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The Ultimate Guide to Throwing the Best Bachelor Party Ever

So your buddy’s getting married… you know what that means…. you have to throw him a bachelor party!  But throwing the best bachelor party ever can be tough, you really want to crush it and only get one chance.  Don’t worry, we put together this awesome guide on throwing a great bachelor party


Throwing the Best Bachelor Party

For a lot of guys, the bachelor party is the single best part of getting married (except, of course, for getting to spend the rest of your life with the person you love).

Truth is, most guys don’t get all that excited about picking out venues, hiring photographers, and planning weddings. But most do get pretty stoked about the thought of celebrating their “last night of freedom.”

Of course that concept is old and outdated – getting married certainly doesn’t mean that your party days are over. In fact, if you’re marrying someone who’s into the same things as you (and for your sake we hope that’s the case) then it just means you always have someone to go out and do fun things with.

But before you and your beloved sail off into the sunset, you’ve got to have that one night out with your buddies. Hell, it’s tradition!

Bachelor parties have come a long way over the past few years. Sure, there are plenty of guys who gather up their friends and head to the local dive bar or seedy strip club. And if that’s what you want to do then go for it. But just know that a lot of other guys out there are really stepping it up.

Are you getting married and need to give your buddies some ideas for the bachelor party you want? Are you planning a party for your brother or your best bud? Keep reading for everything you need to know about how to throw the best bachelor party ever.


The Best Bachelor Party Destinations

Location, location, location. If you’re trying to plan a kick *** bachelor party, location is everything. The bachelor party in Vegas is at the top of almost every guy’s list – and there’s no question that an all-out bash in sin city is a great time.

Vegas Baby…

Vegas is home to the most amazing hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs, and yes – strip clubs. The hotel pools and pool bars are as hopping during the day as the regular bars and clubs are at night. And there’s no better way to start the day or end the night than with some good old fashioned blackjack or craps.  

But for some, the Las Vegas bachelor might seem a bit cliché. Don’t worry – there are lots of other really cool places you can go that are a little bit more unexpected but definitely just as fun. Vegas is still one of the best bachelor party destinations, but if you want something a bit less conventional, we’ve got some other ideas of great places that are worth checking out.


Bayou Bash…

What’s the one city that encourages as much (if not more) bad behavior than Vegas? New Orleans.

It’s almost impossible to spend a weekend in N’Awlins and not have a good time. If you don’t enjoy it, you’re doing something wrong. An awesome dinner in the French Quarter, a pub crawl down Bourbon street, and a balcony view with lots of ladies flashing below…it’s the quintessential bachelor party locale.  

A New Orleans bachelor party is perfect if you live down South or live on the East Coast – it’s a much quicker flight than the flight to Vegas, which means more time partying and less time in the airport.


City Meets Country…

Fans of live music? A Nashville bachelor party is a cool way to spend two or three days, especially if your buddies are into drinking whiskey and checking out the music scene. You can take a whiskey tour, hop from bar to bar downtown, see a bunch of cool bands, and hit up a strip club if you want to do the traditional thing.

Bonus: the food in Nashville is pretty amazing too! Do not leave without trying some hot chicken.  


Oui Fancy…

Want your bachelor party to have more a European feel? A bachelor party in Montreal means your choice of incredible hotels, amazing restaurants, and lots and lots of bars to choose from.

But it’s also an ideal place if you don’t want to spend your entire weekend drinking. Gather your buddies for a craft beer tour of different breweries, a white water rafting trip, or some indoor sky diving. Montreal is a beautiful city and yes, they have some amazing strip clubs there too.


The Best Bachelor Party Drinks

Draaaanks – and lots of them – are a key ingredient to any successful bachelor party. But if you’re spending an entire weekend out of town, having every drink out at a bar can take a toll on your wallet.

Save yourself a few bucks and keep the party going all day and all night long by stocking the essentials in your hotel room. Grab a few of bottles of whiskey or scotch or tequila or whatever the hell it is you like.

Get a few cases of beer and some big bags of ice to keep it all cold. Just don’t forget the cups, the shot gl***es, and the cooler – the point of stocking your hotel room with booze is to have everything you need at your disposal at all times.

With booze on hand you can pre-game while you’re getting ready. You can wake up in the morning and crack an ice cold breakfast beer. Or you can top off the night with one last shot or one last toast. Let’s be honest – without the drinks, your bachelor party is going to suck.

Just make sure that you stock up on whatever the groom-to-be prefers. Not matter how many guys you recruit for the party, remember that the celebration is for him.  


The Extras

If you really want to plan the best bachelor party of all time, don’t leave any stone unturned. There are a few little extras that are essential.


Bachelor Party Games

It’s always a good idea to have a few bachelor party games on hand. Card games and poker games are usually in the mix. Drinking games never disappoint. And even a board game can be fun – especially one like Beeropoly, which is full of funny beer challenges.

If you’re heading to Vegas, this is one extra you can probably skip. After all, you’ll have all the games you could ever want to play at your disposal on the casino floor.


Bachelor Party Shirts

Bachelor and bachelorette parties often center around one thing – embarr***ing the groom or bride-to-be. So do not miss the opportunity to fully humiliate him with a few funny bachelor party shirts.

There are tons of bachelor party tee shirts out there. You can bring one for every member of the group or bring a few just for the groom so he can wear a different one each day.

Zazzle has some good ones – including ones with the traditional “checklist” of dirty things he needs to do. If you’re big fans of the Hangover (and who isn’t), you can get the groom a “wolf” tee shirt and the groomsmen “wolf pack tees.”

Just don’t make him wear it out at night unless he wants to. Sometimes the goofy tees are better left for brunch, day drinking, and kicking back during the afternoon.


Bachelor Party Gifts

If your momma raised you right then you know it’s good etiquette to celebrate the guest of honor with a gift. Now you’re probably thinking “the weekend away is the gift!” And it is. But something small, like a flask or a basket of his favorite booze, is always a good idea

It’s easy to break the bank with a great weekend trip, so keep it small but make it thoughtful. And think of it this way – it will be something he can show his fiancée when he gets home from the trip. (Because you know it’s not going to go over well if all he has to show her are all those drunken pictures from the weekend).


Bachelor party favors

Again, if you were raised to have any manners whatsoever then you know how important it is give a party favor. It doesn’t have to be anything big, but it should be something that commemorates the occasion that the guys can use again and again.


Shot gl***es, beer koozies, flasks, personalized golf balls – those are all great little gifts that can be used over and over again. Order them ahead of time so you don’t forget and make sure you have one for every single guy that’s attending the bash.


If you’re going out to town, you might want to wait until you get there to pick up the favors. Local souvenirs, beer mugs from a certain brewery, or tee shirts from a favorite local bar make great bachelor party favors. Just make sure you don’t get so drunk that you forget to buy them before the weekend is over.

You’ve Got Some Ideas Now… So Get to Planning!

So pick a place. Get lots of drinks. Plan an event or two so that the entire weekend doesn’t revolve around eating and drinking (though it probably still will). And, sure, what the hell, if you can’t resist the temptation, hit up a strip club. This might not be his last night of freedom, but it may be the last time his woman is cool with THAT.  


Remember, this might be your buddy’s last big night out as a single man. Make it memorable, pick up the little extras, and plan ahead. Just remember, whatever you plan, make sure it’s his style. Make sure it’s what HE wants to do. There’s nothing worse than being the man of the hour and having to sit back and watch your friends have more fun than you.  


We hope you enjoyed our guide here, let us know your thoughts and any great ideas you have for the ultimate bachelor party in the comments below.



THe Guys @ TheBroBasket


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