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He’s your Best Man he deserves classy gifts

Is your big day coming up? Do you have a lot on your plate? Are you searching at the last minute for a gift for your Best Man? Hey, we get it; picking out flowers, food, and who to invite (and not invite) are more important. So don’t worry, we have your back! We compiled this awesome list of 23 gift ideas for your best man, so you can cross this off your to-do list quickly and you can get back to sampling wedding cake!

From helping you pop the question, to organizing the bachelor party antics, to helping you organize the big day, your Best Man helps get you through the stressors and varying emotions in the processes of matrimony. Selected as your best friend (or just your brother), the Best Man gives their support and stands by your side as you say, “I do”. To show your appreciation, you should consider bypassing the matching pen set and the other boring Best Man gifts and get something classy and timeless; a gift that will remind them of your friendship and demonstrate your gratitude for their support!

Accessories, Accessories, Accessories


When selecting the tuxedos for the big day, you’ll want to do everything you can to make sure you and your boys don’t look bland. Fortunately, as a savvy gift giver, you won’t have to worry about your Best Man looking like Dwight K. Schrute when you give them some happening accessories!

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Sexy ass Cufflinks

If you’re thinking about french cuffs, then be sure to add cuff-links to the gift list for your brother from another mother (or maybe your actual brother). A good set of cuff-links can add a little extra pizzazz to a tuxedo, and when doubled with a tasteful tie bar, the duo can add a renewed focal point to the entire ensemble.


A Stylish Set of Sunglasses

For summertime weddings, consider providing your groomsmen with some stylish shades which, not only block the glare, but also block any lingering boringness! Furthermore, your groomsmen can use a quality pair of sunglasses for years to come!

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…and some socks

To complete the outfit, a pair of loud, but tasteful socks can add another dimension to the aesthetic

The Gift of Music

With the landscape of music streaming constantly changing, there has never been an easier way to hear your favorite songs – now at the tips of your very fingers! If the best guy by your side is a musician or big-time listener, then the gift of music puts you in automatic contention for groom-of-the-year.


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A great set of headphones

While many hi-fidelity headphones can run up big receipts, there are many budget-friendly pairs that still offer killer sound at a good price!

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Vinyl for your hipster best man

For the turntable enthusiast, consider the gift of records to add to their collection. Vinyl has come back in a massive way, with many ‘collector’s edition’ versions of everything from classic records to contemporary hits. Whether it’s Dark Side of the Moon or Drake, a vinyl pressing will always be greatly appreciated and age well for years to come!

Etsy Best Man Gifts

When you think of custom or personalized gifts for your best man or groomsmen, Etsy is going to be the number one spot you’re going to turn to. They have a ton of stuff featuring a dizzying array of craftsmanship.


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Personalized yeti koozies

One of the best ways to keep that beer cold on a hot summers day is a koozie, and one of the best koozies around is made by the folks at Yeti.  Combine that with the fact you can customize it with your best man and groomsmens names, and boom, you got one awesome gift.

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Personalized 50 caliber bullets

This gift is great if you and your buddies were in the military, you are gun nuts or just like cool manly things.  These are made from real de-militarized bullets and are a great keepsake for your best man and groomsman.

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Personalized Engraved Pocket Knife with cool box

There are a lot of gifts out there for best men and groomsmen that are fairly homogeneous. It’s hard to weed through all of the personalized knives.  We like this one in particular because it is classy. A simple monogrammed knife with a sweet box to gift it in and store it in.

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Personalzied leather flask with shot glasses and a sweet box

Much like the pocket knife, there are a lot of personalized flasks out there that make a great gift for you big day.  We like this one in particular because it’s the complete package: great looking leather wrapped flask, stainless shot glass, and one sweet wooden box to store it all in.  If you would like to take it up a notch, put in your best man’s favorite booze. But from personal experience, give it to him after and not before the wedding.

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Personalized wooden bottle opener

I think you are starting to see a trend with these best man gifts, a lot are drinking related, sorry that’s just what we know here my friend. This mounted or stationary bottle cap opener looks great and is super useful, so how could you go wrong? To make it even better I would stick an embarrassing nickname on there.

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Caricature personalzied groomsmen flasks

I know, we already put flasks on this list, but if you have a sense of humor and your best man does too, then these are the flasks for you.  As someone that almost purchased these myself, I think they are one of my favorites. Not only are they unique and funny, but it is also an opportunity to pick out an embarrassing photo to stick on there.    

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Personalized desk organizer and charging station

For those grooms that have a Type A Best Man then this is the gift for you.  He can finally put all of his stuff in one tidy location and display it with his name or nickname on there, clean freak rejoice!

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Elephant Underwear

You can file this under a funny or irreverent gift to get your best man, but if he has a sense of humor or is type A and you want to fuck with him instead of helping him organize, then this is the gift for you.  But then again maybe it would be a funnier secret gift to show your newly minted wife on your wedding night (you’re welcome for the idea).

A Gift That Can Last a Lifetime

Well I guess a knife or a koozie could last a “lifetime” (a beer certainly should not) but I am talking about gifts that go a bit deeper than just a keepsake.  Not to disparage all the other gifts we have listed here (different strokes for different folks my friend), but if you and your best man like to travel then the next list of gifts if for you.  We have laid out some good experience gifts in other posts and we want to show that it’s not something you can only give to your significant other (not a bad idea for a wedding gift!) but also you can share with your good friend or brother, or brother from another mother.

-Euro Trip Gift

Now of course you can do the hard work of trying to figure out where to go and what to do… or you could just check out these itinerary ideas for your trip.  Now you don’t have to pay for the whole thing necessarily, unless you got it like that, so in my opinion it’s best to buy the tickets, book a few rooms, or just plan the whole thing out for them if you real cheap!  Full disclosure, I may be biases since I have done some of these and of course think they are the best ways to go;

(This lists will be short and sweet, but feel free to checkout the links for more info)

Short Trip: Iceland – Amsterdam – Belgium

  • Fly the very affordable WOW Air (RIP) somewhat affordable Iceland Air into Iceland. See glaciers, the northern lights, waterfalls, and more (pro-tip: join Scotts Cheap Flights and get alerts for when tickets are on sale)
  • Head to Amsterdam for bike tours around the city; the red light district; and of course stoney walks through the adult jungle gym at Vondelpark
  • Train it to Belgium to try some of the best damn beers you have ever had. See the culture and history of places like Antwerp and Brussels and see the beauty of the medieval central district of Bruge
  • Head back to Amsterdam to finish what you started and fly out.

Long trip: Paris – Munich – Vienna – Italy

  • Fly into Paris using an airline like Norwegian (who always got them deals), take a few days to see all the sights from the Eiffel tower, the river Seine, Versiae, etc…
  • Take a super cheap France Air flight to Munich (or train if you want to take your time) and enjoy Oktoberfest, make sure to go for more than one day and get a table. You’ll thank me later after you black out the first day from 8 quarts of beer
  • Put you and your hungover buddy on a train and head to Vienna, it’s only 4 hours on the Deutsche Bahn and there are some pretty sights. There are also some great towns to stop at on the way like Salzburg and more.  Once in Vienna hit the streets and just walk around enjoying the beautiful baroque architecture, and make sure to drink some Stahl on the street while enjoying currywurst
  • Hop another train, BlaBlacar or flight to Venice Italy, walk around, see the sights, take a boat ride down the Grand Canal, enjoy the food and realize it will only get better from this tourist trap.
  • Take a train to Florence (Italian trains are rarely on time or very clean), check out the Duomo and enjoy some even better food, especially the pizza, gelato and Wine from the Tuscan region
  • Take another train to Rome, and see the sights, too many to list so just click that link.
  • Hop back on the train and head to Cinque Terre, on the way make a pit stop and check out the leaning tower of Pisa, but don’t stay too long as there isn’t much else to do.  Keep heading down to see the most beautiful towns nestled in the hill tops of the Mediterranean coastline. Hit the beach, drink great local wine, definitely get some seafood and hike from Vernazza to Corniglia.
  • Back on that train and head to one of many destinations from Genoa, Milan, and/or Lake Como, do one or do them all.  Milan is a big beautiful city with sites like the Duomo di Milano, Genoa is an old and beautiful city with many things to explore, and Como is breathtaking with a cute old city center and many small lakeside towns to visit cheaply via their water taxi.
  • Head to Milan and fly back to Paris to cap off your trip. Then head home when you are finished with her.

Rafting Down the Grand Canyon

If you and your best man are more into an adventure of a lifetime, then what can be better than rafting down the Grand Canyon?!  From a few days to 2 weeks, most trips start by Lake Powell in Arizona and either end at the bottom of the Grand Canyon south rim (where you will get the pleasure of hiking you and your stuff a lovely 10 miles up to get out), or head almost all the way to Lake Mead where a helo whisks you out of the canyon like a boss.  You can motor down with ease or paddle the whole way, depends on how much time you have and how much work you feel like doing. Places like Wilderness River Adventures are a great place to start if you are looking for more info on one of these once in a lifetime experiences.

Road Trip of a Lifetime

I get it, not everyone wants to travel halfway around the world or spend their entire life savings on a trip with your best man.  So I offer you a more affordable way to have an awesome experience that will be a gift that can last a lifetime, a trip across the United States! This can be done in a rental van like Escape Van, Jucy or many others. You can also get a RV rental or camp out of your car. The journey is up to you my friend.  We suggest starting here to plan out your trip and do as much or as little as you like.  There are also lots of shorter versions that take you to a few awesome National Parks and other sites.   

Gifts for the Drink Aficionado

If you’ve selected a guy (or gal- who are we to judge?) who enjoys a stiff cocktail or a few beers from time to time, consider giving them the gift of libations. An engraved cocktail shaker or rocks glass will add heaps of style to a home bar, and the personalized touch will be something your friends will love to show off. A fine bottle of fine liquor (depending on your Best Mans’ palates) will always go over well – bourbon and scotch are surefire picks to dazzle. To complete the package, think about adding whiskey rocks to the setup, as they serve as a great way to maintain a chilled drink without diluting the most important part, the liquor.

In an effort to condense the gifts into one set, check out our selection of spirit gift baskets, which come as an entire package with everything you need for a big night!  The gift of drinks are always a hit, and can allow you a great way to repay your Best Man with a great time.  These are some of our favorites that our customers have purchased for their best man and groomsman in the past, and do not forget, we do special requests and engraving to really customize it to fit them best man and/or Groom Troop (trademark pending).

Customize Your Own Gift Basket

He is your best man and I can only assume you know exactly the kind of booze, snacks and gear he wants, so one of our completely customized gift baskets for guys is what will really tickle his fancy.  It’s also great for bachelor parties – when you need to send out a gift for all the boys to enjoy on the road.

The Ultimate Whiskey Sampler

If your best man loves some whiskey, or you want him to share some with you, then you can not go wrong with this sweet whiskey gift basket.  It has 10 different whiskeys ranging from scotch to bourbon so it’s great to help him warm up for that best man speech or on the road at the bachelor party.  

The Cali Craft Sampler

If he is more of a beer man, then this makes a great gift.  It has four different beers from your choice of craft breweries, now you just gotta make him share with you.

The Executive BroBox

This gift is great for kicking back, smoking stogies and sip’n scotch with the boys.  For whatever bizarre reason I seem to have smoked my fair share of cigars at weddings and bachelor parties, so I guess it’s a thing, and this BroBox will help keep that tradition.

Craft Beer Tasting Kit

A slightly more refined gift for the guys that are beer lovers, this thing also packs 4 different beers from a brewery of your choice but adds tasting glasses and a wooden tasting plank that can be personalized and engraved to your liking.

Weddings aren’t a particularly easy thing to plan, with the DJ and venue bookings, the caterer menu selection, and invitation process all taking tons of time. Gift ideas for the Best Man can eat up this valuable time as well, so it is our hope that this post alleviates some of the legwork that is put in for the big day. After all, your Best man is your best friend, next to your new wife of course, so what better way to show you care than a great gift!  With that out of the way, you can focus on the wedding and the joyous times ahead.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, whether you tried out any of the gift ideas or if there is anything else you would like to see on this list, we would love for you to share!