What to consider when buying jewelry for men


Buying jewelry for men can be hard, most men don’t wear a ton of jewelry and the ones that do tend to be picky about it.  That is why we are bringing you this awesome guide on what to consider when buying jewelry for men.


What To Consider

Special occasions usually come with gift-giving. Whether it’s birthdays, anniversaries, or other events, giving a gift to a person can show how important they are to you and how much you appreciate them. It’s common for women to receive gifts, but sometimes, men are often the giver and not the receiver. Anyone would love to receive a gift. Men deserve to be spoiled and pampered too.

Jewelry is an excellent gift to consider giving to your man. Many people consider jewelry as an investment because of its timeless look and versatile uses. The ability to pawn it in case of emergencies is another reason why it’s seen as an investment. Jewelry also has the ability to influence the psychology of a person. It can boost self-confidence and make an individual feel elegant and powerful. Something that has the purpose of making the wearer look good and become a long-term investment is a good gift.


Here are some things to consider when buying jewelry for your man:

  • What’s your man’s preference?

Have you experienced owning a piece of clothing or jewelry that doesn’t fit your style, at all? It sits in your closet or on your dresser untouched because you don’t want to wear something that doesn’t fit your personality. The same applies when buying jewelry for your man. You have to familiarize yourself with what he likes and how he presents himself. Some things to consider include:

  • Does he like flashy or simple accessories?
  • Will he prefer wearing a classic looking piece of jewelry or something on the eccentric side?

The question you should ask yourself while deciding, “Will he wear this?”

If you’re planning it as a surprise, you can look at how he styles himself every day and during special occasions. If he already owns and uses accessories, look at those. He might like a particular color or style observable with the jewelry he already owns. If it isn’t really a secret, asking him is another way of knowing what type of jewelry he likes.


  • Skin Tone

Jewelry isn’t the one size fits all kind. A piece of jewelry can look good on someone but would look different on another person. Skin tone is one thing to consider because you want your man to look good and feel good while wearing your gift. Here’s some things to consider:


  • How to determine skin tone and which jewelry?

It’s easy to determine what kind of skin tone an individual has. The common body part where people look to distinguish which skin tone they have is the wrists. The area of skin around your wrist is thin which is why you can easily see what color your veins are. What you want to do is bring your man in a naturally-lit area and look at the color of his veins on his wrists. Do they look blue, purple, green, or a combination?

There are three types of skin tones:


  • Warm skin tone

If the veins look olive or green, the individual has a warm skin tone. Jewelry that has warm colors such as rose gold and copper looks flattering on people with warm skin tone.


  • Cool skin tone

If the veins look blue or purple, the individual has a cool skin tone. Jewelry that is light in color such as platinum and silver will look good with people with cool skin tone.


  • Neutral skin tone

If the veins look like a combination of bluish-green, the individual has a neutral skin tone. People with neutral skin tone have the best of both worlds because pieces of jewelry for both warm and cool skin tone can flatter them.

Once you have distinguished what skin tone your man has, this helps narrow down which color or types of jewelry will flatter his appearance more.

Skin tone is not synonymous as skin color. Skin color may vary due to environmental factors such as getting tanner than your natural complexion while your ethnicity or your roots influence the skin tone.


  • Body type

Another thing to take into consideration is his built. Jewelry should fit well on the wearer and not look awkward on them– this usually happens when the accessory is too big or too small on them. Big and chunky accessories are suited for men on the bulky and buff side while minimalist and delicate pieces of jewelry fit those on the skinny to lean side.

Knowing your man and his body type will help in your decisions on what piece would look good on him. More often than not, they’re aware of their built and have already worked around it. He might already own a long necklace to balance out his broad shoulders or a medium to large watch to compliment his hands. Observing how he styles himself is vital.


  • How often will he wear it?

Do you want to buy jewelry for everyday use or for when he attends special occasions? Chunky and noticeable accessories are usually reserved for special events while simple accessories can be worn for daily use because it doesn’t inhibit any everyday routine.

Men with corporate jobs can add style with cufflinks on their dress shirts or shiny watches. Men with hands-on jobs may prefer delicate and simple accessories that wouldn’t interfere with their work or not put them in any danger.

You also should take into consideration if his work permits him or limits him in wearing specific accessories.


  • A jeweler’s input

Asking the opinion of a professional can help with your decision-making. Jewelers have extensive knowledge of what is available on the market and what may suit your man’s style. Relaying information like your man’s preferences, his skin tone, body built, and his everyday routine can help the jeweler think of a particular piece of jewelry that your man might like. The jeweler’s input can give you an idea of what the jeweler can work around based on the information you’ve provided.

If you don’t have enough knowledge about jewelry, don’t be embarrassed to ask the jeweler.


  • Alternatives

Having other options is a good idea in case you encounter some problems with your first choice. In choosing alternatives, you can have them vary in styles that your man will still like. Having backup ideas of what else to pick if you’re not able to pick out the original will prevent you from feeling disoriented.

Whether you’re considering a necklace or a pair of cufflinks, the number of types of jewelry available on the market is vast. Adding a personal touch by customizing it is also an option. When deciding on a place to buy a monogram necklace and other types of jewelry, legitimate and trusted online shops are a good place to consider because you can shop without leaving the comforts of your home.

Jewelry can also be the perfect Christmas gift for him, as it’s a versatile gift for any occasion. Deciding on what to buy for your beau while having these considerations in mind will help you pick the perfect jewelry for him.



We really hope you enjoyed this guide on buying jewelry for the men in your life, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.



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