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13 Boot Stomp’n Awesome Country Gifts for Him – Cowboy Boots and More

They say shopping for men isn’t as hard as it sounds. You give them a Christmas card and a mug, and they’d be happy. Maybe you can opt for a printed shirt or a stock of their favorite shaving cream, and they’ll never forget you. But if you want to take gift-giving to the next level, you’d want to get presents that reflect their personality and style.

Now, if your dad, brother, boyfriend or husband happens to be the country type, you want to make sure they’ll like their presents. Here’s a rundown of the top gifts for the country fans in your life that you need to consider:


A Pair of Cowboy Boots

Every country man needs a good pair of cowboy boots. Cowboy boots are considered by many as a cross between folk art, functional apparel, and an element of pop culture. You can never go wrong with a great pair, whether he is a rodeo-riding full-fledged cowboy, or you want to help him channel his inner Southern persona. When looking for men’s boots, choose a pair with high-quality leather, unique design, and excellent craftsmanship. If you look at the right places, you’ll find a pair that doesn’t cost a fortune.

Tickets to His Favorite Country Musician’s Concert or Event 

Experience is a truly unique gift, and if you want to make your country man elated with non-material things, then tickets to his favorite country musician’s concert or event should do the trick. It would be so much better if you can get VIP tickets because it would give him access to pre-shows and a meet-and-greet.


Another well-thought-of present that will certainly be appreciated by country men is booze. Alcohol is a huge part of socialization and makes gathering merrier. However, you don’t want to give a generic bottle or play it safe with some wine you happen to purchase randomly. You can level it up a bit by providing a well-curated liquor gift basket that the recipient will undoubtedly remember you by.

Vinyl of His Favorite Albums

It may be so much easier to listen to your favorite country songs on-demand, thanks to the internet and the power of streaming. But if the recipient loves Garth Brooks, George Strait, Kenny Rogers, and Tim McGraw, then there’s no reason why they wouldn’t appreciate hearing their favorite music the old-fashioned way.

Plaid Button-Down Shirt 

Country fans have their preferences when it comes to their tops, and no, it’s not your ordinary T-shirt. Instead, they like a button-down shirt, preferably with the plaid patterns. You can give two types: a thicker one that’s most comfortable to wear in the winter, and a thinner one for summer.

Cowboy Hat 

How could the country look be ever complete without the good ol’ cowboy hat? Cowboy hats are functional just as much as they are fashionable. It’s important to remember to pick a comfortable-fitting yet secure cowboy hat that doesn’t blow off and restrict blood flow in the head. Also, cowboy hats come in different forms and styles, so make sure to pick one that suits the recipient’s look and personality.

Leather Belt

You might think that a belt is just a mere accessory many can’t live without, but when it comes to country men, they love their belts, and they have their specifics. Typically, country men prefer belts made of high-quality leather that’s strong and durable enough to hold them up while doing their daily routine. Often, these belts are wider than modern belts, sporting a brass or silver buckle. With the right belt, any country man will look sharp and dashing.


Leather Gloves 

Most country guys love to work in and out of the home. They’re handy at a lot of things. A pair of sturdy, long-lasting leather gloves makes an excellent gift idea as gloves protect their hands from the demands of their daily work, such as rope burns and blisters. When looking for the best and perfect pair of country-style gloves, opt for leather-made as these are the most durable and complement the person’s overall country look.



For the country fan who likes music, the guitar is going to be a great gift. Not only does he get to listen to his favorite music, he can play them on the strings, too, and then sing along!



The bandanna is an often-overlooked country accessory, but bandannas have so many functions. The country guy typically wraps the bandanna around his neck (and for such reason, the accessory is also called and neckerchief) and he can pull it up and cover his mouth and nose when it gets dusty. Bandannas can also substitute as a tourniquet in case of injury or snake bites.


Rancher’s Jeans 

Pants are essential to the overall country look, and when giving the country lover a pair, it shouldn’t be just any pair you found at the store. Look for sturdy trousers or a pair of denims that have a great and nice fit. To look more stylish, the jeans should also match the shirt or jacket.



You might be tempted to get him a couple of Marlboros—after all, the Marlboro man is the perfect epitome of the country man. But maybe your recipient would appreciate a tobacco more than the cigarette. In fact, the tobacco is still a huge part of the cowboy lifestyle, but modern-day cowboys are moving towards smokeless tobacco. If the recipient does not smoke, he can just keep the gift for display or remembrance.



For people who like to explore the outdoors and go camping or hiking every once in a while, sunglasses would make a thoughtful gift. As country men like to go outdoors, even when the sun is blaring hot, a pair of quality sunglasses will give their eyes the much-needed protection against the sun’s UV rays. Of course, it wouldn’t hurt if you get him a stylish pair, too, so he can truly look the part of the modern-day man of the South. 


 Beard Kit 

The beard kit is another winning gift idea simply because the country man loves to take care of his facial hair and make sure it’s in perfect form and shape any time of the day. While you can pick one or two products from the drugstore or Target, you can instead make the gift more thoughtful by opting for a complete kit: beard wash, beard oil or balm, and a brush or comb. It would also be helpful to pick a beard kit that’s made of all-natural, organic ingredients to help him stay away from dandruff and skin irritation.

Gift-giving can be nerve-racking, especially if you’re unsure what the receiving end will like. But if he happens to be a person who’s a great fan of the country, then these gift ideas should put an end to second guesses. 


A generic gift would probably do, but if you’re looking to brighten someone’s day, you should try to study the person and know what his interests are. If he loves country, and anything related to it, then opt for a unique and thoughtful present that goes along well with his personality. Ditch the usual sweater or the generic food basket, and shop for country-style boots, apparel, and gear that he’d only be too happy to have. 

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