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The 20 Best Real Estate Closing Gifts

The 20 Best Real Estate Closing Gifts   Real estate agents understand all too well just how important it is to maintain strong relationships with clients. Having a network of pleased buyers and sellers is the best way to ensure future business and keep...

The 22 Best Budget Bourbons for under $50

We threw together this handy list of budget bourbons for the folks out there trying to avoid paying 100’s of dollars for stuff like Pappy when they can have some damn good bourbons made by the same distillers of the Pappy’s of the world but for under fifty...

Basil & Cucumber, Gin Cocktail Recipe

Basil & Cucumber, Gin Cocktail Recipe There’s nothing better than cracking open an ice cold beer on a hot day…but as much as we love beer, sometimes a bottle or a can just won’t do. Sometimes, you just need a cocktail. Maybe you’re in the mood to muddle something....

The Top 6 Manly Drinks

The Top 6 Manliest Drinks The Most Manliest Drinks Men Love... Known to Man Are you a man’s man? A guy’s guy? A no-BS fella whose car-repair knowledge runs deeper than the creases on Clint Eastwood’s face? Or do you prefer computer programming? Poetry? Baking? or...

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