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5 Awesome Customized Gift Ideas For Men

Do you ever struggle with finding the right gift for the men in your life? Sometimes men can be difficult to shop for. Many men like to purchase items for themselves as they need them, making it hard to find practical gift ideas that they will actually use. 


Options like gift cards can seem so impersonal and few people actually want another sweater. But where does that leave you with finding a gift for the hard to please men? Have you ever considered gifting them something personalized? A custom gift shows you’ve put time and thought into their interests. 


If you are in need of some great personalized items that men will actually appreciate then look no further. Below are 5 awesome customized gift ideas that will interest any man you need a gift for. 

1. Personalized Coffee Tumbler

When you’re searching for a practical gift that will be used often, you can’t go wrong with getting a custom coffee tumbler for the gentleman in your life. Personalized tumblers are the perfect way to enjoy coffee on the go. Because tumblers are made from stainless steel your beverage will stay warm and the tumbler isn’t at risk of breaking. 


Many coffee shops offer a discount when you bring your own mug or tumbler to fill. If you are looking for a gift that helps the men in your life become more environmentally friendly and stop needing disposable cups and coffee sleeves, then a custom tumbler is a great gift option. They won’t mistake their tumbler at the pickup counter since it custom to their personality. 


A tumbler is a great option for college students who don’t have coffee makers in their dorm room. With their new tumbler, when they fill up in the cafeteria they will be able to keep their coffee warm for a long period of time since coffee tumblers are well insulated. Keeping coffee warm until the last drop is just one benefit of a coffee tumbler. 


College students are often allowed to bring covered beverages into classrooms and libraries. Where a mug is open and can be easily spilled a tumbler will not leak if it is accidentally tipped over. A personalized tumbler is a fun way to showcase your interests with the advantage of your favorite beverage at your convenience. 


When you’re looking for a great coach’s gift, a custom tumbler is a great choice. Since you already know they live an active lifestyle gifting them with a way to drink coffee wherever they’re headed is incredibly thoughtful. Personalize the tumbler with your team name for an unforgettable present. 

2. Engraved Beer Mugs

When you’re going to crack open a cold one don’t just drink it from the can or bottle. When you want your man to enjoy his drink offer him a frosty mug or pilsner glass. If you want to make the gift even more special consider getting the glasses engraved to make them personalized. 


If beer isn’t the drink of choice for your man there are many other glassware options for cocktails, wine or spirits needs. So no matter what kind of barware your recipient may be lacking there is a personalized option available for them. Since glasses can break easily, new glassware is a great gift because you never know when they may need an extra. 


While have a special beer glass is a great gift consider how impressive a bar would be with a full set of custom engraved bar glasses in every conceivable option. If you really want to have the full bar look you could even throw in personalized coasters or drink napkins. 


It may take several gift-giving events to gift them with a full home bar’s worth of glasses. Once someone has a complete set they can host others and offer personal shot glasses, highballs and wine glasses. It will be extremely impressive to his guests to have their drinks in the proper barware.

3. Golf Gear

Traditionally, the golf course is where men like to conduct business. Golf courses are an excellent place to combine business with pleasure. If you have an avid golfer in your life or even someone who is looking to improve their golf game then personalized golf gear is the perfect gift idea. Golf is a gentlemen’s game, a place to get facetime in with friends or colleagues. 


Your gentleman can make a good impression when he has his own personalized golf towels. Don’t let clubs be ruined, a golf towel can dry them off as well as your hand or ball as well. When you give the gift of a personalized towel, if the towel is misplaced they’ll be able to retrieve it from the clubhouse. 


There are many other golf items that can be personalized and make great gifts, you can buy personalized balls but also custom gold markers, pencils, and tees. There’s no reason to go overboard unless the men in your life own their own business and often host golf outings. But having something on the golf course personalized will certainly elevate the golf experience. 

4. Personalized Coolers

A nice high-end cooler is always a great gift for the man who already has everything. Feel free to replace his worn-out cooler of days gone by. Don’t let him go on a road trip without a classy way to keep his beverages cold. The steel coolers of today are built to last and withstand the extremes of the backwoods. 


Many coolers on the market today come with thick walls designed to keep your food cold, but these sturdy coolers also feature military-grade materials so the coolers are strong and will last a long time, making it well worth the investment. As these coolers become more popular you will want a way to make sure your man’s cooler can be distinguished from all his friend’s coolers. 


So kick your cooler up a notch by getting it personalized.  Whether you opt for their name, a favorite sports team or their business logo, having a custom cooler is the perfect gift for any man. Simply upload your own design for a hard cooler unlike any other. 

These designs are built to last the life of the cooler. These permanent logos will not peel or fade, so the custom cooler will look great forever. From tailgating to simply keeping beer cold in the backyard, a personalized cooler is the perfect gift for any man. Don’t settle for a basic cooler any more when personalized luxury steel coolers are available. 

5. Grill Accessories 

When you’re looking for a gift that’s great for a man it isn’t surprising that accessories for grilling would be mentioned. Tending the flames at a backyard barbeque and getting the meat cooked perfectly is something men just enjoy. Take this insight and let it help you come up with the perfect gift for the men who love to grill. 


If you have a serious grill fanatic, consider getting him some personalized grill tools. He will appreciate the weight of the spatula in his hands and even more so that you took the time to have these tools customized to his interests. Keep it simple with just a spatula and tongs to gift a complete set with a barbeque basting brush and knife as well in a personalized case. 


A personalized cutting board is also an excellent gift. Whether they use it as a trivet to let their meat rest before carving or as intended as a cutting board, a wooden cutting board makes a great kitchen accessory. When a cutting board features a monogram or your nickname? It takes the gift to a whole new level. 


Taking the time to personalize a gift for the men in your life who likes to grill doesn’t have to be difficult. It is easier than ever to find exactly what they’ll appreciate as additions to their backyard barbeque set up. No matter what personalized option you choose grilling accessories are a sure win. 



It will be easy to keep track of whose personalized gift is whose as you’re wrapping. Any gift on this list will please even the most difficult to shop for man. You’ll be happy for such a great idea and they will be happy you spent some extra time thinking about them. The next time you need a gift for one of the men in your life, keep these ideas in mind. They’re sure to love the gift if you do.

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