How to Choose the Perfect Christmas Gifts for your Boyfriend

Whether you just started dating or you have been with him so long everyone is harassing him about when he’s going to propose, your boyfriend can be hard to shop for the Holidays.  Well you are in luck, we put together this awesome guide to getting the perfect Christmas gift for your boyfriend.


Get Your Boyfriend a Better Christmas Gift this year

Who doesn’t love to receive gifts, especially if it comes from someone very special? It spreads a certain kind of happiness and warmth that can’t be felt otherwise.

It’s also special for the person who worked hard to find the perfect gift. We eagerly wait for that joyous sparkle and pure smile when your special someone tears through the package to find what awaits inside.

That said, it’s considerably difficult to shop for men because of their fixation to things that most women don’t understand, men are from Mars and women are from Venus and all that jazz.

Fret not ladies, we’re here to end all your worries. And in this festive season, we’ll help you navigate the tricky maze when it comes to buying the perfect gift for your man.

Let’s begin.

What Not To Get Him

Nowadays most guys have almost everything they need thanks to that Amazon prime membership. And you don’t want to waste your money by getting something silly for him he wont like or use. Read on below to know how to avoid a few things during the Holiday season.


Nothing for Work

The last thing your man needs to be reminded of during the Christmas season is his work. So be sure not to get him something that he can use only at the workplace.

Although it might seem like the easiest gift option that doesn’t require a lot of brainstorming, it might be best to stay away from as to not remind him where he’ll be headed back to after the holidays.


Nothing that Makes Him Look Different

It’s not uncommon for most of us to want our man to present a certain image. But the holiday season is not the time to drop not-so-subtle hints about the way you want him to look.  All guys ever want is to be accepted for who they are.

The holiday season is all about loving your boyfriend for what he is and appreciating all that he has to offer. So if you want to make him over then just get him items during the other parts of the year.


Don’t Make it Too Random

Try to personalize whatever gift you are getting him instead of just something out of a box. This will make your man feel that you are investing time and effort to get him something special.

You can do this by engraving a watch, some glassware, a pen, or even whole gift basket full of engraved gifts. So whether you’re getting him something with a personal message,making him a new aged “mixtape” of his favorite songs, or even if a photo stand or album filled with a few personal photos, remember to make it personal!


Don’t Go Too Over Budget

It’s important that you have a budget before you go shopping and make sure to stick to it. Most of the time you will be tempted with what you see as limited time offers but they may be out of your spending ability. So be aware to avoid them even if you think he would look great in a pair of Gucci shoes.

Going into more credit debt will not only put you in a pickle financially, but it might also put a strain in your relationship. So stay on the right track and avoid unnecessary relationship stress during the holiday season by shopping out of your budget.


Don’t Buy a Basic B Gift

The holiday season is a time for love and making someone feel special. So it’s best not to buy your boyfirend a typical / boring gift like; ties, shoes, socks, belts, etc… Especially if your man is very fashionable and choosy about his accessories.

And getting a genic gift like some random gift set you picked up at CVS is even worse. A generic gift such as this sends him the message that you have no clue about who he is and/or don’t care. That’s sure to put him off big time.


Don’t buy too Many Items that Mean Nothing Personally

Remember that getting too many items reduces the significance of each item you buy. So try to get him one gift which will mean a lot to him. He is more likely to value it more and remember that it came from you, hence cherishing the relationship a lot more.


Don’t Buy Anything if you’re Unsure What to Get

Christmas gifts for love ones like your boyfriend should be like any decision in your life, if its not a “Hell yes!” then it should be a No.  If you are not sure if he will like it, then move on and look harder for the hell yes gift.

It is a far better option rather than wasting money on something he will never use and will just sit in the corner of the closet till he quietly gives it to Goodwill years later.


Things to Keep In Mind While Christmas Shopping For for Boyfriend

If you are looking to buy something special for your special man try to think of something that he would love to own but probably won’t buy for himself. So it’s a good idea to think from his point of view.

If you haven’t been dating for too long then avoid getting him anything overly sentimental, especially if he’s not into overt displays of affection and “romance”.

Asking his friends or family for advice on what you can get is a simple way of solving the mess if you can’t make up your mind of what to get him.


A few Simple Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend


A Weekend Get Away

This can be a perfect personalized gift for your Boyfriend, especially if he and you like to travel and are more into experience gifts than into things.

Try to find out what places he’s always wanted to go to, and/or what activities he might want to do there. Plan accordingly and this can be quite an awesome surprise gift for him which he’ll absolutely love.


Tickets to a Game or Movie

You’ll find very few men who will pass on a court side seat of their favorite sporting event. So find out what his favorite team is if you do not already know and get him some tickets to a game.  If they are out of your budget you can always try something more creative like “free pass to watch” coupons he can use when he wants some uninterrupted TV time to catch the game.

You can also present him with tickets to a movie he would enjoy watching and follow it up with a romantic dinner and date. These personalized gifts will leave a lasting loving memory for your man and he will appreciate you more due to it.


Beard Grooming Set

Men nowadays appreciate handy and simple tools to take care of themselves. So getting him a beard grooming kit is a great idea.

This would be something he would be using regularly and will ease his daily task of taking care of the beard trimming essentials.


Media – Books ,DVDs, and/or Music

If your boyfriend is into literature, then there is no better Christmas gift than presenting him with a book he will love. Research what kind of books he is into reading and who are his favorite authors and get him a rare/ limited edition book.

Same can be done for music or movies.  If he is a movie buff then a collection of something like all of the Coen Brothers classics can be an awesome.  


Things He Carries Everyday AKA EDC

Few things that your boyfriend should be carrying on a regular basis are; watches, wallet, cell phone, and a tool of some sort. These are essential items he just can’t do without. So, find out what type of things he is into and get him a cool smart watch, a minimalist wallet, or a personalized knife that he can add to his EDC collection.

A cell phone may be out of the budget for most people, so here you can think more in the line of accessories.  A cell phone case with a wallet inside of it, a backup power bank, or look through this list of great cell phone accessories for men and find something a little more unique.    



The festive season is a special time when a little thought goes a long way. Especially when it comes to buying a Christmas gift for the man you love. So follow the above tips to make sure you buy the gift that he will love and make him cherish the special bond that you share.



We hope you enjoyed this guide to the perfect gift for you boyfriend this Holiday season.  Let us know your thoughts and any great ideas you have in the comments below.





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