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5 Gifts for BBQ Lovers to Root for This Season



Let us guess, you are reading this because you are looking for gift ideas for a barbecue-obsessed friend/boyfriend/relative/colleague. Well, here’s good news. We, a bunch of grilling enthusiasts (or experts, if you will) have handpicked 5 coolest gifts for BBQ-lovers like us. 


So, without any further ado, here’s a list of the 5 ultimate gift ideas that should impress the hell out of anybody who loves open fire cooking (at least, we hope so). 


BBQ BROS RUBS (Western Style)


This gourmet barbecue seasoning set would be an ideal gift for someone who is extremely particular about the taste of his food. You can never go wrong with its Authentic Regional Award-winning recipe containing salt, pepper, paprika, brown sugar, and a bunch of spices. 


Pre-rub the meat, veggies or seafood for at 8-9 hours before cooking and you are good to go. The Western Style brisket rub is not overly spicy. We absolutely loved the authentic local flavor, the mild kick it gives and the fact that it’s not overly salty/sweet. 


If you are a fan of spicy food, we strongly recommend the fiery Texas style for you. We were also impressed with the classic California style rub which has a strong hint of pepper and garlic coupled with a generous amount of spiciness.


It’s a popular seasoning used by some of the top BBQ restaurants in the city for enhancing the flavor of pork, beef, and chicken. To sum up, this set of rubs is a must-have for every barbecue perfectionist. Period.  


P.S: Feel free to check the Best brisket rubs at Delaney BBQ


Moving on, 




  • 4 different styles of rubs to choose from. 
  • An excellent dry marinade for briskets, prime ribs, pork chops, and chicken. 
  • A classic seasoning recipe that’ll appeal to most palate. 
  • MSG, Gluten and Maltodextrin-free. 




  • Should be available in smaller jars. 


Victorinox Fibrox Pro Chef’s Knife


This all-purpose kitchen knife made from the finest quality tapered stainless steel is great for skinning, boning, slicing, and carving meat. With the 8-inch blade, you can also chop and dice the vegetables to perfection in minutes without any bloodbath. 


We especially liked the fact that the blade is slightly curved near the tip. This allows you to maintain a steady pace and minimize fatigue while dealing with high volume cutting work. 


Apart from the robust blade, this knife also stands out for its long and sturdy non-slip textured handle. Not only it ensures a tight grip, but it also provides enough knuckle clearance below to keep your finger from hitting the board. 


While the blade’s terrific sharpness, width, weight and wonderful balance effortlessly handles heavy chopping tasks, the uniquely angled cutting edge takes care of more delicate jobs. Doing a fine julienne is a lot easier with a knife like this in your gearbox. 


Not just the sharpness, we were left heavily impressed by the edge retention ability of the blade as well. If you are going to use it a lot, make sure to sharpen it with a whetstone or better, an electric sharpener at least once a week. It will keep the knife in optimal condition for years without any additional maintenance. 


To conclude, our in-house gastronomy experts think this lightweight yet sturdy, super versatile knife would make an amazing gift for amateur home cooks as well as culinary school students. 




  • Textured grip of the handle. 
  • Sharpness and edge holding ability. 
  • Suitable for both delicate and heavy-duty chopping jobs. 
  • Doesn’t put a strain on the wrist. 
  • Provides adequate knuckle clearance, even for big fingers. 
  • Frequent honing will keep the blade razor-sharp for ages. 




  • The tip of the blade is not sharp enough for prying easily. 


The Mini-BBQ Bash Barbecue Gift


Looking for gift ideas to sweep your BBQ-enthusiast dad off his feet on his birthday? We have something very special in store for you. This mini but mighty impressive gift set is every BBQ aficionado’s wild fantasy. 


In this BroBasket Tin, you will a bunch of accessories to take care of all kinds of smoking and grilling needs. This includes a lighter, a jar of smoking hot Earl’s Gone Wild barbecue sauce and cedar planks


To top it off, it also comprises delish pre-meal snacks i.e beef jerky and mini pretzels along with a 5-pack Bud Light to wash them down. This incredible selection of barbecue goodies will put a big smile on your father’s face who loves to craft classic meals on open fire while chugging cold beer in his cozy backyard. 




  • BBQ lighter, cedar planks, and sauces to make grilling fun and easy. 
  • Nibbles and munchies to enjoy while the food is cooking. 
  • 5-pack of Bud Light. 
  • Reusable tin for carrying grilling equipment. 
  • Greeting card with your personalized message. 




  • Contains only one variation of Earl’s Gone Wild barbecue sauce. 


BBQ Bash – With Engraved Bottle


If you want something bigger and better than the Mini-BBQ Bash, take a look here. This nifty BroBasket crate is packed with a basic lighter, BBQ tongs, spatula, fork along with two delectable flavors of Earl’s Gone Wild barbecue sauce. 


The original California sauce has a lip-smacking smoky flavor with a mild kick to tantalize your taste buds. Also, speaking from personal experience, the jalapeño sauce is not meant for the faint-hearted. 


This gift crate also includes a set of cedar planks that brings out a smoky flavor to die for. To keep your BBBQ-guy company while he is busy tending the fire, this ultimate BBQ-lover’s basket comes with a bottle of Maker’s Mark bourbon and assorted snacks. And the best part? You can amp up the oomph factor of this gift by getting a personal message engraved on the bourbon bottle. Neat, isn’t it? 




  • Includes a bunch of grilling utensils e.g tongs, lighter, spatula, forks and bottle opener. 
  • Two flavors of BBQ sauces (mild to spicy). 
  • Reusable basket for keeping all the BBQ accessories organized. 
  • Chips, pretzels, and beef jerky for snacking. 
  • A bottle of the finest Maker’s Mark bourbon. 




  • The price is a little on the steeper side. 


The Mini BBQ Party


The Mini BBQ Party set is one of the best gifts you could possibly buy for a beginner. It features a number of grilling essentials such as tongs, BBQ brush, lighter, fork, bottle opener, cedar planks coupled with a carrying case to keep everything in place. 


There’s also a jar of the original Earl’s Gone Wild California sauce to help your BBQ bumbling newbie dish out heavenly steaks and briskets with minimal effort. 


We understand that grilling bulk meat to absolute perfection takes time. In the meantime, the pit-master could chomp on the gourmet cookies, popcorn and BBQ Lay’s chips to get the gastric juices flowing. 




  • Ideal gift for BBQ beginners. 
  • A wide assortment of appetizing snacks e.g gourmet cookies, popcorn, and Lay’s BBQ-flavored chips. 
  • Comes with an array of grilling and smoking equipment such as cedar planks, BBQ tongs, spatula, and BBQ brush. 
  • A jar of premium Earl’s Gone Wild California sauce.
  • A carrying case to stash the grilling accessories. 




  • Doesn’t include any booze. 


In Conclusion


Choosing a gift for somebody who takes grilling very seriously is a real challenge. That’s why we are here to help. After sifting through hundreds of gift ideas on the web, we finally narrowed down to 5 options that fit the bill. We have also kept the budget factor in mind while selecting these products. 


That’s pretty much it for today. Here’s hoping you end up finding exactly what you were looking for by the time you finish reading this article. Good luck. 


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