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13 Awesome Graduation Gift Ideas For Him

Graduation is an important milestone in a person’s life. Once a person graduates from college, for example, it can mean that he has accomplished all of the academic requirements and is now ready to take on more challenges in life. If you know someone who’s graduating soon, celebrate the event by giving him the perfect graduation gift. 

You’ll have a lot of options when you’re looking for graduation gift ideas for him. And while this variety allows you to have unlimited options, it can also get too overwhelming. 


Graduation Gift Ideas for Him:


1.  A BroBox, Duh!  

Our Awesome selection of BroBoxes are great for your graduating guy.  They come in all styles and flavors from the booze infused to the workout inspired.  We know not all guys are created equl so we have a ton to choose from, and if you can not be there in person, sending a BroBox or BroBasket is an awesome way to send a long distance “Hi five! You did it!”.  So please check out our selection of gift boxes that a great for graduates before you look anywhere else.   


2. Oxford Shoes

When a man graduates from college, the next task he has to accomplish is to look for a job and create a career. This is the time of his life when he has to turn all of his learnings into practice. 

If you want to contribute to this transition, consider giving men’s oxford shoes. Since oxford shoes come at different styles and prices, you’ll surely find one that fits the bill. Whether the recipient has a laid back, formal, or casual wardrobe, it’ll be easy to find a pair that suits him. 


3.    Professional-Looking Bag

Backpacks are only appropriate for students and teens. Now that you’re giving a gift to someone who just graduated, you should look for items that are appropriate to his new lifestyle. 

A professional-looking bag can be an excellent idea as a graduation gift idea. You can buy one that fits a planner or one that has enough room for a laptop. 

If you’re leaning towards this direction, pick a bag that suits the career path of the recipient. Don’t buy a bag that has vulgar words on the print when the recipient is expected to work in a corporate office setup. 


4. Stylish Watch Band

It’s hard to find a businessperson without a fancy wristwatch. Most professionals will consider this as a staple in their everyday look – some might even swap their pieces of jewelry for a watch. 

If you’re looking for a graduation gift idea that is both functional and stylish, start looking for a wristwatch you can upgrade the watch band on. This can be a great gift, especially if the recipient doesn’t have any wristwatch and is fond of using their smartphones to tell the time. 

A stylish watch can make anyone look neat and presentable, especially when they’re about to have their job interview. 


5.    Cardholder

Once someone graduates, his social circle will also expand. From having college peers on his phonebook, this person will have to network with other professionals. The people the graduate will mingle with can make or break the career he’ll have in the future. 

To make this process easier for the graduate, give him a cardholder. Pulling out an overstuffed wallet just to give someone a calling card isn’t a good move in the corporate industry. 

Depending on the preference of the recipient, you can buy a cardholder made from leather or other synthetic materials. Just make sure that it’s in dark colors, so the recipient can easily maintain its cleanliness.


6.    A Great Suit

Wearing a pair of jeans, shirts, and sneakers will never be helpful for someone who’s looking for a job. Dressing this way will not convince an employer to hire a graduate. 

If you want the recipient to look at his best after graduating, buy him a great suit. This gift idea is an excellent investment as you’ll help him look professional and presentable in all of his upcoming job interviews.


7.    A High-Tech Tablet

You can never go wrong once you give a graduate a high-tech tablet. No matter what the recipient’s interests or passions are, a high-tech tablet can be a foolproof graduation gift. 

This tablet can help the recipient look for a stable job online, entertainment himself during his leisure, and improve productivity once he gets a job. A high-tech tablet can be a godsend, especially for young professionals who are always on the go. 


8.    Wireless Headphones

There are a lot of uses to headphones. This device can be used to help a person concentrate better at work or keep himself entertained when he’s stuck in traffic.

These are just some of the reasons why wireless headphones can be a great graduation gift. This can be used for different purposes, making it a very versatile gift.  


9.    A Work Of Art

It’s common for college students to buy a lot of posters and hang these in their dorm rooms. Some might even use these posters as an inspiration to excel in their studies. 

Since this person has already graduated, it’s best if you give him something that could be an alternative to these posters, such as artworks. Since the recipient is now a full-grown adult, help him better appreciate the arts by giving him different types of artwork. This can be an excellent gift, especially if the recipient will have his own home or apartment. 


10.    A High-Quality Pillow

Being an adult can be stressful. This is especially true for graduates who are still starting to launch their careers in the real world. 

Giving a high-quality pillow can be an excellent graduation gift for him as this can improve the quality of his sleep. Whenever the recipient is already tired in looking for a job, he can immediately rest with the pillow you gave him. Just make sure that you’re buying a pillow that suits the height, weight, and personal preference of the recipient. 


11.    Limited Edition Eau De Toilette

The scent of a person can affect its personal and professional relationship. The sweeter a person smells, the better opportunities he’ll have at work. 

If the recipient is keen on perfumes and scents, give him a limited-edition eau de toilette. Most celebrities will have their own line of scents, so if you know the recipient’s favorite celebrity, do your own research and buy one made by his favorite celebrity. Your recipient will surely love your gift because he’ll smell like his favorite celebrity!


12.    Graduation Etched Glass Frame

As mentioned, graduation is an important time of a person’s life. This is one of the peaks in someone’s life that’s surely worth celebrating. 

Giving a graduation etched glass frame can be an excellent way of relieving the recipient’s graduation day. Depending on the size of the glass frame you’re planning to give, you can use a single photo taken during the recipient’s graduation day or a collage taken different times during the recipient’s college years.


13.    Coffe Mug Warmer

Most people are dependent on coffee. They can’t function well unless they had their Cup of Joe in the morning. However, because your recipient will now live a fast-paced life, he might not have the time (and patience) to wait for his coffee to cool. 

You can solve this problem by giving him a coffee mug warmer as a graduation gift. This tool will make the coffee last longer and even taste better!


Think About The Recipient

The key to giving a memorable graduation gift is to know the recipient’s personality. You shouldn’t give a graduation gift just for the sake of it; you should give one that’ll improve the recipient’s quality of life to help him overcome challenges in the future!


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