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We are proud to announce…

The guys over here at The BroBasket are proud to announce that we are the exclusive online retailer for Channel Islands Distillery; located right here in Ventura, CA.  They are the makers of some damn fine craft spirits, and we hope that people like you will get to try them, now that we can offer them to folks living outside of Ventura County.

Check out what they have to offer here:

Its kind of an interesting story how the partnership with Channel Islands Distillery came about.  I like to frequent a cool local Tiki themed bar called Ventiki; located right in the heart of downtown Ventura on Main St. Mike, one of the owners of CI Distillery (and a really cool guy), also likes to frequent there. One night we got to talking randomly, as a lot of people do after a few Mai Tais (Some of the best you’ve ever had).  Ventiki happens to be one of the few bars in Ventura that carry their full line of spirits FYI, and have a Channel Islands Mai Tai dedicated to their tasty booze.

Anyways, Mike thought our ‘gift baskets for guys’ idea was cool and since I happened to be a fan of their products, we decided to see how we could work together.  They had been having some trouble selling their spirits outside of the area because they are a manufacturer and can only sell wholesale, they can’t sell retail to end consumers like yourself.  They would go to these Tiki shows, have people taste their stuff, people liked it, but couldn’t buy it on the spot (damn laws!). They also couldn’t find it where they lived. Thats where we came in!!

Now, if you like CI Distillery products and don’t live close to the select few Ventura area retailers that carry their products we can take care of your CI needs!

So feel free to browse their selection and pick out whatever you like, as much as you like, we won’t judge!


James – BroBasket Jack of all Trades