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The Belle Meade Bourbon Collection


Expand His Bourbon Vocabulary


The Contents

1 – BroBasket 11oz Tumbler
1 – Sphere Ice Mold

The Bourbon

1 –Belle Meade Madiera Bourbon (375ml)
1 –Belle Meade XO Bourbon (375ml)
1 –Belle Meade Sherry Bourbon (375ml)

The Freebies

1 – Greeting Card with your special message on it


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Your Favorite New Bourbon is Here

Woodford, Makers Mark, and Knob Creek might be the most well-known bourbons out there, but for the serious bourbon fan, there’s one more he’ll want to add to his repertoire: Belle Meade. The Belle Meade Bourbon Collection is a sampling of three of the incredible varieties that Belle Meade has to offer: Madiera Bourbon, XO Bourbon, and Sherry Bourbon. They all taste different because they’re aged in different types of casks, and it’s all done at Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery in the Music City (aka Nashville). These bourbons are as homegrown as country music and blue jeans – and that makes this the perfect bourbon gift for the guy looking to sample some new flavors, broaden his bourbon knowledge, and stay true to his roots.


A Bourbon Gift to Impress

This impressive bourbon collection includes three 375ml bottles of delicious Belle Meade – but it doesn’t end there. We’ve included a BroBasket tumbler so he can has a clean glass to sample it in the second he opens this gift. And we’ve tossed in a spherical ice mold. Forget about bourbon on the rocks – now he can have bourbon on a rock. Pour some water into the sphere mold and it hardens up into a giant ice ball, perfect for chilling that bourbon to the right temp without watering it down, like those pesky little ice cubes do.


A History We Can All Appreciate

What makes Belle Meade stand out from all the other bourbons on the block? This whiskey has a pretty cool story behind it. It’s been around since the late 1800’s, but the distillery and the whiskey itself were lost during those unimaginable years of Prohibition. In 2006, Nelson’s great-great-great grandsons resurrected both the distillery and the whiskey that made their ancestor a household name. Today, the whiskey is made from the original 19th century recipes and crafted in small batches, making it a true American treat.



Can I choose a delivery date?

Yes, just pick your preferred delivery date at checkout so it gets there on their special day. Don’t worry, our magical smart calendar will charge you for the appropriate shipping option to get it there on time.

How fast can my order get there?

Orders received before 3pm PST (6pm EST) can be shipped same day meaning tomorrow is the quickest we can get them a BroBasket.

Call or Email us for special delivery requests, dates, and times: (844)446-2443 | [email protected]

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*It is always best to ship to a workplace or office where someone will be available to sign. If you must ship to a residential address, it is recommended that you notify someone of the arrival date so that they will be available to sign.

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What Makes a BroBasket better then other gift baskets?

Well its simple, what you see is what you get! Other gift basket companies sell you generic overpriced crap in a cheap wicker basket. All of our gift baskets however, feature name brand products in reusable crates, tubs, buckets or tins. Additionally, we pride ourselves on the fact our gifts show up to their door looking just like they do on our website (sometimes better)!

Do Men really like your gifts as much as you say they do?

Of course! We took over a year researching our products and asking tons of guys what they liked and what they didn’t. We wanted to put together the best ‘gifts for men’ that men have ever seen; because let’s face it, guys are tired of boring gifts! We’ve had reports of our BroBaskets bringing guys to tears and even stopping marital arguments the second the BroBasket arrived (Both true btw!)

Can you get my BroBasket there in time?

You can find all that info on that “Shipping Info” tab you see to the left of this one. We strive to make the recipient’s day, so if you don’t see a shipping option that fits your need, call or email us! (844)446-2443 | [email protected]

What is your return policy?

We want to make their day just as much as you do, that means that if their BroBasket shows up damaged, we will gladly refund you based on the amount of damage or send you replacement items free of charge. In some cases, up to your total purchase. If it is really jacked up we will even send them a brand new BroBasket free of charge, we want them to be nothing less than stoked to receive a BroBasket.

Can I send a BroBasket to a woman?

OFCOURSE!! Just because we originally started this business to make great ‘guy gifts’ doesn’t mean women can’t enjoy them too! You’d be surprised how many BroBaskets we ship to women (over 1/3). One guy even bought it for his girlfriend and said “Flowers are nice and all, but I know what you REALLY want!”

Can you leave the gift on the doorstep if no one is at home?

We most certainly CANNOT. Unless of course it’s one of our Boozeless BroBaskets. . 🙂

Belle Meade Madeira Bourbon

Caramel, dark chocolate, cherries, and mint all come through in the scent and flavor of Belle Meade Madeira Bourbon. At the Green Brier Distillery in Tennessee, this bourbon is aged in oak casks that had been used to age Madeira, giving it a unique flavor profile and taste. This bourbon feels authentically American – as any good bourbon should.


Belle Meade XO Bourbon

Distilled and aged in cognac casks, Belle Meade XO Bourbon has a distinctive taste with lots of spice. Smooth with a long finish, you’ll taste and smell everything from allspice and cinnamon to honeysuckle and caramel – plus, the high-alcohol scent makes it hard to resist.


Belle Meade Sherry Bourbon

Finished in sherry casks, Belle Meade Sherry Bourbon combines old and new whiskey techniques to create one unique taste. This small batch bourbon is smooth and complex, and it won the coveted prize of Double Gold Medal and Best Special Barrel Finish Bourbon at the 2015 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

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Shipping Information

After you place your order we take it very seriously here at The BroBasket.  We print your order out, put it on a satin pillow, and hand deliver it to our drunken elf's in the warehouse.  There they build it by hand with care (and a dash of love), we make sure to print and place your special message on your gift before we pack it with the foam insulator 3000 so it arrives looking perfect the way we built it with minimal mess.     

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