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5 Ways to make Whiskey and food a right combination while day tripping

Whiskey is the type of drink that you enjoy by the sip. Better yet, you can enjoy it with food if you want to experience an incredible taste and a blend of flavors. But where do you start? Food and whiskey pairing is not that hard. Neither is it easy. For you to make it perfect, there is a thing or two about the drink that you need to know. In most cases, achieving the right pairing requires you to master different techniques for you to come up with a balance of flavors.  This piece is going to show some of the best ways to make a good combination of Whiskey and food during your day trips.

But first, you have to remember that any food and drink pairing aims at one single achievement, harmony. Once the food and whiskey match, you are going to enjoy every single bite and sip without worries. The two have to balance one another to attain a harmonious feeling. The spices and flavors have to blend perfectly. Don’t force any pair; make them feel like they belong together. The whole technique narrows down to the individual tastes of the Whiskey and the food. The best way to pair Whiskey and food excellently is to:

Combine light and sweet whiskeys with lighter seafood

For you to come up with a harmonious pairing, you have to think like a pro. Don’t mind about the variety of Whiskey but rather the feel and the distinct characteristics of the drink. For lighter seafood like smoked salmon, you require Whiskey with a lighter feel. It is the only way to end up with a nice pairing. Light Whiskey can also go along with shallot dressing and a palette of briny oysters. The combination works perfectly and ensures that the Whiskey doesn’t overpower the food. 

You can also pair light sweet whiskeys like Seagram 7 with foods such as Bread and butter pudding, Parsnip Soup, and Sushi. The sweetness of the Whiskey is going to blend well with the light spices and gush out brilliant flavors making your meal incredibly exciting. If you are a big fan of cheese, then you are going to find it much more enjoyable with light Whiskey. It is always a perfect match that combines well and transforms the whole dining experience. All you have to do is ensure that you avoid spicy foods since they are going to overpower the Whiskey.

Pair medium-bodied whiskey with meaty foods that are a bit salty

Another way of pairing Whiskey with food is by washing down meaty foods with medium-bodied Whiskey like 15 years old malt. It goes well with the roast meat, smoked duck, seared scallops, and roast pheasant. The Whiskey is going to balance the salty beef and achieve a harmonious finish that is going to make you enjoy every bite and sip. The whole combination is flawless, and the resultant feeling is fantastic. You can also come up with a pair that comprises medium-bodied Whiskey with lamb, grass-fed beef, roast pork, and many other types of gamy proteins. 

For those who can’t go without vegetables, you are going to find this combination to be excellent. Root vegetables, in particular, go well with whiskeys that have medium intensity. The balance is natural, and the feel is exemplary. It is the type of combination that ensures you have an easy time enjoying your meal. You can also make a pairing that involves Whiskey with a fruity taste and earthy mushrooms. Those two are an excellent match that provides complete luxury, which is going to see you breeze through the food and drink.

Pair fatty foods with acidic whiskeys

One of the things that all whiskey lovers know is that sometimes, the Whiskey can deliver a burning sensation that is not pleasing at all. It is this feeling that leaves you having a hard time enjoying your meal and the event as well. One thing that you should know is that salty foods are not going to solve the problem, and neither are meaty foods. You need something that is going to create a perfect coat in your mouth to prevent the Whiskey from becoming too intense. And what better way to achieve this than to pair such a whiskey with fatty foods?  

The other thing why pairing fatty foods always work with Whiskey that has high acidity is because of how the two react with each other. What happens is that acidic Whiskey cut through the fatty dishes with ease, making both the Whiskey and the meal bearable. Other combinations may overwhelm each other, but these two form a perfect complement that is going to see you have a splendid time enjoying the dining experience. Some of the best meals to achieve these include dark meat, lamb, chicken skin, and high-fat dairy foods.

Use full-bodied whiskeys to reduce the robust and hearty flavors

Pairing robust flavors like Sticky toffee pudding, Dark chocolate brownies, mature cheddar, and Rich fruit cakes requires a bit of creativity. Any wrong pairing can end up causing unpleasant taste or lead to an overwhelming savory flavor of the Whiskey that is going to see you have a horrible dining experience. That is why you need whiskeys that are not light nor medium. The food can easily overpower those two whiskeys. The only way to establish equilibrium and harmony is to use full-bodied whiskeys like the Macallan.

Such a whiskey guarantees not only a pleasant taste but also a great feel that is going to tone down the robust flavors. It is one of the toughest Whiskey and food combination that is usually hard to achieve. But the thing that can guide you in delivering a perfect pairing is one idea. The best whiskey and food moment only occur if you match similar flavors. What happens is that you get a draw of the taste, and the result is a perfect pair. You also get to have an easy time consuming the bold Whiskey and withstanding the robust flavors.

Avoid spicy foods as much as possible

One of the hardest meals to pair is spicy foods. Any slight mistake can make the flavors clash and leave you having a tough time. That, however, doesn’t mean that you cannot find a nice pairing for them. It is just that the process requires absolute keenness. You need to take your time coming up with a perfect combination that is going to ensure a seamless balance. The best way to handle spicy meals is by coming up with a bottle of sweet Whiskey. It is one of the few times that contrast plays well in Whiskey and food combinations.

If you pair spicy food with a robust or acidic whiskey that has savory taste, the next thing you are going to experience is a fiery feel once the two flavors meet. The Whiskey should thus be able to accommodate the meal, and the two have to build up an enjoyable feeling that is going to tone down the spices and produce incredible results. Not unless you are sure you can pull this off, you should stay away from spicy foods anytime you want to make Whiskey with food pairing. You are, however, going to improve with time, and the more you come up with, the pairings the more you are going to be conversant in the arena.

Pairing whiskey with food is as tricky as pairing wine with food. The process is, however, manageable if you follow the right steps. Some rules can help you achieve harmonious pairings. Make sure that you follow those rules to the latter. In most cases, you are going to use the complementary technique, but once in a while, contrasting is the only way to achieve great results. The flavors of the Whiskey and that of the food should balance for you to have a fantastic dining experience.


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