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15 Christmas Gift Ideas for Parents Who Have Everything

Now that the holiday shopping season is in full swing, it’s time to rack your brain trying to find the perfect gifts for all of those impossible-to-buy-for people you know. And you know who a lot of us struggle to find a great gift for? Our parents. 

To be fair, most parents will tell you they love anything you give them (and that’s probably true). But it’s so much better when you can surprise them with something they really love, something they don’t already have. It’s a tricky thing to do.

If you’re ready to wow your parents with an awesome gift this holiday season, here are 15 Christmas gift ideas for parents who have everything (and need nothing). 


BOOZY GIFT IDEAS (because even parents like to get a buzz on)


A Bottle of Wine (from a special year)

If your parents like to have a couples of glasses of wine with dinner, there’s a good chance you’ve already gifted them a bottle or ten over the years. But have you ever given them one that had special meaning? 


This year, instead of giving them any old bottle, look for one from a certain year, like the year they got married, the year they met, or the year they had you!  


Some years are easy to find – others, not so much. So do a quick Google search to see what wine cellars may have one in stock – if it exists, it shouldn’t be hard to find an online wine seller who will ship straight to your door.


A BroBasket

Don’t let the name fool you – ladies love our gift baskets just as much as men. So if your parents like to kick back with a cocktail or two, check out our incredible selection of BroBaskets, packed full of booze, barware, snacks, and all sorts of useful little extras. (We’re all about the extras).


And if your parents happen to prefer wine, check out our awesome California Wine Executive gift set. With cigars for dad to puff on and chocolates and berries for mom to enjoy, this set comes with an engraved wine bottle so you can customize it with your own unique message. You’ll totally win points for that. 


Custom Barware

Personalized gifts always show that you went the extra step to make it extra special, but monogrammed towels and monogrammed pens aren’t exactly our thing. What we do like, though, is custom barware.


From wine glasses and shot glasses to decanters and rocks glasses, Home Wet Bar has a huge selection of customizable glassware and other bar gifts. 


This is a great gift if your parents like to drink – but it’s also a great gift if they love to entertain. Nothing says “hostess with the mostest” quite like a monogrammed decanter or a perfectly matched set of barware, glassware, and accessories. 


HOME IMPROVEMENT GIFTS (because even if they have everything, it can’t possibly all be new)


Fluffy White Bath Robes

Is there any better feeling than stepping out of a hot shower, drying off, and lounging around in a super soft robe? We think not. These shawl collar bath robes from H by Frette are ultra-luxe. In fact, they’re so damn comfy they’ll make your parents feel like they’re on vacation in a five star hotel, even when they’re not. 


Organic Cotton Italian Sheet Set

No matter how many sets you might already have, everyone can appreciate some new sheets. And if you’ve ever slept on these Restoration Hardware sheets you already know that almost every other bed linen out there pales in comparison. Made in Italy from premium organic cotton, this 600 thread count sheet set is simple, sophisticated, soft, and sustainable. They’re awesome. 


Canvas Photo Print

Photo books and photo calendars are classic gift ideas for parents who have everything and need nothing. But with CanvasPop, you can take this traditional idea a whole lot further by having any photo printed on any canvas up to size 72” x 38”. You can print any pic you like – a family portrait, a favorite snap of your beloved dog, a landscape shot of your favorite vacation spot. Just pick your favorite pic and make it as big as you want.


This gift lets you get creative – and it’s almost a guarantee that it will make at least one of your parents (if not both) shed a tear or two.  


Laser Cut Maps

Do your parents like to sail? Fish? Spend time on or near the water? If there’s a certain lake, island, or coastal town that has special meaning to them, these nautical wood maps are a super unique way to pay homage to a place they love. 


These underwater topographic maps are laser cut in Baltic birch wood, giving them a cool, rustic vibe. From the Oregon coast to Lake Michigan to the Hamptons, intricate 3D layers show every waterway and land mass in the region of your choice. Hang one of these on a wall and you’ve got an instant conversation piece in any room. 


Vintage Turntable (and Vinyl)

Gift your parents with a bit of nostalgia this holiday season with a vintage turntable and a collection of their favorite albums on vinyl. We love these turntables from Crosley – they come in all sorts of cool colors and retro designs that range in style from the swinging ‘40s to the synthesized ‘80s.  


We’re well into the 21st century, so your parents have probably already mastered how to get Alexa to play their favorite tunes and how to shuffle their preferred artists on Spotify. But that doesn’t mean they won’t enjoy taking a step back in time to listen to music the way they used to.




Cookware Set  

Pots and pans get scratched and worn out over time, so a new cookware set is always useful. Williams Sonoma has a massive selection that ranges from affordable brands like Cuisinart and Calphalon, to luxury brands like de Buyer, Mauviel, and Staub. They also have all those in-between price points, including Le Creuset, which comes in all those cool colors … 


Cookware isn’t the only thing that needs occasional replacing. If you want to go all out you can round out this gift with a set of cooking utensils, mixing bowls, bakeware, or anything else your parents might need to replace some of their favorite, yet slightly worn, kitchen essentials. 


A Private Cooking Lesson

Lots of people like to cook but just aren’t that good at it. If your parents like to spend time in the kitchen, a private cooking lesson is a great gift that they would probably never buy themselves.


From master chefs to catering experts to culinary students, it’s easy to find chefs that are willing to teach you basic skills (like how to chop vegetables or slice meat) or show you how to cook an entire gourmet meal. 


Google “private cooking lessons” in your city to find a chef who will do in-home instruction or has a culinary kitchen set up where you parents can go to learn how to make their favorite dish. Just pay for the lesson with your credit card and give your parents a handwritten card that describes the awesome gift you got them!


A Personal Chef

Do your parents like to eat more than they like to cook? If so, skip the cookware and the cooking lesson and hire them a personal chef instead! You can set it up for a special occasion, like their anniversary, or arrange it for no occasion at all. 


Some chefs might be willing to customize a menu based on your parents’ preferred tastes. Others might want to come into the home and cook their signature dish. Just make sure you get the details (and check references) before inviting a stranger into your parents’ home.


Dinner to the Best Restaurant in Town

When we say the best restaurant, we mean THE BEST RESTAURANT your town has to offer. If the Cheesecake Factory is as good as it gets in your zip code, just skip this idea and move onto the next. (Sorry, Cheesecake fans, but that massive menu instantly rules them out).  


Alinea in Chicago. French Laundry outside of San Fran. Masa in NYC. Zahav in Philadelphia. Uni in Boston. We could go on and on, but we think you get the point. 


We’re not talking restaurants that have a gimmick, (Barton G, we love your giant forks but you’re not making this cut either). We’re strictly talking restaurants without a shtick – restaurants whose ONLY shtick is that the food is so amazing they’ve either earned a Michelin star or they’re worthy of one. 


We’re not trying to be food snobs here, but you did say that your parents already have everything, didn’t you?


If this becomes your gift of choice, do it with class. Call the restaurant, make the reservation (you may have to wait a while), and give them your credit card number. These aren’t the kind of joints you buy a gift card for. 


GIFTS THEY’LL NEVER FORGET (isn’t that what it’s all about?) 


Show Tickets

Are your parents always down to see a show? See what productions are coming to your city and buy them a pair of tickets to the next Broadway tour of Hamilton, Les Mis, or The Book of Mormon. If you want to outdo yourself, reserve them a hotel room nearby so they can make a whole night of it!


If Broadway musicals aren’t their thing, a pair of concert tickets may be the better route to go. Google Ticketmaster and/or Live Nation to see what shows are coming to your town and get them a pair of seats – we stress SEATS. 


Do NOT get your parents general admission tickets to a show. Even if they’re only in their 40’s, there’s a good chance at some point they’ll want to sit down. Membership

Who doesn’t want to know exactly where they’re from and who their ancestors are? The answer is nobody. A monthly or yearly membership to is the perfect gift for the couple who already has everything. Why? Because it’s the gift that keeps on giving. 


They can research their family tree. They can uncover documents and photos of ancestors in other countries. They can write an incredible family history or use their research as inspiration for their next overseas trip. 


Either way, it will give them something to do – something they probably haven’t done before. AND they can have fun doing it together. 


A Fancy Ride

If your parents literally have everything, the best gift you can give them is an experience. And we’ve given you lots of ideas of “experience gifts” on this list. But whether you’re sending them out to dinner, to a concert, or to a Broadway show, there’s one thing they’ll still need: the transportation to get there.


At Book A Classic you can rent everything from a Bentley to a Ford Model A. Not all vehicles will be available in every location (obviously) but there are lots of cars to pick from (translate: lots of ways to give your parents an unforgettable ride).  


Google exotic car rentals or classic car rentals in your city to see what vehicles are available near you. Depending on the car and the service you choose, your parents may be able to drive it around town themselves or have a driver chauffeur them from place to place. Either way, it will be one of those moments they never forget. 



Not sure what to get your parents for Christmas because they already have everything they could ever want or need? Don’t let that scare you or stop you from trying your best to give the greatest, most memorable gift you can possibly think of this holiday season.


Just think about what your parents like to do. If they like to spend time at home, upgrade something they might already have, like cookware or bath robes, to a new and improved version. If they’re retired, give them something to do and something to look forward to, like concert tickets, show tickets, or dinner out on the town. 


The truth is, your parents will probably love whatever you give them (they always do, don’t they?) So don’t bust your budget or drive yourself crazy trying to find the perfect gift of all time. Just use these 15 ideas we’ve detailed above and go find a version that your parents will love to get – and that you’ll be proud to give. 


They spent years (and countless dollars) raising you, so stop procrastinating on your holiday shopping. Regardless of what you give them, you can be sure they’ll love it.  

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