What to Consider When Looking for “Christmas Gift Ideas for Bosses”

Christmas is right around the corner and there’s one person you’ve omitted from your Christmas list: your Boss!  Don’t worry my friend, not only do we have some great Christmas gift ideas for bosses. but we’ll also tell you what to consider when buying the perfect Christmas gift for your boss.    

Christmas Gift Ideas for Bosses

The most wonderful time of the year is fast approaching! I mean, who doesn’t love Christmas right? While the idea of receiving gifts is what makes it more exciting when we’re kids, when you’re an adult, you’ll be the one playing Santa – ho ho ho!

While most people at this time of year are worrying about what presents to buy for the wife and kids for Christmas, you, on the other hand, may be having trouble on what to buy for your boss to butter them up for that promotion you have your eye one. Nonetheless, buying Christmas gifts for your family and friends are way easier than buying Christmas gifts for your co-workers, especially if it’s your boss.

Most people think twice before giving a gift to their boss mainly because the act alone could be perceived wrongly by anyone in the office. Not to mention the risk of buying the wrong gift, which could make your working relationship tense or awkward. However, if your office doesn’t forbid gift giving to the leaders of the company or if everyone is pretty much fired up with buying your boss a Christmas present, then there shouldn’t be any problem. But before you go strutting in the malls and department stores (or if you are wise- shopping online), here are some things you have to consider if you want to impress your boss with your holiday gift. Let the search for the perfect present begin!


How much should you spend on your Bosses Christmas gift?

When it comes down to the budget for your boss’s gift, it’s all a matter of choice. I’m saying that there’s no reason why you can’t give him an inexpensive present nor is there any reason you can’t give him an expensive one. Get a feel on how your work dynamic is in your office. If you get the vibe that giving a costly gift to your boss alone is not frowned upon, then go for it. But if you have this uncomfortable feeling of telling your co-workers about it, then you should probably be extra careful. You may want to be discreet on your gift giving and have it delivered instead of handing it to them personally.

Since a Christmas gift can be a little more personalized compared to other gifts, this occasion usually screams ‘expensive’. However, your boss will surely know how much you earn monthly so buying a reasonably priced birthday gift according to your income is already good enough. A good boss knows how to appreciate the good intentions of his employees. On the other hand, if you’re still unsure, then the best option would be to keep it modest.


Are your co-workers considering a group gift for your Boss?

How about a group gift then?” Hooray! Someone finally said it. A group gift can get you out of the budget predicament. This is probably one of the safest options you can have especially if running low on budget. So, if you heard some talk in your office about considering a group gift to your boss, then snatch that opportunity right away. You can take the lead if you notice that many are hesitating about it. This is the time to give your best sales pitch! Having everyone else on board can give you more gift ideas, not to mention, it can take some of the financial load off. Moreover, you can now give an ‘extravagant’ gift without breaking the bank and without anyone thinking that you’re sucking up to your boss. Obviously, for this to work, you also have to chip in just like everyone in your department. Otherwise, your name will be left out on the greeting card, thus, painting you in a bad light.


What is his/her religious orientation (if he/she has one)?

Religion is a sore subject for some people and may not be talked much about around the office. The last thing you’d want is to offend your boss—even if it’s completely unintentional—because you gave him or her an inappropriate present that goes against his or her religious beliefs.  You probably wouldn’t want to give a Muslim or a kosher Jew pork just as much as you wouldn’t want to gift an evangelical Christian booze. While most office environments celebrate holidays without emphasizing on a single religion, it’s still imperative to approach gift giving with caution.  Like if your boss is under the congregation of Jehovah’s Witness, then the whole idea of gift giving is definitely out of the window, the upside it’s a lot cheaper for you. Hence, it’s extremely important to know whether your boss practices a certain religion or not before you go hunting for the perfect bosses Christmas gift.


What is your relationship with your boss?

Is your boss also your best bud? Or maybe they are like a brother from another mother or a sister from a different mister? If so, then giving them a Christmas present is the least of your problems since people in your department will consider it as normal, or even customary, at best. Furthermore, the closer you are with your boss, the easier it will be to look for the perfect Christmas gift. You can go all the way—no restrictions. If they loves booze, then fill his liquor cabinet with some nice bourbon, tequila, and/or local craft beer depending on their tastes. Although, such a relationship is rare these days, but if you’re one of the lucky ones, then good for you.


Does he/she have a family (wife/husband and/or kids)?

If all else fails, then winning the hearts of their kids or spouse is the safest approach that you can get. If your boss is like any average parent, then surely, they will be happy when their children are happy as well. While this may not be the best idea out there since you’re technically giving their kids a gift, instead of them, well, it’s not like they will reject or decline your gift because of it. Most likely, your boss will be happier with this thought. Moreover, it’s much easier to please a kid’s heart and on the plus side it’s lighter on the pocket as well. And since the holiday season is coming, then surely, you can think of plenty of Christmas gift ideas for kids. As for their spouse, you can ask around; your sister, mother, female relatives, friends, and colleagues can help you out on what’s the perfect gift for their wife or husband. Also, if your big boss is all about their family, then it may also be a great idea to give them gift cards to the local restaurant or pizza place.


What are considered as not good gifts for your Boss?

Material gifts are acceptable, but never monetary ones (gift cards are safe). Be careful on this one because this is interpreted as a bribe, which could lead to a disciplinary action, or worse, lay off. Pick any item that you can buy directly from stores and avoid giving homemade gifts. Food can probably be acceptable in some cases, but don’t make it yourself unless you are one awesome baker. Personal things like clothes and cologne should also best be avoided, unless you have the kind of relationship with your boss that permits you to do so.


Now onto the Good Stuff – a Couple Of Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Bosses

To give you some ideas on what to pick for your boss’s Christmas present, I have the following short list that might make your gift search less hard.


Personalized Fountain pen

If they can never seem to find their pen, or really prize those high end Mont Blanc’s they have displayed neatly on their desk.  Then a nice high end and/or personalized pen can really go a long way. If people steal or they lose their pens constantly it may be a great time to throw some jokes in their card and win some brownie points.


“Smart” notebook

If they are always taking copious notes on legal pads that they always end up losing or are so illegible they can’t read them after (me included) then this can be a great Christmas gift for your boss.  They basically take handwritten notes in a notebook and automatically transfer them onto a computer for ease of searching and reading later.


Personalized Flask

If your boss is a bit on the boozy side, and/or they like personalized drinking accessories, then you can’t go wrong with a personalzied flask.  I would put a caution side on this gift idea, only purchase if you know your boss well enough that a flask is welcomed.


Digital Picture Frame

This one goes back to your research, if they are all about their family then this can be an awesome gift for your boss.  Their office may be festooned with so many pictures they haven’t been able to add any since the 90s! With one of these bad boys they will be able to show a ton of their favorite family pics, promotion here you come!


Personalized Stainless mug or water bottle

If they are a coffee or tea lover then you can not go wrong with a “#1 Boss” stainless coffee mug.  Or if they are a health nut then a personalized stainless steel water bottle will keep them hydrated and in their good graces.


A Good Book

If they have a mini library in their office when you walk in, then they probably like to read!  Taking some extra care to figure out what they like to read can go a far way here so you can get exactly what they like.  Fortunately the link we included has a great list of books almost anyone will enjoy.


Personal Espresso brewer

Maybe your boss is a caffeine addict and can never seem to get enough caffeinated beverages drank in a day.  This awesome little personal espresso maker can make espresso almost anywhere, how cool is that!


Massage pillow

Some bosses can be kind of cranky, and maybe that is because they are not getting enough sleep or have a crick in their neck from being on the computer all day.  This great little gift can go a long way to not only impressing them with your thoughtfulness but also making them a much more agreeable human being


And of course we offer some great gifts for your Boss

A BroBasket makes an awesome Christmas gift for your boss, especially if they like to imbibe.  Choose from our selection of beer, wine, and spirits to get them the perfect gift this holiday season.  You can even customize them they way they like and personalized them by engraving cool stuff like “World’s Okayest Boss”.


So, what now?

Giving Christmas gifts to your boss, be it for his birthday, holidays, or other special occasion, is perfectly fine so long as you don’t go overboard, you’re not violating any company policy, and you keep it plain and professional. It’s another way of saying thanks for their kindness and efforts at work.

The perfect gift doesn’t have to be the fanciest one in the store, but rather, something that will be useful and thoughtful for your boss even if the price tag is average at best. Besides, you can always count on the old saying that says, “It’s the thought that counts”. While typical gifts such as a gift card to his favorite bookstore can work, thinking outside the box and coming up with a creative gift will leave a bigger impression.

Nevertheless, whatever gift you have decided to give, your boss will most likely appreciate your gesture, which in return, establishing a better working relationship. If you can just take into account all those considerations mentioned above, then buying the perfect present for your big boss won’t be a headache for you.


We hope you enjoyed this great guide on Christmas gifts for bosses.  Let us know your thoughts, bigest wins and biggest failures in past boss gift giving.



The Guys @ The BroBasket


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