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19 Awesome Gifts for Dad This Christmas

Christmas day will be here before you know it, and if you’ve slacking on your shopping, you need to get started now! That is, unless you like being a Grinch who shows up for Christmas dinner without gifts in hand. 

Don’t be that guy. It’s so much better to be the guy who always gives the best gifts, especially to the people you really, REALLY love. And one of those people who deserves something great this year is dear old dad. He gave you life, after all. 

Not sure what to get pops this year? Check out these 19 awesome gifts for dad this Christmas.


Make Him So Comfy He’ll Never Want to Leave the House

Is there anything better than being super lazy on a Sunday afternoon in winter? We think not. And that’s why we love giving (and getting) gifts that make us just want to curl up on the couch and do a whole lot of nothing. 


UGG Ascot Leather Slipper

Do you know why slippers are a traditional gift to give at Christmas? Because they’re awesome. Who doesn’t want to shuffle through the house in total comfort? But of all the slippers out there to choose from, we’re really into the Ascot Leather Slipper from UGG. 

Leather on the outside and wool on the inside, these bad boys are so comfy he’ll want to wear them every single day. And BONUS: they have rubber traction soles so dad can even wear them outside when he has to get the mail. 


10 Device Universal Remote

Is your dad the type who likes to park on the couch and not move for hours? If so, the 10 Device Universal Remote is a must. This one remote can be used to control up to 10 different devices, so he can finally get those six different remote controls off the coffee table (mom will be happy about that too). It’s compatible with over 270,000 different devices, so he can use it to control all of the audio and video components in his entertainment system. If you really want to be the favorite child, program it for him.


Digital Air Fryer

No matter what type of food your dad likes, the Digital Air Fryer makes cooking a cinch. He won’t have to fry his favorite foods in oil, so you’ll also be helping him to trim a few inches from his waist. 


You can make just about anything in it, but we love it for French fries, fried chicken, and homemade onion rings – you know, the things that you never want to cook because you’ll have to clean up all that grease splatter on your stove. With this little fryer, you won’t even have to use oil, let alone clean it up when you’re done.


His and Hers Pajamas

Looking for good Christmas gifts for mom and dad? These His and Hers Pajamas are one of our favorites, in part because they’re super comfy and in part because they’re so matchy-matchy that they’re hysterical. If mom and dad have a sense of humor, they’ll enjoy wearing these all winter long. We like the footie ones the best, but there are lots of classic two-piece options to choose from as well.


Breville Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Maker

The Breville Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Maker also makes our list of the best Christmas gifts for mom and dad. Whether they like regular coffee, espresso, lattes, or cappuccinos, this little machine does it all, so they can enjoy their morning coffee together every day, even if they drink different drinks. Think of all that time they’ll save by not having to wait in line at Starbucks. 


Get Him Drunk

Does dad like wine? Beer? Whiskey? Gin? All of the above? We like him already. If he’s the type of gent that likes to relax with a drink or four, here are some perfectly boozy gifts ideas that we know he’ll love. 


IPA Beer Brewing Kit

Most of the beer lovers we know have at some point tried brewing their own (or at least thought about it). Encourage some beer-making magic and give your dad the IPA Beer Brewing Kit. This kit includes everything he’ll need to make a super hoppy, one-of-a-kind IPA. It comes with enough ingredients to make a one gallon jug, so unless your dad wants to get really rocked in one afternoon, you might want to include a bottling kit


Wine Gift Set

Is dad into wine and chocolate? If he likes reds, he’ll love the California Wine Corporate Crate. This BroBasket is packed full of all sorts of goodies, like stemless wine glasses, snacks, coffee, and a travel mug. Like all BroBaskets, this wine gift can be fully customized, so you can add in some extras, like a couple of cigars, some golf balls, or even a poker set. 


Whiskey BroBasket

Want to give dad a way to kick back and relax at home? Check out these Whiskey BroBaskets. Whether he’s into bourbon, rye, or Scotch, these gift sets are loaded with all different types of whiskey favorites, from Jack Daniels to Maker’s Mark to Glenmorangie. Like the wine gift set above, these can also be customized with all sorts of cool extras, like rocks glasses, whiskey stones, and a sphere ice mold. 


Make it Personal

Personalized pens and monogrammed towels are fine … if you’re into giving lame, boring gifts. Instead of slapping his initials on a robe or a paperweight (again, BO-RING!) here are some cool personalized Christmas gifts for dad that he’ll actually use.


Monogrammed Bluetooth Speaker

Have dad’s name engraved or printed on a gift and he’ll instantly know you put some extra thought into it. This Monogrammed Speaker is perfect if your pop loves listening to music. It’s got a slot to hold his smartphone and a built-in microphone so he can also conference call without having to touch the phone. Just add his name or a message on top to make it a one-of-a-kind gift.


Custom Canvas Print

Does your dad have a favorite family photo? Is there a picture of you from your childhood that he just absolutely adores? A Custom Canvas Print is the perfect way to bring a tear to his eye this Christmas season. Just upload your image, pick your canvas size, and you’re done! 


Roadside Emergency Kit

Loaded with all of the essentials to protect him when has to pull over to change a tire or check under the hood, the Roadside Emergency Kit belongs in every vehicle trunk. It includes jumper cables, warning triangles, an emergency blanket, a flashlight, and a host of other repair gear. What makes this one unique is that you can add his name to the front of the case. If he has two cars, get him two so that he’s got one on hand regardless of what vehicle he’s driving around. 


Keep Him Busy 

Maybe your dad is finding retirement kind of boring. Maybe he needs a new hobby. Maybe he needs some new ways to give his brain a workout or learn something new. Here are some awesome ways that dad can occupy his time at home. 


Kodak Digital Instant Camera

Give him a bit of nostalgia this holiday season with the Kodak Digital Instant Camera. This retro camera features Bluetooth connectivity, so you can snap and print photos instantly or download them and save them to your computer for later. Just be ready to pose – he’s definitely gonna want to open this up and start snapping pictures right away. 



We can’t think of a better way to pass the time (and to challenge our brains) than with the classic ‘80s game Simon. Didn’t you love this back in the day? We sure did. You know how it works … you try to memorize the tones and colors then try to play it back in the same pattern and order. Easy at first, then not so much. It’s literally fun for the whole family, and it just might take dad back to his more carefree days, like before you were born.  


Cordless Power Drill

If dad likes to do handy projects around the house, he definitely needs a Cordless Power Drill. From hanging nails for pictures to building furniture, a cordless drill is a must-have in every house. It’s super portable, so it will be perfect for the next time you ask him to come over to fix something in your house or apartment.  


DIY Sushi Kit

You could take dad our for a nice sushi dinner for Christmas, or you could get him a DIY Sushi Kit so he can try his hand at rolling his own. This sushi kit includes sushi rice, nori, rolling mats, and other sushi-making essentials. It includes enough supplies to make eight rolls, so he can keep it simple with a California roll or come up with his own special rolls and unique concoctions. The only thing that’s missing is the fish (for obvious reasons). 



If dad is always down to learn something new, MasterClass is undoubtedly the coolest way to take a class online. He can learn how to cook with Gordon Ramsay or Wolfgang Puck. He can learn the art of magic with Penn & Teller. He can learn to play electric guitar courtesy of Tom Morello or learn acting from Natalie Portman. From politics to photography to music to storytelling, MasterClass has dozens of courses to choose from, all of which are taught by the biggest celebrities and success stories in their fields. 


You can purchase a single class or an all-access pass so he can take multiple classes throughout the year. Of all the gifts on this list, this is one of our favorite. It’s that knowledge is power thing.  


Make Him Laugh

It’s hard not to love a gag gift, that is, unless you have no personality or sense of humor. But we’re assuming that both you and dad do. These funny Christmas gifts for dad are some of our favorite stocking stuffers for this year.


Bob Ross Mug

Anyone who watched TV in the ‘80s and ‘90s knows Bob Ross. You know, the fuzzy haired painter who mesmerized us with his happy little trees? The Bob Ross Mug is one of our favorite funny gifts for dad, in part because of that hair! When it’s empty or cold, you’ll see Bob’s classic image against a plain background. But when you add hot coffee or tea, one of his classic landscape paintings appear. We can’t think of a better way to get our morning started. 


Ice Cream Lock

Have you ever brought home a new flavor of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream only to have your family eat it up before you could even get a taste? We’re not stingy people, but when it comes to ice cream, we take that s*&t seriously. If your dad is the same way, he’ll get a kick out of this Ice Cream Pint Lock. Perfectly sized to fit any Ben & Jerry’s pint, this lock comes with a digital combination that dad can set with his own code. No one will be able to get in but him! 


Toilet Night Light

The older we get, the more common middle-of-the-night toilet trips become. And there’s nothing worse at 3 am than blinding yourself with your super bright bathroom lights. With the Toilet Night Light, dad won’t have to. It slips right over the edge of the bowl and it’s motion activated, so it will go one once you get near it. The next time he takes a late night pee break he can watch the LED lights change from blue to red to purple. 


Now that you have so many shopping ideas, get out there and get to it! Christmas is only a few days away. 

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