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7 Unique Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Him

For many women, finding the perfect Valentines’ gift seem to be a Herculean task. There are plenty of available choices, which makes choosing the perfect token for the occasion a difficult task.


Fortunately, as many gender specialists say, men are more practical than ladies. This trait is what allows it for women to trim down their choices when looking for Valentine’s gift. Men always appreciate useful items rather than frivolous ones. Hence, women looking for gifts for their partners should keep in mind that there are unique yet highly practical items when shopping for the perfect gift. Here are some of them.

A BroBasket, Duh!

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Most men wear minimal accessories as many of them don’t fancy jewelry and only accessorize using their wedding ring and a watch. It goes without saying that this item is a practical choice as anyone would always need to know the time.


It’s not enough to choose any watch as it’s best to know the different kinds to suit the needs of your man. Here are the various watch types that you can choose from.


Automatic Watch

Automatic watches do not need a battery as their hand motions are what keeps them going. However, these watches need either a semi-daily or daily motion to continue running. 


Mechanical Watch

A mechanical watch is similar to an automatic one as it doesn’t need a battery. It operates by winding the spring manually and it will continue to run until its winding becomes ineffective. 


Analog Watch

An analog watch runs on the usual supermarket battery. It is also the cheapest among the three kinds of watches and has the least maintenance requirements.



There’s no doubt that a wallet is one of the most useful items anyone can have. These days, wallets come in different and even unique designs. Here are some of them.


Slim front pocket wallet

A slim front pocket wallet allows users to place the item in their front pockets. It is slim since the wallet has to look inconspicuous given that its located on the front side of the user.


Money Clip with Pockets

This is a hybrid money clip as it has a clip for the money and several compartments that can hold cards. 


Coin Purse with Card Slot

Many men still prefer to carry coins around. This wallet allows men to keep their coins, cards, and currencies together in a single wallet.


Home Accessories

Women aren’t the only ones who buy accessories for their homes as guys also like having their living spaces comfortable and suited to their needs. Buying an item for his house then is a great idea especially if it’s a practical home accessory. Here are some ideas.


Designer Cushions

Guys like their comfort, which is why they also invest in their couches. So, why not help him make his couch a real place of relaxation? Get him some designer cushions that can spruce up the look of his space and give him additional comfort.


Special Cups

There’s no denying that cups are must-haves in every home, your man included. Get him a unique cup, like a personalized one or a limited edition for his drinking needs.



All working men need their belts. Otherwise, they’ll be spending a lot of time pulling their pants up. Fortunately, there’s a great selection of belts. Just make sure you get your man one that suits his style.

Here are some of the belts you can choose from:

  • D-ring belt
  • Buckle belt
  • Suspender belt
  • Cummerband
  • Military belt
  • Dress belt


Sunglasses offer protection for the eyes, especially during summer days. Make him comfortable during sunny and bright weather by getting him a well-fit and stylish sunglasses for Valentine’s Day. Here are some of the designs you can choose from.



Vintage sunglasses are perfect for stylish men. It’s a bit difficult to find compared to other styles, but the effort of getting one will definitely add swag to your partner.



The classic style is probably the most versatile of all designs and can suit practically anyone. You can choose from the Wayfarer look, pilot and club master.



If your man likes traveling especially to the beach, then the beach sunglasses is a perfect choice. It is a popular option as 80 perfect individuals who enjoy vacations in a warm place own a pair of beach sunglasses.


Suit Accessories

Suit accessories spruce up the formal look of any man. Why not let him look his best in his suits with the following accessories?


Cufflinks and Tie Clips

Cufflinks and tie clips are not required for formal attire but they bring an additional style. These suit accessories add more glamour to complete the perfect gentlemen look.


Bow ties and ties

Many events require men to use either bow ties and ties. But what’s the difference between the two? Bow ties are normally worn for smart casual nighttime affairs while ties are for formal ones.


Pocket Squares

Many often wonder what would finish off the final look of a man in a suit. The answer is the pocket squares. 

Contrary to popular belief, this accessory is not worn but carried around. Plus, it’s not just a fashion accessory as it is a symbol of being a gentleman. Pocket squares are offered to ladies who are in tears. 



Many believe that looking at the man’s pair of shoes offers a glimpse of his personality. A man who wears unpolished and scraped leather shoes is often seen as a sloppy person while those who wear dirty casual pairs give the impression of being a carefree person.

For Valentines Day, why not give your special someone a pair of shoes that would match his style and personality? Undoubtedly, this gift is a practical and useful one that can be worn every day. Plus, there are plenty of options when buying footwear.


Leather Shoes

If your man goes to work that requires him to wear corporate attire, then the leather should be your choice of gift. It can be worn everyday or reserved for special formal occasions.


Athletic Shoes

Is your partner athletic or sporty? If yes, then an athletic footwear is a great gift. Pick one that suits his needs. For example, if he loves playing basketball, then get him basketball shoes. If he’s into running, then there are plenty of running shoes on the market.



If your partner thrives on the laid back look, then present him with a nice pair of sandals. They can be used for running errands or even going to the beach. Just make sure he wears them without socks.

Buying Valentine’s gifts for men shouldn’t cause you to worry. Simply choose an item that is useful and easy to use, and he will sincerely thank you for the gift.


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