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10 Best Gifts for Men Who Like to Cook

Whether you shop for your dad, brother, best friend, or coworker, finding the right gift that he doesn’t already own takes creativity. For great gift ideas, think of his interests and hobbies, then something within that he could use every day. Men who like to cook make it easier on the rest of us because so many great gifts exist in this category.

There are so many ways to make food and lots of tools and recipes available that finding gifts for men who love to cook becomes easier. Try these perfect gift ideas for your favorite male cook for the next holiday, birthday, or special occasion. He’s guaranteed to use and appreciate these gifts.

A Cookbook

A cookbook provides men who love to cook with a treasure chest of ideas for their cooking projects and a learning tool to improve their craft. It doesn’t just jog ideas for his meal making; this gift provides detailed instructions and suggestions for variations.

Cookbooks delve into specialties and offer pro tips by seasoned chefs. The array of options remains endless with how diverse the food world is. You can easily find a recipe book that your favorite guy doesn’t yet own, whether he loves to barbeque brisket or sauté chicken.

DVD Collection

Speaking of his favorite chef, many renowned chefs host their own TV show or two. Whether your guy loves watching Rachel Ray, Bobby Flay, Gordon Ramsey, or Julia Child, you can buy their show on DVD or purchase the digital archive.

This lets your favorite chef watch his favorite chef for ideas, recipes, and culinary tool advice. Since he can return to it repeatedly for inspiration, this makes this one of the top cooking gifts for men. Maybe he’ll even make a specialty dish for you as a thank you!

BBQ Tools Kit

About those culinary tools—the man in your life could use some new ones. Try the
BroBasket Barbeque Party Gift Basket for one of the best cooking gifts available. It includes a long Scripto lighter, four BBQ utensils, cedar BBQ smoker planks, snacks, BBQ sauces, and more in a reusable wooden crate. You can customize it with additional cooking gear. You’ll benefit when he hosts his next backyard BBQ.

If you’ve got the budget, why not splurge on a new indoor barbecue grill for your guy? He’ll be over the moon when he sees your gift. Do some snooping around on his social media to see which grill he’s got his eye on. You could also ask his partner or a family member for help to find which grill to get him. They’ll only be too happy to help you. 

Meal Kit Subscription

With all this talk about new recipes, how about gifting him the ingredients to make the food himself? You can buy those nifty meal kit subscriptions for a perfect gift he’s sure to appreciate.

You prepay for the package, and the company sends your favorite guy the ingredients and recipes for three to eight meals. The number of meals depends on your chosen service, but a few suggestions include Dinnerly, Home Chef, Every Plate, and Marley Spoon. He might love to cook, but some ingredients might be tough to find at his local supermarket. This gift gets around that problem.

Does your guy like to grow his own vegetables? Seeds and growings kits are great additional options for an extra special gift. Maybe he’d like one of those mushroom kits that he can easily set up on his kitchen counter or a pot of his favorite herb for easy access to his favorite aromatic ingredient. Either way, find out what your buddy likes, and get it for him. There’s nothing like receiving a thoughtful gift to make your day so much better.

Custom Apron

Maybe he already owns all the tools, recipe books, and cooking DVDs you could imagine. He still needs something to wear while he cooks, so buy the man a custom apron—another one of the best gifts for men who like to cook. Some aprons come with more loops and pockets than painters’ pants, so you can help him organize his cooking gear with this gift.

If you’ve ever watched professional cooking shows in restaurants, you’ve probably seen a chef pull a rabbit out of his back pocket. Okay, it was a paring knife, but you know what we mean. Their apron lets them do this. Professional chef’s aprons have countless pockets to stash a pencil, pen, knives, tools, notes, and more.

Aprons come in different materials, such as cotton, linen, denim, hemp, and leather. Go for one that best fits his needs. For example, cotton is best for everyday use since it’s lightweight and breathable but durable. If you want something ultra durable, leather is the way to go. 

Spice Collection

Anyone serious about cooking or just learning to cook needs herbs and spices. Steer him away from the mass market spices in the local grocery. Instead, get him a collection of high-end, delectable herbs and spices. Try to find unique or unusual options he couldn’t easily obtain locally. This will mean more to him when he further develops as a cook, making this one of the cooking gifts for men he’ll use frequently.

Ingredients Collection

Along the same lines as the spices, try a collection of special ingredients. If your friend loves to bake, consider an array of rare chocolate bars for baking. These tasty morsels make ideal cooking gifts because they allow your guy to cook with high-quality, gourmet chocolates, typically unavailable in most areas. 

Try the Ghirardelli Chocolate Bar collection from BroBasket or the Godiva Variety Pack; you can add either or both to any basket, including a custom basket of your own choosing.

Coffee Collection

Every great cook caps off dinner with dessert and coffee, so shower him with gifts that help him do that. Help your friend or family member by giving him either of the custom coffee gift sets from BroBasket.

Choose a mini-collection of a deluxe selection or two coffee packs. Many baking recipes use coffee as an ingredient, so this gift will come in handy during meal preparations. Add the Copper Cow Portable Pour Over Coffee Kit so your favorite cook can make Vietnamese coffee anywhere.

Suppose you often travel outside the country. You could buy coffee beans or ground locally produced in your travel destination to give as gifts to your friends, including your guy who loves to cook and bake.

Bakeware or Cookware

Does your guy friend love to cook but own only a few cookware items? Provide him with a gift that keeps on giving every time he cooks or bakes. Some of today’s top chefs have created their own custom cookware, so you could purchase him a set of Bobby Flay’s or Gordon Ramsey’s cookware.

Every chef needs high-quality bakeware too. Even those who rarely bake need a baking round and baking sheet. You use the former to cook pizza and the latter for baking vegetables and meats. Try Pampered Chef for a wide selection of well-made bakeware, including pizza stones.

Want to take your gift-giving up a notch? Get your guy a portable pizza oven! There are plenty of options to choose from. Do some research to determine whether he’d like the gas-powered Ooni Koda, Cuisinart 3-in-1 Pizza Oven Plus, or another oven. 

Outdoor Grill

Regardless of where your favorite cook lives, he probably already has access to an indoor kitchen. Many recipes require cooking or grilling outdoors, like the all-time favorite grilled steak. Your friend could probably use an outdoor grill.

These devices range in complexity and style. They come in wide varieties, some using charcoal, others requiring a propane tank or natural gas line. Sizes vary, too. You might choose a tabletop grill for a gentleman residing in an apartment with a patio or balcony. For those with a big backyard, a stationary grill capable of cooking up to ten pounds of meat at one time makes a great gift. Also, consider a related item—a meat smoker. This device helps your friend who loves cooking infuse meats with a smoky flavor for that delicious, aromatic taste.

Expect to be invited to a barbecue party soon after giving him that awesome outdoor grill. You might want to bring along an Ultimate Beer Lover gift basket to share with the guys while you gobble up some drool-worthy barbecue.

Choosing the Right Gifts for Men Who Love to Cook

Someday, you’ll exhaust this list of gifts for men who love to cook and need new ideas. Visit your nearest gourmet food store. Most of these stores carry a mixture of groceries and tools. Regardless of how extensive the collection of your guy who loves to cook has grown, you can still nab a gift for him that he doesn’t already yet own. Other ideas may spawn from watching his favorite cooking show. Chefs love to show off their latest gadgets. TV can provide endless inspiration for the best cooking-related gifts for your guy.