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The Best Wedding Gifts for Brothers:

14 Great Gift Ideas for Grooms

We know when you are out there looking for wedding gifts for your Brother, or your brotha from anotha motha, it can be a daunting task (what does Chad even like?!).  Don’t worry my friend, we have your back, we put together this great list of what we feel are the best wedding gifts for brothers or any groom you are looking to please. We also included some solid options for his and hers wedding gifts if you want to kill two birds with one stone.


The Best Wedding Gifts for Brothers


Let’s just start by saying that it’s proper etiquette to give a wedding gift that both the bride and groom will enjoy. But let’s be honest…we get invited to weddings all the time and in some cases, our loyalty lies with the groom.

Maybe it’s because you’ve only met the bride once or twice. Maybe it’s because you know her but aren’t her biggest fan (we hear you). And maybe it’s because the groom is having his third wedding…no use in buying the bride a gift when she’s destined to be ex-wife #3, right? The scenario isn’t what matters. What matters is that sometimes you want to give a wedding gift that’s intended for the groom, or groom’s (who are we to judge?).


Wedding Gifts for Brothers


When it comes time to get a wedding gift for your brother, you’ve got to really step it up and get him something that you know he would never buy himself. Keep in mind as a brother, sister or brother/sister-in-law to be, it’s probably not a great idea to alienate the bride, so you might want to make this something that he and she can enjoy together. His and hers wedding gifts are always a good idea, especially when they’re coming from family.

Anyways, back to what your brother will love.

If he’s a backyard chef:

A personalized barbecue set is something that the happy couple can enjoy together. There are lots of versions available that you can personalize with initials, wedding dates, or playful sayings that both the bride and groom will enjoy. The BroBasket offers such a BBQ set in the BBQ Bash (You can even engrave it!)

If he’s a Mr. Fix It:

This may seem odd, but if he loves to do work around the house, you might want to get him a tool belt. But it can’t just be any old tool belt. We’re talking a really nice leather belt loaded with pockets and (ideally) loaded with tools that he can use on a regular basis.

If he’s a gun enthusiast:

Let’s make one thing clear: we’re not supporting (or denying) anyone’s right to bear arms. We’re simply saying that if your brother is a gun guy, a personalized ammo bag might be the perfect gift for him. Want to step it up a bit? A heavy-duty safe is something that every gun enthusiast needs, especially if he’s a new husband who might soon be a new dad. Gotta keep those kiddies safe.

If he’s a musician:

If he plays guitar, a guitar pick punch is an inexpensive gift that he’ll probably never buy for himself. With a pick punch, he can make picks from old credit cards, used gift cards, and just about any other type of plastic. You know as well as we do that guitar players are forever losing their picks. This one will only set you back about $25…it’s a great little extra if you’re looking for something super affordable. If you’re planning to drop a few Benjamins on a wedding gift, keep this one in mind when you’re racking your brain to find him the perfect birthday gift.

Atari 2600 2 Player Combat Pak
If he’s into vintage stuff:

Coming from a brother, we love the idea of getting him a gift that reminds him of your childhood days growing up together. If he’s a photog, he might like an old school Polaroid camera. If he’s a video game junkie, he might like a vintage Atari 2600 (Wait how old is your Brother?!). Whatever you were into as kids, see if you can find one online. It’s a surefire way to bring back some awesome memories.

If he’s a boozehound:

Yes, we’re going back to booze. It’s always a pleaser, so whether you’re his brother, his dad, his boss, or his best friend, you can’t go wrong with a good bottle of whatever it is he likes to drink. If you prefer to give him a gift that he can keep forever, a bar cart stocked with glasses and bar accessories is a good alternative.

Once again we have no choice but to recommend something awesome from the BroBasket.  What guy doesn’t like a whiskey gift basket or his favorite bourbon?

If he’s into adventure:

If he’s a weekend warrior or an adventure junkie, get him an experience. Book a day for the two of you to go skydiving (or indoor skydiving). Arrange a day of zip lining. Whatever he’s into, a memorable experience will last a lifetime.

Wedding Gifts for Men That He Will Love (Warning: she might not)


You’re definitely not going to score any points with the bride his wife, but if that’s the least of your concerns, we’re big advocates of giving a gift that only he’ll enjoy. The right thing to do is to give the traditional wedding gift (a card full of cash) that he and she can put towards their future blah blah blah…

But that doesn’t mean you can’t give him a personal gift as well…one that’s all for him…one that she won’t want and won’t use.

If you do the right thing and stuff a wad of cash in a card, his wife won’t be able to complain that he got a little something extra on the side…

Don Julio 1942 Tequila

We don’t know any guys (or girls) who don’t love a drink now and then. So when it comes time to give an awesome gift, you simply can’t go wrong with booze. And we’re not talking about a case of beer here – this is his wedding gift after all – we’re talking about one kick ass incredible boozy gift that he’ll never forget.

If he’s a Scotch fan, we suggest a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label or a nice aged Macallan 18 year. If he’s a tequila guzzler (we are), a bottle of Don Julio 1942 should do the trick. Whatever he likes to drink, search out the most expensive bottle that you can afford and you’ll definitely be the one friend he calls when he gets back from his honeymoon.

The BroBasket actually carries most of these awesome boozes in their gift baskets for guys, the best part is they can be customized with their favorite booze, and even engraved to commemorate their special day.

Classic Monogram Gunmetal Cocktail Shaker
Bar Accessories

In keeping with the boozy theme, bar accessories are another great gift idea. Decanters, wine glasses, pint glasses, copper mugs, whiskey glasses….the possibilities are endless. The more bar accessories you can pack into this gift, the better.  In our opinion carries some of the best bar accessories around, its a great place to start.

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls
Personalized Golf Balls

This one won’t set you back too much, but it’s a great idea if he’s your go-to golf buddy and you want to give him something you know he’ll get a kick out of. Personalized golf balls are perfect for any amateur or wannabe pro. Just make sure you get him the type and feel he likes, otherwise he’ll probably never use them, but hey it’s the thought the counts, right?

Custom Photo Canvas Print - Wedding Memories - 1316
Wall Art

You’ve got to be careful with this one, because if he doesn’t have a man cave (or at least a corner of a room that he can call his own) his wife might hate you for it. A piece of art is always an awesome gift, assuming that you know exactly what his preferred taste and style is. We’re not talking about neon beer signs here, we’re talking about legitimate art that he can be proud to hang in any room (assuming she lets him). is a good place to go to customize just about anything you can hang on a wall, please you can get something the groom and bride both like, I’d suggest checking them out.

His and Hers Wedding Gifts That She’ll Enjoy Too


Gourmet kitchen appliances

It doesn’t even matter if either one of them likes to cook – with an awesome counter top kitchen appliance, they can at least project a certain image when guests visit. If they’re into the retro look, opt for an appliance or two from Smeg. Smeg appliances come in all those cool, retro 1950s color – perfect for the couple who wants to look like they know what they’re doing in the kitchen, even if they don’t.

Customized serving tray

customized serving tray won’t break the bank, but it’s something they can keep forever and use over and over again. There are lots of options online that you can personalize with their names, initials, or wedding date. When they’re binge watching their favorite shows they can use it to hold sodas and snacks. When they’re hosting a party they can use it to serve cocktails and apps.

Decanter Ultra Decanter
Engraved decanter

We mentioned decanters earlier, but if you’re looking for a gift that both the bride and groom can enjoy, think about monogramming one. If monogramming seems too cliché for you, think about personalizing it with their wedding date instead. We’re loving these decanters from All Modern … they have the perfect blend of vintage and modern…a surefire way to impress the groom and win the bride’s heart.

Wooden wine glasses

We’re obsessed with these wooden wine glasses from David Rasmussen. At $66 apiece, they’re a bit pricey, but a set of two probably won’t bust your budget. Aside from how cool they look, they blend easily with any type of décor. Whether the happy couple likes rustic, modern, or transitional style, these fit the bill for all.

There are a few things you’ve got to consider when you’re buying a gift with the groom in mind. First of all, remember that he’s now part of a duo. And if you don’t want to aggravate his other half, you’ll need to keep her in mind when you’re selecting a gift. If you don’t care what the bride thinks, then hey, pick a gift that he’ll find amusing or guzzle down his belly when wifey’s not around.

And remember – you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg. If he’s someone important in your life and you’ve got the money to burn, go all out. But if he’s just one of your many buddies that you think deserves a special gift, then get creative. If it’s coming from you, there’s a good chance he’ll love it, no matter what it is.


We hope you enjoyed our list of awesome wedding gifts for grooms, please chime in and let us know what you think.  If you have any great ideas on what grooms have enjoyed (or hated) getting in the past, let us know, we like a good story.