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Tips To Find Stylish and Unique Men’s Wedding Bands

A wedding is always an exciting time in anyone’s lives. If it makes the bride have her jitters to want every single detail to be perfect, the same also holds for the groom. With this momentous occasion only happening once in your life (for most), you don’t want to miss out on the best styles to make it the best wedding ever.

But the wedding doesn’t only last a day. There are important aspects of a wedding that makes it last a lifetime. For intangible things, it’s the marriage and the companionship itself. You have to work hard to make it last. On the other hand, for tangible things, it’s the jewelry that you’re going to wear for a lifetime, your wedding rings.

If you think that it’s only the bride who gets crazy about picking wedding bands, you’re wrong. Men also want to have the best. After all, this is something that his going to wear every day. You wouldn’t want to be stuck wearing a piece of jewelry that you don’t look stylish on, or that doesn’t suit your personality. 

That said, it’s imperative that you put a lot of thought process in the selection of your wedding band. For men, here are some of the tips to help you pick the most stylish wedding bands:

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1. Think About The Size Of Your Ring

When choosing a man’s wedding band, one of the very first starting points for you to consider is the width of the ring. Men have different preferences, others like to have wide rings, while others prefer narrow ones. So, consider what width are you comfortable using? 

This choice is also highly dependent on the kind of work that you do. If you’re working with your hands a lot, then it’s best for you to choose narrow rings. If your work allows you the freedom to have jewelry on your hands, then you can be more playful by having wider rings.

A pro-tip for you to remember is to choose a design that goes best with the width that you prefer. Don’t try to switch it up by forcing designs that look better on wider rings, on a narrow ring. Else, it will only look like a big mess.


2. Think About Your Sense Of Style

Men are different. They have their unique sense of style that sets them apart from other men. Some are more adventurous than others, other men are more reserved, and there are those who like to town down their daily outfits a little bit more. 

As you are choosing styles for your rings, it is also essential for you to think about your sense of style. Don’t force yourself to wear a style that will never match your daily outfit or your personality.

For instance:

  • If you’re the rocker type, you can go for black titanium wedding bands
  • If you’re more of the casual type, you can choose plain wedding bands that are timeless and classic
  • If you’re a stylish one, then you can go for more unique options for men, such as diamond-encrusted rings

Your wedding band should be made to match what you usually wear so that it wouldn’t look out of place with your persona.


3. Think Of Your Bride’s Wedding Band

One of the most straightforward techniques for you to follow when you’re choosing a wedding ring is for you to match it with your bride’s. By doing this, you’re certainly going to end up with a unique and stylish wedding ring. Women are more up-to-date with jewelry trends, and they’ll most likely want the latest and most fashionable designs for their own, too. 

When you meet with your jeweler, you can take the liberty to ask about this and let them design a wedding band that goes well with your bride’s ring. Jewelry designers are also gifted with this skill, hence their expertise is something that you should take advantage of.


4. Think Of Any Special Element You Want In Your Band

When couples meet with a jewelry designer for their custom wedding bands, sometimes, there’s an extraordinary element that they would like to be incorporated in their wedding ring. Else, most couples will opt to buy ready-made ones that fit their desires and their budget. To have a wedding ring that’s unique to you and your bride only, you can incorporate something special or sentimental in your band.

For example, do you have a family heirloom piece with a diamond that you can put in your bands? Have your parents gifted you with a ring or piece of jewelry for your wedding? Have you received a piece of jewelry from your parents or grandparents, long after they have passed?

These are sentimental pieces that you can incorporate in your wedding bands. After all, your wedding is also one of the most important and special occasions of your life. When you do this, you aren’t only giving yourself a unique and special ring. You’re also making these family members who aren’t around anymore, a part of the most special day of your life.

Here’s a bonus tip: if you’re a bride reading this, you can surprise your soon-to-be-husband with a very special gift! Have a wedding band made for him, with something that’s from his mother, an item from a special time in his life, or of someone so dear to him in his family (other than yourself).


5. Think About The Type Of Band That You Prefer

To make the selection process more comfortable for you, opt to choose the type of band that you prefer. Then, from here, you can work on all the other factors that you would like to consider and have in your wedding ring. 

As fashion evolved, the jewelry industry is not left behind. It has also improved, such that it is making way for improvements in the style department, too. But, despite these style changes, the types of wedding bands have remained constant:

  • Classic wedding rings, which is also known as the traditional ring; no fuss, no designs, no carvings nor stones.
  • Carved wedding rings, which has a beveled design and etched edges.
  • Diamond wedding rings, which is an upgrade of the traditional ring; you embed diamonds and other stones.
  • Alternative wedding rings, which are made from non-traditional metals like titanium.
  • Silicone wedding rings, which are made from medical-grade silicone


6. Think About Your Budget

This last section is one of the most important considerations for you to have in mind when choosing wedding bands for men (and even for women). 

With the numerous styles and options available in the market today, sometimes, it can be hard for you to decide as to which rings you prefer. You might be spending days and weeks choosing rings, and still, end up confused. 

To narrow down your options, have in mind your budget as well. Don’t be dismayed if you have to work with a cheaper budget, as there’s always a ring for every need, style, and budget. There’s no reason for you to go into debt, simply for you to afford the most stylish and unique ring in the market. 

Wedding bands have different price points, wherein buying cheaper rings doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to sacrifice on the style department.



With so much focus on the bride’s preparation and whims for the big day, sometimes, it can be the unfortunate case that a man’s needs and desires are neglected. Men want their wedding and marriage to be perfect, too. 

As most men don’t like to wear any other piece of jewelry apart from their watch, it’s also important to ask for their needs and specifications as to what designs they want best for their bands. If you’re going to make them wear it for the rest of their lives, men have to feel stylish wearing it, without losing their masculinity, too.

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