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11 Awesome Must-Have Beer Accessories

When it comes to drinking there seem to be a lot of bar accessories out there, but sometimes, finding beer accessories can be tough. Not to fear my fellow beer guzzler, we have this handy list of 11 must-have beer accessories to stock your fridge and palapa with. Check it out.


Must-Have Beer Accessories


If you are a beer lover, then there will come a time in your life when you will think about how to improve your beer drinking experience. You are not in college anymore and smashing beers over your head to open them just doesn’t do it for you anymore, and there is nothing wrong with that my friend, you are all grown up.


I mean – what else is better than a cold beer after a long and exhausting day at work? For some, beer is something more than just a refreshing drink to relax, its an afterwork or past-time experience that they want to enjoy to the fullest.


Whether you enjoy ales, pilsners, lagers or hoppy ass IPA’s best, there will always be some accessories that you can use to make your beer drinking experience as enjoyable as possible.

1) The Ultimate Beer Chiller

No one likes to drink warm beer, am I right?  If you do, then go to China where beer served at room temp is the norm (true story).

Beer chillers like the “Chillsner” were invited to not only help keep that beer colder longer, but to chill it down because your buddy bought crispy boys right off the shelf and not from the cooler…that idiot.

Just pop this bad boy in the freezer for at least 45 minutes and insert it into your beer bottle. Sit back and enjoy a long lasting cool and refreshing beer. You’re welcome.

2) A BroBasket Duh! (Shameless Plug Alert!)

Even though our gift baskets and gift sets aren’t technically beer accessories, they are still what every beer guy needs. So we can’t help but mention getting an awesome craft beer gift basket from us.  We offer a wide selection of top rated craft beer, domestic and imports to satisfy the tastes of craft beer lovers and casual beer guys alike.  Check out what we have to offer today.  

3) One Sweet Wooden Beer Caddy

Sometimes when you are visiting a friend, you just don’t know how to bring that sweet collection of craft beer that you want to show off at his house party.  Not to fret, beer caddy to the rescue!  

This wooden beer caddy gots your back, it holds six 12 oz or even 22 oz bombers and comes with a bottle opener so everyone doesn’t have to use your bottle opener or your keys. Remember when Barry walked off with your keys at the last party and you had to take an Uber home? Yea no more of that. Plus to top it off, it looks cool. Now you can also show off that Chillsner you picked up to cool those beers off.

4) Magical Magnetic Fridge Bottle Hanger

As someone with two women that live in my house, I am always vying for precious fridge space.  We all know stupid Kale and Rose take up a lot of GD room!  That’s why I can’t wait to pick up this magical contraption. These magnets make it look like David Blaine himself made them levitate there for your drinking pleasure.    

This magnetic bottle hanger has to be one of the coolest beer accessories that has been made to date.   Allowing you to save space in your fridge by hanging your beer to the ceiling.  Holds up to 6 beers, or you can buy more and hang a whole 24 pack if you like, it’s your life, live it how you want my friend.  

5) Reusable Silicone Bottle Caps

I get that this thing seems to be saving a Budweiser that assumedly someone couldn’t finish, but c’mon, if you aren’t drinking a whole Budweiser in one sitting then you should just pour the rest down the drain because its not getting any better.  These silicon bottle caps are pretty damn cool and I say they are best for those high ABV craft beers that sometimes you crack open at the end of the night thinking you can handle, but let’s face it my friend, cap that baby and enjoy it later before you forget what it even tastes like.  

So when you have had too much beer for one night, but you have opened another one that you probably shouldn’t finish drinking then you will be thankful you picked up some of these beer savers.  This could also be used for that friend that’s always opening new beers but forgetting where he put them, no more fallen soldiers my friend.

6) Unique Decapitator Bottle Cap Opener

Everyone (probably) has a bottle opener laying around, and if you are happy with it, I would stay stick with it.  But if you find that it doesn’t work so hot after the thousands of beers you have opened, or you just want to invest in a bottle opener that makes for a pretty cool gadget to show off next time you have some friends over, the Decapitator beer bottle opener from Corkcicle is pretty awesome.

An elegant, simple, and at the same time, fancy bottle opener.  This thing is made to show off to your friends at parties, or when bbqing or when just drinking beers.

It removes any bottle cap with a single push down and holds it there with its magnetic grip.  

It will be like you are making that bottle cap disappear, might even be able to David Blaine your friends with it.  

7) Ultimate Couch Potato’s Beer Holder

A lot of the other beer accessories on this list are more “party” oriented, but this one can be filed under the “Netflix and Chill” kind of beer accessories.  If you are like me, you have probably spilled your fair share of beverages, including beer.  No one wants to waste a perfectly good beer and this awesome contraption will help keep you from ever spilling that beer again.  

I know that a lot of people have problems with these kinds of things. You don’t have a place to put your bottle while watching tv, or just laying on the couch, so then what do you do with your beer?!  Boom, CouchCoaster!

That is why the CouchCoaster is made. It is an ultimate beer holder for couch surfin beer drinkers.

8) The Perfect Beer Coasters

If you have any kind of humidity where you live, then you have probably had a puddle below your ice cold beer after just a few minutes. Even your standard coaster can’t stop it, or it just gets stuck to your glass and goes flying off.  That’s why I give you, the Thirsty Coaster.

These coasters are made to absorb all that damn condensation falling of your beer and to suck it up as fast as you are sucking down them tall boys.  They have a lot of – we’ll say “cheesy” – looking ones, so I prefer the natural looking coasters to the others.  They have a timeless look that reminds you of the Grand Canyon (just me?).    

9) Make your Own Damn Beer

This one is a little bit more DIY than the rest and maybe not technically a “beer accessory” but it’s pretty damn cool, and what better way to enjoy all those cool beer accessories you bought than with the very own beer you made.

Most kits like the “Mr. Beer” one are easy, but a little too easy if you catch my drift.  The brew kits from Brooklyn Brew Shop are fairly easy, but much closer to how most craft beer is actually made – utilizing actual grain.  So these make a great “accessory” to any beer lovers life.  

10) Flagon of Ale Horn Beer Cup

Want to feel like a real MFn Viking?!  Then you need this awesome AleHorn for your beer. 

These things are pretty freakin awesome, they are hand made from real horn (not a Rhino or anything you psycho) and they come in various sizes from ones that look like an actual horn (which looks cool but isn’t very practical unless you just want to hold you beer all damn night), to the one pictured that has a much more practical handle and flat bottom.  The best part is they come in all sizes from ones that will hold a typical beer to 1 liter tankard. That’s a lot of beer my friend!

11) Covert Underground Beer Storage

If you like to be environmentally friendly, don’t have room for another fridge to fit all your beer, or you just like cool shit, then you need an underground beer fridge from eCool.

Did you know that underground it is typically the average temperature of where you live year round?  Do the math, 80 high plus 30 low = 55 degrees, that’s pretty damn good for free cooling!  Anyways, this thing is cool and it makes a great outdoor accessory to to show off to your buddies at your next barbecue.  

Bonus Idea

All these accessories are awesome but you know what is ever awesomer? (it’s a word, i think) collecting beer and bar swag from around the world.  I personally love to grab coasters, bottle caps, or anything I can legally get my hands on in a bar or brewery while traveling.  They make for some of the best souvenir ideas i have came across.

We hope you enjoyed this post, let us know your thoughts or any other cool beer accessories you have found out there in the world in the comments below.


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