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9 Things You Need to Know About Wine to Impress Your Girlfriend

Wine is a complicated subject, which includes history, culture, agriculture, geology, and genetics. Can you understand the wine culture without going into details? You will manage to do that to some extent, but some nuances still must be learned. Anyway, it will be much easier to do that than to find a sommelier girlfriend, even if you have already visited So, here are 9 the most important things you need to know about wine that will help make a good impression on any girl.

1. Most Popular Wines

Do you want to choose “your own” wine without spending years on tasting in search of truth? Then you should pay attention to the 18 different varieties, which are called “international.” Here you can meet old acquaintances such as Muscat wine, Riesling, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Merlot, Pinot Noir, etc. After you try all 18, you will surely gain experience in choosing the right wine. At the same time, you will understand your personal preferences.

2. Most Popular Wine Regions

No matter how Argentinians, Chileans, and others try, they will hardly be able to outbid such wine titans as Italy, France, and Spain. This is a trio of the world’s leading wine producers, about which you need to know three things. First, they probably produce most of the total volume of wine. Secondly, they produce some of the best wines in the world. Thirdly, France, Italy and Spain are parents of all the most popular kinds of wine.

3. Different Wines, Different Tastes, Different Impressions

Now when you know at least something, it’s time to find out about the taste characteristics of wines. Some wines are sweet and tart like a cinnamon pie. Such drinks, as they say, not to everyone’s taste, and you will not be able to drink much. Others will be warming or just burning the back of the throat from the first to the last sip. The level of alcohol in these wines is higher, and therefore, a slow sip of wine can lead to rapid intoxication. Finally, some wines leave a dry and bitter aftertaste in the mouth. It happens due to tannin, a substance that is responsible for the roughness and bitterness of wine. To find your favorite taste, you need to know the 5 basic characteristics of wine: sweetness, acidity, tannin, fruitiness (wine can have fruit flavors), and wine bod. It’s necessary to talk about the latter in more detail.

4. Wine Bod

When they talk about the wine bod, they mean the density of the drink, which you can feel on the tongue. In other words, it’s about the thickness of the wine. For example, a mature red wine will be full-bodied, and ordinary chardonnay will have a light bod. There is a simple example that will help cope with it. Imagine three types of milk with different fat content: 1.5%, 2.8%, and 3.5%. On this list, the first one will have a light bod, the second one will have an average bod, and the third one will have a full one. Why do you need it? The category of the wine bod helps describe the drink, find the right gastronomic pair for it, and express your emotions in relation to a particular glass of wine. Of course, in ordinary life, you do not need this term. However, now you know that a sommelier is talking about a bottle that they open, and not about the body of your girlfriend.

5. Sweet Without Sugar

Some people like sweet wines, some like dry ones. It’s a matter of taste. However, sometimes embarrassing stuff happens and buying dry wine, you can unexpectedly discover that, despite the dryness, it has a very sweet taste. And how could this happen if sugar was not added to it? There are several factors that influence the sweet taste, for example, the qualities of the grapes, the region and the aging of the oak. If you compare French Malbec with Argentine one, the latter’s taste will be much sweeter. The region in which the grapes grow significantly affects the taste.

6. Socialization Tool

Wine is a kind of socialization tool. A glass of wine gives confidence, helps hide nervousness during a particularly tense meeting or acquaintance. Wine helps the tongue get loose and allows you to overcome even the language barrier. Wine is the only thing that unites two completely different people trying to make conversation. The main thing is not to overdo and combine the rules of consumption with the rules of etiquette. Then, everything will be fine.

7. Wines That Should Be Drunk Immediately or Set Aside

90% of the wine is intended for use during the year of its production. This is an undeniable fact. However, some wines become better with age. It is possible to determine the wine, which will be better with each year thanks to the following sings.

  • Residual sugar. This component of wine is often overlooked due to the popularity of aging dry wines. As it has turned out, the most “long-lived” wines are, as a rule, sweet wines.
  • Acidity. Wines with higher acidity can be stored longer.
  • Tannin. Red wines with higher tannin content live longer. But only if there is a balance between tannin from grapes and tannin from oak barrels. Then it will gradually smooth out, and the wine will only become better.
  • The level of alcohol. It is logical that heavy wines generally live longer. After all, a low level of alcohol turns wine into vinegar over time. On the other hand, it adversely affects the taste, so look for a middle ground between 13.5% and 17%.
  1. Vintage and Non-Vintage

Let’s figure out what “vintage” is. Vintage means the grape harvest. Non-vintage wines are about a mixture of several harvests. This is done to preserve a certain style in the drink innate to a particular household. What does distinguish one vintage from another? The answer lies in the climate. Microclimates of individual wine-growing regions in different years have significant differences. And grapes varieties historically correspond to different areas. It’s about different content of sugars and alcoholic content.

9. A Fusion of Food and Wine

Drinking culture was not invented today or by us, and there is a long-term experience behind it, which should be considered. And in general, wine, no matter what anyone says, is a man’s drink, and the ability to properly combine food with it is a special art. The fusion of food and wine is usually built on a match or vice versa on the contrast of tastes. The main thing is to avoid taste conflicts.


  • Dry white wine


White dry is about Sauvignon Blanc, Grüner Veltliner, Pinot Grigio. In general, you can find information that the wine is white and dry on the label. In addition to fish and vegetables, white dry wine will go well with dessert (not chocolate!). If the wine is quite sour, then it should be served with more fatty fish, and if the dish smells wonderful, then the aroma of the wine should also be bright. This is a general rule for all wines.


  • Sweet white wine


Usually, it is about Muscat wine, Riesling or Malmsey wine. Such wine will be great with cheeses, all sorts of sweets, such as cookies, ice cream, fruit.


  • White wine


It should be without extra sweetness, for example, Chardonnay, Rosanna, Viognier and Marsala. When it’s about white wine, then there is a general rule that the lighter the wine is, the simpler the food should be and vice versa. You can combine seafood, fish, pasta, chicken with white wine.


  • Dry red wine


Red wine is combined with just a huge number of meat dishes, and dry red wine can be drunk with spicy food as well as with spaghetti, pasta, pizza, whatever. Perhaps, this is the most unpretentious wine. Although some people like to drink such wine with melon and peaches, this is a bit strange. Be sure to consider the structure of the meat. If the meat is more fibrous, it is better to take rough wine, but if you are going to eat tender calf meat, then it is better to take a softer wine. You should remember this, as the laws of physics.


  • Semi-sweet and semi-dry red wines


These wines are more neutral, and therefore, they are so wildly popular. They are really drunk more often than all other wines. Because of the relatively neutral taste, a large amount of food suits them.  Talking about the game, then it will be great with rabbit, chicken, partridge, duck. However, fatty types of fish, as well as shrimps in hot sauces, are combined with similar wines just great.


  • Red dessert wine


Here you do not need an advisor since everything is clear. Red dessert wines are usually served with dessert (surprisingly, yes?). It is great with fruits, cakes, ice cream and other pleasures of life. It is worth noting their popularity as one of the main ingredients for such luxurious things as punch, mulled wine and creamer. In general, be sure to buy a couple of bottles of red dessert wine for winter and cook something like that.

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