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Human beings have a natural yearning for personalized gifts and experiences for two main reasons: they crave control, and they don’t wish to be overloaded with information – according to a University of Texas study. A gift that is curated for a friend allows him to feel in command, but also helps him avoid items and/or experiences he doesn’t want or need. If a special friend or male family member has a milestone birthday coming up and you don’t know what to get him, then you probably need to start by working out which ‘language’ he best understands.


The Languages that Pervade All Relationships

In his best-selling book The Five Love Languages, author Gary Chapman’s extensive research is revealed. He states something quite revolutionary: most people like expressing and experiencing love/friendship/care in one (or more) of five ‘languages’. They are: receiving gifts, quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service, and physical touch. There is no point in giving a mate a gift that is your dream, but their idea of blah. Match up what you get to their idea of heaven and you’ll be onto a winner.


The Gift of Time

After enjoying a glass of two of fine malt whiskey, how does heading to a concert by your bro’s favorite band, or attending a sports match sound? You are a busy man who has to juggle business, pleasure, and family, so it isn’t surprising that the special men in your life wish they could have more time with you. Go with one activity that defines your friend and take lots of pictures so you both remember this special day together. Think skydiving, horse riding, or mountain trekking – anything that will allow you to talk and bond. The key to the gift of time is that it has to involve quality. Whatever activity you pick, make it a point to be mindful. Give your heart and soul to the present moment, and to your friend. Few things are more insulting or painful than sitting across a friend or loved one whose hands are typing incessantly on their mobile phone. If time is your friend’s favorite love language, bear in mind that you will have to slot this ‘gift’ in regularly. Otherwise they could feel so neglected that they may decide to place more energy in other friendships. Best-selling author and psychologist, Harriet Lerner once said, “You’ve got to get up and leave the table when love’s no longer being served.” It may sound a little dramatic, but it makes sense. Relationships are sustained when both parties to it feel they are cared for and supported. Someone who needs time with a friend will stop pursuing the latter if it feels like they are begging for quality time non-stop. After all, your bro is a special guy. That means that many other friends will probably be lining up to take over your #BFF status. Ensure it doesn’t happen by giving time generously. Whatever you do, don’t complain about the time you are actually dedicating to your friend.


A Special Favor

If your friend would love to hit the gym but has to take his child to soccer practice, how about stepping in? If he dreams of visiting another state but is unable to drive, how about doing the honors? An ‘act of service’ essentially involves doing a favor that is meaningful to the recipient. Usually, it doesn’t take much brainstorming to work out a way to give your mate a helping hand. You need to be really proactive to shine at this love language. Sometimes, those who most need aid will also be the most reticent to ask. This is why even though your friend has not asked you for a favor, you need to always be one step ahead and to exercise a little empathy. Essentially, this means putting yourself in their shoes for a day. Do you know that they work long hours and often skip lunch? How does showing up with their favorite sandwich (homemade by their bro) sound? If your friend is constantly dealing with the public in their job and sometimes complains about not having enough ‘me time’, why not buy them a spa experience or book a session with a great masseuse, who will have their body and mind in tip-top condition in no time?


Words of Affirmation

More people like to hear they are appreciated than you may realize. If you haven’t told your bro you love him in a long time, why not do so over a fabulous birthday lunch? You may simply thank him for the many important things he has done for you, or for the good times you enjoy together. You don’t have to wax lyrical, just ‘do you’ and keep it short and sweet if you aren’t a loquacious guy. If you feel more comfortable writing rather than speaking about emotions, do so with a personal greeting. Turn your favorite photograph of the two of you together into a cute meme or birthday card, create and edit a video greeting, or make a slide show that reveals, in pictures, how much your friend means to you. The latter will work well if you decide to throw your friend a surprise birthday party, for instance.


Giving Affection

Men who have grown up with a lot of affection in their household normally don’t have trouble giving friends and family a hug to express what these people mean to them. However, others may feel embarrassed to share their feelings so spontaneously. You may be surprised to know that men actually love to cuddle more than women – according to researchers at The Kinsey Institute in Bloomington, Indiana. They found that men in long-term relationships need touch to feel fulfilled in these relationships but in generally, affection is important to them across the board. Touch helps soothe men when they are upset; it definitely isn’t limited to passionate or romantic encounters.

Time, acts of service, and gifts are three ways to express your affection for and appreciation of a special male friend or family member. However, don’t forget words of affirmation (just tell your friend how important he is to you) and affection (a bro hug will work wonders for affectionate guys). Many men have more than one ‘language of love’ so feel free to lavish affection in as many ways as you can think of. Nothing is too muchfor a best friend, dad, son, or brother.


Gifts that Say Something

BroBasket makes it easy to give a personalized gift to the different men in your life: your father, dad, brothers, sons, etc. You can also shop by brand, category, and occasion, to get as specific as you need to. For instance, if your dad is a fan of excellent whiskey, and he loves the finer things in life, then The Ultimate Whiskey Sampler, which includes 10 different bottles (including an exquisite MaCallan Double Cask 12 Year and a Johnnie Walker Black Label) will hit the spot. A friend who loves nothing more than nesting in his man sports den, meanwhile, will love The Man Cave Gift Basket – with everything from two bags of Popcornopolis to a bottle of Maker’s Mark bourbon and a greeting card. From engraved gifts to quick gifts, there will undoubtedly be the perfect match for the discerning aesthete in your life. If art is more your friend’s scene, a beautiful painting or photograph will hit the spot. As noted by CanvasPop, photos printed on cloth or canvas add an extra elegant touch to a winning photograph. If you go for this route, make sure the subject of the artwork means something to them.


We hope you enjoyed our post, let us know your thoughts and/or any good ideas you have for personalized gifts for friends. 


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