch – as they should be. After all, when you can say you’ve actually saved someone from a burning house, we think you deserve some bragging rights. With a hitch plate or license plate from the International Association of Firefighters union, everyone will know what you do for a living – even when you’re out of uniform and out of the fire truck. 


Thin Red Line Tumbler

Whether your firefighter drinks coffee, water, or soda on his way to work, the Thin Red Line Tumbler is the perfect way for them to show their pride (and keep their drinks super hot or super cold). You can find lots of different versions of these online, but our favorite is this one on Etsy. We like the cool, distressed look of the graphic AND it’s a Yeti, so you know it’s good. 



It’s time to stop thinking of those silly characters in Marvel movies as your heroes and start recognizing the real life heroes that are all around you… 

The best firefighter gifts fall into one of two categories: things with firefighter symbols and things designed to help you unwind and relax. 

These men and women are real life heroes. And even though they probably don’t want one, they deserve a daily thank you just for the work they do. So when a birthday or a special occasion rolls around, you have to pick an awesome gift. After all, are you risking your life on a daily basis to save strangers that you don’t even know?


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