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Liquor Gift Sets

Now, this is the kind of trip around the world your guy is really going to appreciate. He’s sure to like it way more than standing in line at airport security or hauling luggage. 

This is travel through the BroBasket liquor gift sets. From Scottish scotch to Irish whiskey and British ale, what’s not to love with this kind of “trip”? Read More….

Spirited Gifts From Around the Globe

Our liquor gift sets are perfect for all the men in your life. We have taken the time to scour the globe for the perfect boozy-themed gifts! And it’s all the best booze they already love and drink.

Trust us when we tell you, this is a gift they will be thrilled to open.

So, whether you’re looking for a cocktail gift for that Old Fashioned guy or a holiday gift for the office Christmas party, these alcohol gift baskets are just what you need and what they’ll love.

The Best Booze for Your Cocktail-Loving Men

Are you wondering what makes the alcohol gift set so great? Let’s take a look! If your men like scotch, well, what’s not to love about a basket filled with a collection of Glenmorangie scotch? This even includes our BroBasket tumbler so they can pour themselves a scotch as soon as they open it.

Maybe your guy prefers whiskey over scotch. Can’t be much more classic on the whiskey than with Jameson Irish whiskey. Then whiskey-loving guys in your life will celebrate the three classic bottles of Jameson that are a part of the gift set.

If your guy isn’t of the scotch or whiskey persuasion, then he’s sure to like our Bombay Sapphire gin gift set. There’s also the Samuel Smith British ale or the Canadian Crystal Head vodka.

Did we tell you these gift sets are like taking a magical trip around the globe without airport delays?

Get Your Gift Set Today

Not seeing what you’re looking for? (How is that possible?) Well, there’s more. You can create your own custom basket or just give your guy a BroBasket gift card and he can choose his own.

Make all the men in your life happy this gift-giving season with the BroBasket boozy gifts. Add one or more to your cart today.

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  • Johnnie Walker Limited Edition Gift Set 750ml

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