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Shipping, Returns & All that Fun Stuff You Want to Know

Shipping Info

Shipping FAQ’s

Does someone need to sign for the delivery?

YES!  Most of our gift baskets contain beer, wine, and or spirits so someone over the age of 21 needs to be there to sign for the package, if it does not contain alcohol then it does not.  UPS/FedEx/or GSO will make up to three consecutive attempts to deliver the package.  If they are unsuccessful they will hold it at the nearest facility, in some cases they can hold it at a nearby drug store like Walgreen’s.  We highly recommend you ship their BroBasket to a place they will be during the day, offices work best, don’t worry, our BroBaskets are packed in brown discrete boxes so no one there will know its full of tasty booze.  Of course if it is returned to us, we will gladly either refund your order (minus any associated shipping costs there & back) OR we can reship the BroBasket however additional shipping costs will be charged.

How quickly can my BroBasket get there?

Tomorrow – That is the easy answer, the more complicated one is “It depends on how much you want to spend”.  Everything is shipped from our California facility so the closer you are to us the cheaper it is to get to you.  So order in advance and we will make sure it gets there the day you want it there.  All of our gifts ship the same day just as long as you order before 3pm Pacific, 6pm Eastern, Monday through Friday.  If its just after 3pm give us a call and most of the time we can still get your gift out in time, because we are such nice guys. We cannot be held accountable for delivery issues caused by FedEx / UPS / GSO or if someone wasn’t there to sign for it.  Sadly we do not delver the same day outside of Ventura County.

Are delivery times guaranteed? 

YES – We spent countless hours (and a good amount of money) crafting a custom date picking solution that ensures that your BroBasket will get to them on the day you want it there.  Just select a date at checkout and it will charge you for the appropriate shipping option (Overnight, 2 day, 3 day, ground) to get it there the day you need it to.  Make sure you look at the price associated with the date you picked because it can get pricey if you want it there tomorrow (especially if its a Saturday) and you are on the East Coast.  If you do not care when their BroBasket arrives, do not select a date and we will send it out via regular ground.  If we miss the delivery date you selected we will gladly refund your shipping no matter who’s fault it was.

Where’s my tracking info?

It will be emailed to you – If you haven’t gotten your tracking info yet, its most likely because you gift has not gone out yet.  To ensure we get their gift to them on the day you want them to receive it we may hold on to it until the perfect time to send out.  Once it goes out you are automatically sent your tracking info.  If you have not gotten any emails what so ever, then you either gave us a bad email address (we all fudge them keys from time to time) or its ending up in your spam / being blocked by your email provider.  Please reach out to use via email or a phone call and we can send you your order info ASAP.  You can always look up the status of your order here.

What if the gift is going to a Hotel / Hospital?

Including a Room Number is best – We ship to hotels and hospitals a lot, because what bachelor party, road to recovery, or lonely traveling bday is complete without a BroBasket to make their day?  Now it is not absolutely necessary, but if you want to ensure that they get their gift on time with out much fuss it is best to have their room number so the Hotel or Hospital can route it there as soon as they receive it.

Is my name, price, invoice, etc.. included with the shipment?

No –  As a matter of fact, it is more common people do not know who their gift is from because the person did not include their name.  All that the recipient gets is a BroBasket or BroBox packed in a box with a greeting card with exactly what you wrote in the special message field on our website in there.  There are no prices, names, or any other info saying who its from or how much it was.  So please include your name (or a sneaky hint) on the greeting card so the recipient knows who sent them such an awesome gift.

What if we get an incorrect, incomplete, or a change of address? 

It may cost you time and or money – If your address is flat out incomplete we’ll know pretty quickly and will contact you right away via email to get a good one, we get it, you don’t always know your friends and families addresses to a T and maybe you didn’t realize it was an apartment.  This will delay the shipment of your package if you do not get back to us by 3pm PST / 6pm EST, and we all want to make sure they get their gift on time.  If its incorrect (as in not the right place) please let us know ASAP, if we catch it before it goes out we’ll change it and all is good in the world, if it is sent out we will have no choice but to charge you a $12.50 redirect fee that FedEx and UPS charge us.  This also goes for shipments that were shipped out, or attempted to be delivered but then have the address changed.

What if I bought something that you can’t ship to the State it’s going to?

We will refund you – If you purchased something that you want to send to a State we can not ship to due to silly old out of date laws, then sadly we will have no choice but to give you your money back.  If you would like to purchase in the future we will gladly extend a discount for the trouble that it may have caused.

How do you pack your gift Baskets and gift sets? 

Very carefully –  (haha!) Okay we actually do pack them very carefully with pride.  The Gift Baskets are made by hand to order, typically the day they go out the door.  This ensures only the freshest snacks and booze end up in their baskets.  Be careful, a lot of other companies make their baskets far in advance with inferior products that you have never even heard of before, say no to stale crackers and old weird cheeses.  They are then shrink wrapped in clear plastic to preserve their awesome presentation and then boxed using an Instapack expanding foam packaging machine that forms perfectly to the gift baskets ensuring they arrive looking like they left with minimal cleanup for your recipients, no more foam peanuts to worry about.

Do the baskets come exactly like they look?

Most of the time – We pride ourselves on not only making our gift baskets with the items we say we do but also ensuring it arrives as close to how you see them on here as possible.  Every once and a while shipping companies like to drop kick our packages around their warehouse and they may show up jumbled or broken.  if you are unsatisfied with the presentation or the items condition we will happily replace your basket for free.  If anything is broken we will ship our replacements along with some extra goodies to the recipient ASAP.  Occasionally we run out of things (especially around the holidays) or suppliers discontinue an item, and in those cases we will substitute the missing item for a similar item of equal or greater value, we hope you understand.

(Some of the rest of this stuff may be redundant, but people love to skim, hey me too, so we are covering all of our bases)

Shipping Alcohol

Someone 21 years of age or older must be available to sign for the gift delivery.

If someone 21 years of age or older won’t be available at the delivery location, we highly recommend sending the gift basket to a business address.

FedEx / UPS / GSO will make 3 attempts

To deliver the gift basket, if the person is not available at the time of delivery, the delivery company can hold the gift at their facility for pickup.  If the recipient does not pickup the gift basket within 5 business days, the package will be sent back to The BroBasket. We will gladly either refund your order (minus any associated shipping costs there & back) OR we can reship the BroBasket however additional shipping costs will be charged.

It is a Gift and We Are Proud of it

Special Requests:

We love making their gift as personalized as possible.  That means we will entertain special requests (within reason) to take their gift to the next level.  We’ve hunted down special liquors, beers, and wines, but we also love doing simple things like including a shirtless photo of Zac Effron, or finding their favorite snacks (sorry guy that wanted pizza rolls – no frozen items)

Gift Packaging: 

Each one of our gift baskets is made in house to order insuring freshness of the contents.  We consider our gifts to be drinkable arrangements and as such that is how they arrive; almost looking too good to drink… almost.  We are one of the few online gift basket retailers that offer real products that arrive pretty much how they appear on our website. Our BroBaskets are devoid of the frilly bows, silly gift wrap and other pomp and circumstance you may see on the “other guys” baskets.  They come how they look on our website, with clear plastic shrink wrap over them and packed in a box with hi-tech insulated foam and processes to make sure they arrive looking awesome; no peanuts to make a mess.

Price, Sender’s Name, & Other Sensitive info:

We do not include the price of the BroBasket on anything the recipient gets, and your name will only be included on the greeting card if you sign it.  So if you want the recipient to know who sent the gift basket, then make sure you include that in your special message, otherwise it may show up looking anonymous; something you can also request but you have to specify that in the order notes.

Delivering on an exact date: 

We spent a considerable amount of time to create a “smart” date picker that helps you choose what date you want your gift to arrive and help us guarantee delivery on that specific day.  It will change the shipping options, so be mindful of your shipping charges because getting it there tomorrow most of the times means overnight, and its going to be more expensive than ground shipping.  Also, we cannot be held accountable for delivery issues caused by FedEx / UPS / GSO or if someone wasn’t there to sign for it.

Standard Shipping & Fulfillment: 

We process orders that come in before 3pm PST, 6pm EST the same business day, making us an awesome last minute gift option.  We only process and ship orders Monday – Friday and are beholden to our shippers delivery schedules which also include some holidays. We do not deliver same day unless you are in Ventura County and its Mon-Fri.  Sorry if we can’t deliver your gift baskets on Sunday. Unlike Amazon, we can’t make large companies deliver on special days for us ?

What shipping methods do you offer?

Why can’t I select a shipping method?

Well because my friend, it is easier to offer a date to get it there rather than let people figure out the complicated process of choosing a shipping method that will get it there the date they want it. Just select a date, it will charge you for the correct shipping service, and we’ll take care of the rest. If you don’t care that it gets there a certain date, it will charge your the cheapest standard ground option.  Also, if you want their BroBasket to go out weeks (or months) in the future, just select a date and we’ll send it out standard ground far enough in advance so that it arrives when you want it to.

Services we offer

Overnight – Pro Tip: smaller BroBaskets are cheaper to ship

2 Day Express

3 Day Express


Carriers We use 

FedEx – The majority of our shipments

UPS – Most of our business packages

Golden State Overnight (GSO) – Most of our CA, AZ, NV, and some other western states

Things to keep in mind

Orders before 3pm PST Ship Same Day: This does not mean we deliver it the same day, it mean it goes out the door and our shippers take it from there.

We do not work weekends: If your order comes in between Friday after 3pm and Monday before 3pm it will be shipped Monday, unless its a holiday.

Business Days: Are considered Monday through Friday except for major holidays.  Please do not ask us to have it delivered on a Sunday, only the big wigs at Amazon can pull that magical feat off.  In cases when extreme weather or unforeseen acts of nature disrupt transportation, in those instances we cannot guarantee delivery time frames.  We assure you though that we will do everything possible to get your gift delivered on time.   

Saturday Delivery: is so expensive because it caries a $9.95 additional fee that our shippers charge us.

Who, where, and what can we deliver gifts to

We Cannot Deliver Alcohol to:

Post Office Boxes, Puerto Rico and other and/or US territories

International Delivery:

We do not deliver any of our BroBaskets anywhere outside of the 50 US states because booze i guess.

Restricted States/Place: 

Thanks to some antiquated State laws we can not ship BroBaskets with alcohol in them to every state or place, these include but are not limited to; Utah, Alabama, Illinois, New Hampshire, Michigan, Mississippi and Military Bases (APO Boxes).  There are a few other states that we can only ship certain things to, see the full list here.

Extreme Weather: 

With the heat of summer and the chill of winter some gifts may arrive in less than stellar condition (especially chocolate in the summer and somethings don’t like to freeze), so if you want to make sure their gift which may include items like chocolate, gets there unmelted, choose the closes date you can In cases when extreme weather or unforeseen acts of nature disrupt transportation, we cannot guarantee delivery time-frames.  We assure you though that we will do everything possible to get your gift delivered on time.

Returns, Breakage, and any other Unforeseen Problems


If you receive the basket and are anything less than stoked we will happily let you return it for a full refund (minus any associated shipping costs)


We do our best to make and package our gift baskets securely, but our shippers just always seem find a way to break something.  If their BroBasket arrives with any broken item(s) we will send and replace any of the items from a glass to the entire basket, free of charge.

Other Problems:

We know we are not perfect (well most of us), so if you ever have a problem receiving or sending one of our gift baskets, please feel free to contact us:  |  (844)446-2443 and we will try our best to make sure you leave happy.

Johnny Law

Please refer to our lengthy terms and conditions to be assured that we follow all applicable local and state laws and do not sell or ship any gift baskets containing alcohol to minors as they are prohibited by law to receive or send liquor, wine and beer.  As noted above someone 21 years of age or older must be present to sign for any gift baskets containing alcohol.