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7 Great Date Gift Ideas

I know this is not the normal these days, but getting gifts for a date can really go a long way to getting straight through to someone’s heart. More importantly, if you are familiar with the 5 Love Languages, then you might have a lady or a guy on your hands that loves getting gifts.  It does sound a tad old fashioned but I think you might think twice about getting one of these great date gift ideas, check it out!   


What if it is a Bromantial Encounter? 

This might sound even weirder, but getting a gift for your buddy may go a lot further than you think, especially if these like that sort of thing.  A recent study published in Men and Masculinities has found that bromances offered “elevated emotional stability, enhanced emotional disclosure, social fulfilment, and better conflict resolution, compared to the emotional lives (men) shared with girlfriends.” If your bro has his heart set on what could be the partner of his life, consider these gift ideas to help him feel more confident on his next special date.


Wine and Coffee Always Do the Trick


If there are two things that Americans love during and right after a great meal, it is wine and coffee, respectively. Gifting your bro an elegant set like the California Wine and Coffee Basket Set, which contains a high (80-90) point rated California grown and vinted wine plus special gourmet coffee varieties and biscotti, will lend your friend an air of sophistication. This is exactly the mood he will hope to instil if he decides to woo the object of his desire at a candlelit dinner party made for two or a sexy brunch in which wine is more than welcome.


An Experience Made for Adventure Lovers


Once the wine and chocolates are taken care of, how about giving your friend an experience he can share with the apple of his eye? Couples wishing to feel the heights of desire should try out new experiences together, say scientists – anything from jumping out of a plane to trying out some white water rafting – these novel activities heighten sexual desire! If your friend and his partner like a little fantasy in their lives, something really original can be a sensual toy, game, or outfit that can guarantee a memorable and endless night of passion.


Building Up His Swag


A well-cut, custom-made suit can make a man feel like a million bucks and that is exactly how your friend deserves to feel on a first date. Check out local tailors in your area, asking for recommendations so you find talented, reliable tailors at a reasonable price. If budget is no option, throw in a couple of tickets to the opera or to a romantic concert that will fan the flames of love. Seal the deal with dinner for two at a trendy venue featuring great décor, fantastic live music, and great food. Suggest oysters as an entrée – they are said to be a powerful aphrodisiac!


A Weekend Away


If you have chanced upon a romantic spot that is ideal for a weekend made for two, book your friend a night or two at a five-star hotel, preferably one with a spa. The hotel should ideally be intimate and boutique-style, so your friend and their new love can feel like it is all their own. It should also have beautiful gardens filled with flowers – perfect for a romantic stroll. A spa is particularly important because it can help reduce stress. The spa should have couples treatment rooms with features such as Jacuzzis and ensuite showers, and should offer stress-busting therapies such as soothing facials, Swedish massage, and treats like hot stone massages. Water therapies that your friend and his date can explore are also fantastic. Many spas have thermal areas where clients can enjoy water jet massages at a circuit pool, freshen up beneath fragrant sensation hours, and relax at steam rooms, Finnish saunas, and Himalayan sea salt caves.


Snuggling by the Fireplace


If your BFF has told you he will be preparing his date a special dinner, ensure he looks just as suave after the meal as he is while effortlessly rolling sushi or shaking a pre-dinner cocktail. It’s hard to beat a truly excellent meal followed by Irish Coffee. An Irish Coffee Gift Basket contains everything your friend will need to prepare a brew with plenty of punch – including gourmet coffee, Irish whiskey, coffee liqueur, and Irish cream. The great thing about this one is it can also be used as a big of a hangover cure on mornings after your friend has partied like it was 1999!


A Sign of Elegance


If your bro is into luxury, personalized items that are created to impress, take it to the next level with a bespoke present. Interesting choices for the discerning male include Personalized Wine Bottles; you can have just about any message engraved onto a bottle so think of one that will impress his date. It might be a passage of his date’s favorite poem or a few lines from a song they both love. Little details like this will make his loved one feel extra special and will show that your friend has gone the extra mile to impress. You can also use the art of engraving for gifts that will last a lifetime. These include engraved wine bottle openers, coasters, and even something as simple yet significant as a bottle opener. If your friend will be taking his date on a picnic, then something like an engraved flask in cork or leatherette will look real suave when he starts preparing a sophisticated cocktail with this and other fancy equipment!


Gifts for Trendy Millennials


Millennials are big on eco-friendly, sustainable gifts. They also love all things homemade – from traditional cuisine to craft beer. Your friend may not be ready to take the plunge and make his own beer yet, but he can certainly impress his date with a romantic picnic and craft beer tasting session. BroBasket’s Craft Beer Tasting Kit contains just about all they will need pre-lunch, including gourmet popcorn, beef jerky, cookies, and of course, four bottles of California’s top craft beers! Just select your brewery of choice and let BroBasket ensure every single bottle you ordered is with you in a jiffy. This set has a couple of freebies that will make it extra special: a BroBasket Beer Bottle Opener, and a greeting card with a personalized message on it. To be extra nice, don’t fill in the card yourself; ask your BFF what message he would like to send to his date and allow him to hand the card (or read it out loud) to the object of his fancy on D-day.


There are so many ways that you can show your best friend support when he is trying to impress that special someone. Ultimately, the winning gift will depend on your friend’s tastes and especially, their unfulfilled dreams and desires. There is nothing better than giving a loved one something they never thought they would have or experience. From a skydiving experience right through to a surprise trip for two to Paris, the sky’s the limit when it comes to letting your friend know that he is one of the most treasured people in your life. Food and drink can also play a unique role in seduction so don’t forget small yet meaningful items like craft beer and personalized wine if you want to help your friend stand out against his competition!

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