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Thanksgiving Gift Ideas – Don’t Show Up to Thanksgiving Dinner Empty Handed

If you’re not the host for Thanksgiving this year, you may have breathed a sigh of relief, but keep in mind you’ve still got some responsibilities. It’s possible you’ll be asked to bring a pie or another item on the dinner menu, but you should also consider some Thanksgiving gifts for the willing host. After all, he or she just made your life a whole lot easier. Why not show some thanks? The following are some Thanksgiving gift ideas so you don’t show up to dinner empty handed this year.

A Seasonal Candle

Everyone loves a nice candle, and when it’s seasonal, it’s a little more special every time it gets pulled out. Some popular scents for the Thanksgiving season include apple, cinnamon, pumpkin spice, harvest, baking, maple sugar, cranberry, sweet potato, cider or a combination of some mentioned. If your host is a couple or a woman, buying a cute candle won’t hurt. If your host is a single dude, he probably won’t care much, so just get what you think smells the nicest.

A New Dish

As you may already know from personal experience, hosting Thanksgiving dinner can be stressful. Do you have everything on the menu? How are decorations coming along? Do you have enough serving dishes? Put your host’s mind at ease with the gift of a new dish. This could be a serving dish set, either plain and simple, or decorated with harvest foliage. It could also be a decorative pie dish, casserole dish or both! If you think your host could use it before you get there to eat, consider gifting it ahead of time.

Personalized Tags

Thanksgiving gift ideas such as personalized tags can go a long way. Get creative with the tags to ensure your host has a variety of ways to use them. For example, they could be reusable nametags to use while setting the table. They could be “thank you” tags for your host to hand out to other guests, thanking them for enjoying the holiday at the host’s home. The tags could be for labeling dishes, used in decorating the table or labeling party favors for each guest to take home. The key to making tags the perfect gift is personalization, otherwise it’s just a festive piece of paper.

A Booze Basket

Everyone loves a good can of booze, and with The Ultimate Beer Lover Gift for Men, there are 12 awesome craft beers to choose from. You can personalize these Thanksgiving gift baskets by asking for them to include specific beers you know your host will enjoy, or you can risk it so both you and your host are surprised at what’s included. Who knows? Your host might discover a whole new beer he or she didn’t know about. This particular booze basket also comes with gourmet popcorn, two koozies, a bottle opener and a 16 oz. pint glass.

A Personalized Cutting Board and/or Rolling Pin

You may have noticed by now, a lot of the best Thanksgiving gift ideas have to do with food, and for good reason. Thanksgiving is all about the food, right? If your host makes a great pie with an awesome crust, a personalized cutting board and/or rolling pin could be the perfect gift. Some individuals may not actually use their personalized items, but would rather use them as décor in their kitchens. If that’s the case, it wouldn’t matter if your host is a great baker or not!

The cutting board and/or rolling pin could include a popular catch phrase of the day, could include something that’s an inside joke between the two of you or could include the event and date, such as “Thanksgiving Feast, 2019.” There are dozens of ways to personalize items such as these, so get creative and have some fun with it.

A Harvest Bouquet and New Vase

Many flowers available at this time of year that are often included in harvest bouquets will last a long time when properly fed and watered. Consider taking your host a harvest bouquet that includes all the bold colors of the season. You could just take the bouquet, or you could include a new vase for your friend. Keep in mind your host’s style. If it’s pretty eclectic, a colorful vase with images of flowers or fall leaves might be perfect. If your host has a more elegant style, you might consider a crystal vase.

A Cool-Your-Nerves Basket

Especially if your host is nervous about making the day perfect, some Thanksgiving gift basket ideas to cool the nerves could include:

  • The California Wine and Coffee Gift Basket – Complete with everything someone needs to calm down: wine, coffee and chocolate.
  • The Irish Coffee BroBox – When your host pairs everything in this gift box, the perfect Irish Coffee is created. It might not be St. Paddy’s day, but Thanksgiving is just as good an excuse for this delightful drink.
  • A Gin and Tonic Dream – Your host will love all the chocolate, popcorn and other extras that come with five different gins. It’s perfect for your host to sneak away during a bustling meal to treat him or herself.

A Cheese Plate

A little appetizer at Thanksgiving is never a bad thing, and you can help your host by gifting him or her a cheese plate. You should give the actual plate, as well as a variety of meats and cheeses the guests will enjoy trying out. You can include both soft and hard cheese, as well as pastrami, sausage and other meaty appetizers. If your host isn’t interested in your bringing the appetizer, it could still be a nice gift to keep in the refrigerator for a later time.

A Cheese Knife Set

No cheese plate is complete without a cheese knife set. Whether your host already has a nice plate and just needs the knife set, or you just think it’s a good idea to include with a plate, nothing says, “Let’s eat!” more than something to help you dig in. Consider ordering a set of cheese knives that have festive, harvest handles, or consider having the knives stamped with the date, some special phrasing or the names of each Thanksgiving dinner guest.

A Sitting-Around-After-Dinner Basket

When Thanksgiving dinner is over, what could be better than sitting around and relaxing with those you love? With a gift basket such as The Ultimate Jameson Gift Set, your host will have something impressive to offer guests for an after-dinner visit. The set includes Jameson Select Reserve, Jameson Caskmates and Jameson Original, all of which any Irish Whiskey lover will enjoy.

Cocktail Glasses

Your host might plan to serve cocktails at some time during the evening, or you just might like the idea for a gift. In any case, there are various types of cocktail glasses for various types of people. Champagne tulip glasses are an elegant choice if that’s your host’s style, but a high ball could also be an elegant option. The old fashioned glass or the traditional cocktail glass could be some nice generic options if you’re just not sure.

A Cookbook

If your host is feeling especially stressed at the thought of hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year, a cookbook beforehand might be your best gift idea. You don’t have to gift the item at the actual dinner, and your host may feel more grateful you thought ahead with something that will actually be helpful in making the event more successful.

Heirloom Anything

Heirloom items are so special. Especially around the holidays, you want to make your loved ones know you care. If you have a special item that you think would help your host pull off the perfect Thanksgiving dinner, gifting that heirloom item might be just what he or she needs. Your host can also use the item for years and years to come, always including past memories with current memories being made.

Think about the options you have and what would be best as Thanksgiving gift ideas. Is there a particular spoon rest your grandmother would use every time the family got together for dinner? Is there a harvest towel or placemats that have been handed down for generations? Did you get your hands on some trinkets or decorations that could be placed on the table, either as décor or conversation pieces? Sometimes pulling heirlooms into a Thanksgiving dinner is a great way to pull memories from the past, giving your host that added strength he or she needs to get through the evening.

A Treat to Keep Hidden

Your host doesn’t have to share the gift you take him or her with the entire party. If you know of a treat he or she really likes to indulge in, make or buy it for your host and sneakily hand it over. Your host can keep it in the pantry, in the bedroom or anywhere else it can be tucked away for later.

What Are You Waiting For?

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and with the right Thanksgiving gifts, you could be the favorite guest at dinner this year. If one of these Thanksgiving gift ideas has you excited about giving, don’t wait to get your hands on it!

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