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40th Birthday Gift Ideas For Men

Birthdays are all about celebrating with loved ones and forgetting the troubles at least for a day. Traditions related to this day are ever-changing and evolving. But, there’s one thing that doesn’t change ever. Gifting the acquaintances on their special days is something that everybody follows. Whether it’s a festive occasion or a birthday celebration, gifts are always a constant part of any event. Not only does this convey your affection to the person, but also tests your creativity level. To stand out amongst the rest, you must choose the most different yet useful gift. 


When it comes to gifting your forty-year-old gentlemen, there are innumerable options. All you need to do is open up your mind and choose the durable item. As much as we think that our old men have everything they desire, there might be that one item they wish to purchase. So, think out of the box and fetch the perfect gift for their 40th birthday.


Here are a few ecstatic as well as durable gift options that you might consider for his 40th birthday.


Make Him Upgrade His Wallet



One thing that almost every man needs all the time is a good quality wallet. Even if he has one already, you can always make him replace the old one. For his 40th birthday gift, get him a branded wallet that will last at least a year or two. If you think a plain wallet to be a little less, try giving it a personalized touch. Write a message for him and put it in the wallet. Or, even an old forgotten picture inside the pockets will do the job. 


Choose a leather wallet that is sophisticated and suits his personality. Some good color options are tan or coffee brown wallets made out of genuine leather.


Glassware Set For The Whiskey Lover



If your man loves good old whiskey, then you need to transform his booze sessions into an interesting one. A good weekend starts with whiskey and classy glasses. Find out the best glassware set specially designed for whiskey and gift it to him. When a man turns 40, he must get rid of the old glassware and invest in gentlemen like items. Along with better weekends, he can always use the set with his close friends. With an ecstatic whiskey like Remy Martin Louis xiii, luxurious glassware to maintain the good vibes is a must-have. Also, he will be the center of attention with such an amazing bar collection.


You can also give him the ultimate whiskey sampler that contains delicious popcorn and a basket to keep the whiskey.It’s simply a blessing for any whisky lover.


Optimum Fitness With The Health Band



As you turn older, you are likely to suffer from diseases like diabetes or hypertension. To help your man stay healthy, you must give him a health band. Not only does it allow him to track his daily activities, but it also provides an idea of his current health. The health band makes the perfect 40th birthday gift as it is a budget-friendly option. Along with this, the band is extremely easy to use. All he has to do is wear the band as he heads out for work. By the end of the day, he can analyze the whole day and think of ways to make it better. 


What’s even better is that he can wear the band even while taking a shower or swimming. But, for that, you have to get him a waterproof one.


Help Him Stay Groomed With Trimmers


Every gentleman feels the need to groom up now and then. For your man, a new set of the trimmer can be the best gift. Not only will it help him in shaping up his personality, but also remind him of you every day. Go with a trimmer that possesses a vacuum system to get rid of even the smallest hair. Also, one that doesn’t irritate the skin much is highly preferred. Transform his grooming sessions into an easy and interesting one with the best trimmer. Also, you can take some credit for his newly shaped beard. 


On his 40th birthday, let him boast the attractive personality and astonishing attire with the groomed up look. Buy a quality trimmer set and gift it to him.


Attractive Cigar Case For The Smoker



Every man fancies a glass of beer with a high-quality cigar after a rough day. But, most men might not care about keeping their stogies wrapped up and clean. If this is the case with your partner, this birthday, make the smoker inside him feel overwhelmed with the most durable cigar case. Being his lady, you must take care of even his small needs. Make sure the capacity of the case is good enough to hold at least 7-8 pieces. Also, wrap up the case nicely with a small message to lighten up his mood. What comes along with the case is a cigar cutter that’s as classy as the case. Don’t think twice before making his smoking sessions classy.


Make him couple up his beer with smoke in the best possible manner with Viva la Mexico Beer Bucket. Not only will this offer him more beer, but also a bucket to store his future collection in. 


Travel-friendly & Spacious Duffel Bags


Is your man into some short weekend getaways or regular trips along the mountains? If yes, here’s another convenient gift suggestion for you. Make his trips worth remembering with the best duffel bags. Not only will this provide him ease in packing, but also be an easy-to-carry option. Also, look out for a bag that’s made out of pure material and has an eloquent space. Don’t let the packing come in between his travel journeys. Gift him the durable duffel bag this 4th birthday and see him cherish the bag for a lifetime.


Subscription Boxes For Trendsetters



Fashion isn’t about how you dress up, but about your way of living life. If your man likes to carry himself well, what could be better than gifting him a fashion subscription box? Loaded with several items related to style, it will surely be a memorable addition to his wardrobe. Also, the items are durable and classy. Whether it’s clothes or accessories combo or a footwear one, subscription boxes never fail to amaze anybody. So, surprise your loved ones with the boxes containing fashion items. 


You can also choose according to your needs. Being highly versatile, the boxes are available in multiple types like accessories, clothes or even footwear.


Make Him Adapt Skin Care Routine


Not every man likes to pamper his skin or perform regular skincare sessions. To keep the entire body healthy, everyone must start with the skin. For his 40th birthday, get him a men’s skincare kit. He’s very less likely to invest in a skincare regimen on his own. So, you must take a stand for him and gift the skincare products enriched with natural ingredients. Also, force him to use the same once or twice every week. After a certain point in time, he will surely incorporate the same in his lifestyle. 


Better skin means better external as well as internal health. Make your man look astonishing with good quality skincare and an unbreakable routine. 


Bottom Line


Birthdays are the best time to gift your loved ones whatever you want them to try. Whether it’s a good shampoo or skincare loaded with the best ingredients, you must gift the same on their birthdays. When it comes to gifting your man, there are absolutely no limitations. You can go out of your way and give him something unique. Get him the shaving kit he has been asking for since forever. Or, maybe buy that shirt he adored while shopping. You must find out the best gifts and the most surprising ones. 


One thing you must keep in mind while gifting is whether that item is usable or not. Always try to give something that can make a difference in his life. Also, incorporate a cozy vibe to the gift with a personalized message or a picture of his childhood. He will cherish such a gift for many days to come. 


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