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17 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Him – Show Your Love With These Thoughtful Presents

Yeah yeah, a bouquet of flowers, cakes or a peck on the lips is cute and all, but this Valentine’s Day, the guy you love deserves something a little more thoughtful. Whether he’s the manly sort, a style stand-out, a drink lover, or a gadget freak, we’ve got THE presents that will make his heart beat faster this Valentine’s Day.

First and foremost, please check out the awesome valentines day gifts for guys that the BroBasket has to offer.

Now, let’s take a look at 17 oh-so-thoughtful presents you can surprise your bae with.


Valentine’s Day Gift Idea #1: A Personalized Book

Ladies, you’ll always remember the place you met your guy, had your first date, fell in love (and possibly where you got married). Those are cherishable moments that will always remain in your memory. But sometimes it’s nice to have a memento to commemorate those special times, isn’t it? This woodsy creation lets you and your partner make your mark without defacing any precious resources. A more legal alternative to graffiti, it’s a warmhearted, modern spin on the age-old hand-carved technique. It will capture the lasting pledge made between two young loves while still retaining the contemporary look of your home décor. True love 4eva baby!


Valentine’s Day Gift Idea #2: An Anchor & Lifesaver Keychain Set


Sometimes, two people just fit so well together. You know you’re in love when you feel like you’ve found your co-pilot, your partner in crime, the eggs to your bacon, the tonic to your gin. This adorable couples keychain set is the perfect romantic gift for the man who’s sweet but not too mushy. He can either be the anchor who keeps you grounded in life, the one who doesn’t let you drift away in worries. Or, the lifesaver whose amazing personality rescues you from boredom.


Valentine’s Day Gift Idea #3: An Engraved Bracelet


Gifting jewellery holds a special symbolism between two people. While it’s often men who gift jewellery to women, it’s time to turn the tide and discover jewellery as a gift for the special man in your lives. Engraved bracelets for men are a godsend Valentine’s Day gifting option; they’re unexpected and filled with a surprise for the recipient. The modern incarnations of this mens jewellery are less about kitschy mementoes and more about showing off personal style— be that edgy, cool, fun-loving or classy.

Valentine’s Day Gift Idea #4: A Stormtrooper Decanter

If your bae is against the Stormtroopers (as he darn well should be!), this would be a perfect gift for him. He’ll relish having this beheaded helmet on the bar shelf. Using a Stormtrooper’s helmet as a decanter for whisky is a symbolic victory of good over evil! If, on the other hand, your guy is a supporter of The Empire and Stormtroopers in general, then he can view this decanter as a tribute. Each time he decants the drink, it’ll be a loving nod to the Galactic dictatorship he holds in such high esteem. A real conversation starter for a boy’s night, it’s bound to make you look like a total keeper.


Valentine’s Day Gift Idea #5: Wireless Earbuds

Listening to music is one of those joys in life that everyone appreciates. Any guy who has a phone probably listens to music while travelling. So, why not let yours know how much you care by getting him a good pair of wireless earbuds? To be clear, you aren’t just giving a practical present he can enjoy 24×7; for once you’re the one who’s rescuing him – from low-quality music, tangled cables and conversations like, “What? Can’t hear you, babe…. Let me call you back later, okay?!”.


Valentine’s Day Gift Idea #6: A Skull Mug

There’s nothing less manly than bone china, and let’s face it, what man wants to drink out of a teacup anyway?! Certainly not your guy, right? Here to prove he is the manliest man that ever came in your life is this skull mug. Not only does it come with a warning to anyone who wants to mess with him, but the bone type handle will make him feel like he’s working hard, even when it’s time for a cuppa. Now, your guy and his clan can bang their heads together and drink like medieval warlords.


Valentine’s Day Gift Idea #7: A Grooming Kit

Facial hair can really change the way a guy looks. He could look like anything from a perpetual baby to a caveman, if not careful. This gift idea is for those metrosexual men who enjoy every bit of soaking their hands & feet in warm water and grooming themselves. For the dudes who know the importance of trimming their talons. Apart from helping men make the most of their morning routine, a high-quality grooming kit also gives them a boost of confidence that helps conquer their day, make moves like a boss, and even amp up their love life. With a fantastic grooming kit by his side, your guy can now groom and pamper himself anytime, whether he is travelling or at home.


Valentine’s Day Gift Idea #8: A Lighter

It’s the classic nightmare: He’s got the whiskey, cigarette, PlayStation controller and everything else he needs to have a chilling time — except the lighter. Lighters have a habit of filling up drawers and backpacks — until they’re needed. Suddenly, they’re nowhere to be found. That’s why they make such great gifts, too. Anyways, a lighter is durable, refillable and built for a lifetime of use. It’s the perfect present for smokers and people who love getting rock and roll with a smelly candle.

Valentine’s Day Gift Idea #9: Sunglasses

When considering what to get your guy as a Valentine’s Day gift, it’s always a good idea to pick something unique. You want a meaningful gift, that’s also practical. That’s why a pair of new sunglasses is a great middle ground. We may be a stretch away from the summer months, but we firmly believe sunglasses can look great all year round – and they protect his eyes, too. So why not treat your Valentine to a chic pair of shades? Get inspired by the latest selection of eye-catching frames available online and find the perfect gift for your bae.

Valentine’s Day Gift Idea #10: An Engraved Wooden Watch

The greatest gift you could give your guy is a commitment to spending more time together. And what could serve as a better daily reminder of both time and spending than a fabulous watch, a present that’s omnipresent on the wrist? A wood watch is an uncommon gift in itself; watches are commonly made from metals or plastic. So giving an engraved wood watch as a gift shows you know how unique your loved one is, and want to reflect that. It also shows that you went out of your way to add a touch of class and elegance. Wood watches will stand out on your loved one’s wrist, and be the envy of every person stuck with a more traditional watch.

Valentine’s Day Gift Idea #11: Masculine Pillows

A wise person once said that every man needs a cave, but it’s 2020, and having a man cave that doesn’t reek of comfort and sophistication simply isn’t good enough. Ladies, why not use this Valentine’s Day opportunity to make him happy AND use your decor skills to make his life comfortable. Adding masculine pillows to his room not only gives you a more comfortable place when you’re staying overnight; it can round out the look, feel and ambience of the space. What’s more, it’s an inexpensive way to give an otherwise boring area some flair.

Valentine’s Day Gift Idea #12: Cologne

Girls, you’ve got a great guy in your arms. He respects you, cares for you and pampers you. So, why not flaunt him? Show the world what a great catch you’ve landed? Make the ladies jealous?! Like a moth to a flame, colognes are capable of snatching our attention by appealing to our senses. Whether fresh and clean or warm and woody, colognes have the power to convey personality and attract attention. So, if you’re looking to boost your guy’s desirability, the right scent will go a long way.

Valentine’s Day Gift Idea #13: Superhero Tshirt

Every guy grows up surrounded by superheroes in cartoons, comics, and movies. Your guy might not admit this, but in his heart, all he’s ever wanted was to have superpowers. The closest he ever came to feel like one was when he dressed like them. Your guy loves caped crusaders and web-slinging wall crawlers, but not everyone can have superpowers like them. And that’s where you can step in! This Valentine’s Day, pick something perfect for your man – those grocery-store love notes just aren’t going to cut it. Let the guy who’s always there to rescue you from stress and worries know he’s your hero. Pick a superhero t-shirt and surprise the heck out of him!

Valentine’s Day Gift Idea #14: A Barbeque Gift Basket

It can be challenging to touch a man’s heart with gifts. But when BBQ and snacks are in the picture, no single man can’t get their inner self moved. Since the easiest way to get to a man’s heart is through his stomach, pampering them with delicious looking BBQ and snack gift baskets is a surefire way to get them delighted. One such gift set is this BBQ Bash – With Engraved Bottle. From pretzels & chips to beef jerky and bourbon, it has everything for your guy to treat himself to a good time. Gift him this basket on Valentine’s Day, and maybe he’ll share it with you!

Valentine’s Day Gift Idea #15: 100 Dates Scratch Off Poster

Ah, to fall in love! That feeling of having found someone special. Every moment of a new relationship is filled with sparks flying. But 50 dates or weeks later, you’ll find that everything gets uninteresting. Are you and  your bae bored of going to the same pubs or restaurants every week? Do you want to try something different, but don’t know where to start? This Valentine’s, why not give him a gift that helps spice things up a bit? A guy gift that’s secretly designed for a couple, this bucket list poster brings excitement back into dating, or courting as the older generations would call it. As the names suggests, the 100 Dates Bucket List Poster features 100 different dates to go on and be scratched off. With a wide variety of activities – such as “take a dance class,” “go for afternoon tea” or “go skinny dipping” – you’ll be spoilt for choice come date night!

Valentine’s Day Gift Idea #16: Bluetooth Speakers

Here’s a sensible gift that would make any music-loving guy happy. Whether your man loves rocking out to the sounds of the sixties or getting a march on to the latest heavy metal anthems, an astounding, high-quality Bluetooth speaker is sure to make his ears smile. Portable & lightweight, it’s great for lazy summer picnics, small get-togethers, as well as his daily shower singing sessions – far better than any heavy old boombox.


Valentine’s Day Gift Idea #17: A Phone Sanitizer


Let’s end this post with something unconventional, yet super-thoughtful! Don’t you hate it when your guy gets sick?  We don’t know about you, but we are trying our best to keep away the flu! Though his handy electronic device helps you remain connected with your man, it has one unwanted function: it’s a breeding ground for bacteria. Worry not! Here’s a one-of-a-kind gift that says you care about his health – an easy-to-use sanitizer and charger that helps zap most of those germs. Just place the phone inside, attach the cable, and close the lid. The ultra-violet lights do the dirty work. Pretty neat, eh?


So, there it is! 17 romantic gifts for him for Valentine’s Day. Remember, the day is all about showing your man how much he means to you. Whether the guy you’re shopping for is a boyfriend, fiance or hubby, you can always find the perfect gift that fits in with his personality, style, interests and budget; provided you pay attention to him, of course. Hope you like this post. For more such thoughtful gift ideas, check out the HappyShappy app.




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