The Top Christmas Gifts for Men 2018

Its that time of year again, Christmas time, and once again you have to search the corners of the globe to find the men in your life Christmas gifts.  Well you are in luck, we broke down some of the top Christmas gifts for men in 2018. A lot of these are not going to be “things” but more “experiences”, because what other Christmas gift to you get for a guy that has everything?


Time for Better Christmas Gifts for Men

51% of men say they receive unwanted Christmas gifts each year at an average value of $48.21. That’s a lot of money being wasted on poorly received presents, but it can be difficult finding gifts that loved ones will want and that they don’t already have or don’t really need. Sending a boozy Christmas gift basket to suit the person’s personality is always appreciated, along with gifting experiences instead of physical items. Experiences on the other hand offer a great way for people to spend quality time with their family and loved ones over the Christmas season and beyond.


Vineyard Tour And Wine Tasting

If you know a guy that likes wine, you really can’t go wrong with a vineyard tour and wine tasting experience as a gift. Vineyard tours include the obvious of visiting usually two or three vineyards, travelling hopefully in a tour van where in between wineries you both can take in beautiful views, learning the history of local wine and the area.  If you are lucky and picked the right tour, plenty of free wine tastings should be on the agenda, with the option to pay for additional glasses and/or bottles. However, if you splash out on some of the more full-on experiences you can get a whole day of fun for your loved one where charcuterie snacks, a gourmet lunch, and/or dinner may be included, a luxury limousine to travel in instead of a van and even a hot air balloon ride to get panoramic views of the vineyards.


Chocolate Tasting

Chocolate and Christmas make the ideal combination, but sometimes the same box of chocolates each year gets a bit predictable and same-y for the recipient. This is where a chocolate tasting experience makes a perfect gift for your loved ones. These vary widely from straightforward tours of chocolate factories with lots of samples to learning how to make your own truffles and what cheese and wine to pair chocolates with. Boston even offers a vegan-friendly experience in Jamaica Plain, so all dietary requirements can be catered for on chocolate tasting tours.


The Health Conscious Men

Somehow wine and chocolate aren’t for everyone, such as for the health-conscious guys in your life. We all know a health nut who isn’t going to sacrifice their health and fitness routine just because it’s the holiday season, boring!  Except maybe when it comes to Christmas dinner and all the tasty treats thats in store, otherwise do they have no joy in their life?! Gifting them a healthy brobasket can be a really thoughtful gift that shows you care about their physic just as much as they do (maybe not quite as much) and have bought for them accordingly. Other health-related gifts include a smoothie or protein shake maker for the bodybuilders, screen friendly gloves for runners or cyclists who still want their phone nearby and usable or a new gym bag for gym bunnies. Choose one in a different color to what they would pick or a brand that you know they won’t have and fill it with some protein bars to stock them up for the season, like a bag full of goodies they’ll enjoy.


Cocktail Making Classes

Christmas brings out the fancy side in some people and cocktails are a wonderful way to celebrate this. You can get cocktail making kits and books to guide novices through the basics and buy a vast array of delicious cocktail syrups, and more importantly booze, that can immediately transform any cocktail into something special. Alternatively, treat someone to a cocktail making class where they can learn from the professionals and have a lot more free reign over the ingredients available to them. Of course, throughout the class all the cocktails are theirs to drink and make a great start to a night out, making this gift is ideal for couple to join in with. Some bars and classes offer a more memorable and unique experience by setting a theme to their cocktails, such as holidays or seasons.  


A Festive Family Meal

If you’re a little short of cash or you just want to treat the entire family, take everyone out for a Christmas meal, either on or around Christmas Day. Gifting experiences are becoming popular as people are wanting to enjoy getting out and doing new things, with 72% of college -educated Americans enjoying experiences over physical items. A meal is a perfect way to involve all generations of the family at once and treat them to a special meal at the same time. Even better, you can pay for meals on a credit card where you get cashback when eating out at restaurants, making it beneficial for you too and helping to keep costs under control throughout the holiday season.


The Nerds In Your Life

Who doesn’t love a nerd?  Except for the bullies in the movie Revenge of the Nerds… Everyone has one in their life and they’re the go-to person that you can always count on when something goes wrong with a piece of technology or there’s a movie reference you can’t remember. Nerds tend to appreciate gifts that reference something based on their intimate knowledge of their favorite things, whether it’s an intellectual joke on a mug or their very own light saber. Tech related gifts are also usually well received, such as Bluetooth gaming headphones, a USB mini fridge for keeping drinks cold while gaming or a smartphone projector for watching videos or showing photos off.  If you are looking for something a little more unique has some amazing stuff for nerds.


Gifts for Music Lovers

Dads tend to love the classics and will make sure you know about it, “Back in my day we listened to REAL music!” and whatnot.  Whereas the younger bros in your life will tend to be more on trend, such as your actual brother. Dads may appreciate their favorite old vinyl’s you scrounged from a vintage store, or a solid budget record player to play their classics on that’s better than that old dusty thing with cig burns and food stains on it.  Music is even more enjoyable when it’s paired up with some good booze, such as some Jack Daniel’s warming whiskey, a great angle to take if they already have enough records.

Also, lot of music lovers appreciate tickets to their favorite artist or music festivals. If you’re not sure who they would want to see or they’re not playing yet you could get them a gift card for ticket websites or the cheaper route (depending on how much they drink) of saying you’ll drive and pay for drinks to help cover the costs of going to shows.


Give the Gift of Laughter

Another way to gift an experience is to purchase comedy tickets. This is perfect for couples as they can double as a date night out together. If tickets aren’t for somewhere local you should look into covering the costs of travel too so that your present doesn’t end up costing them money that they weren’t expecting to shell out. Alternatively, put together a collection of stand-up DVDs with a bottle of something boozy that the recipient will enjoy while they watch.


Boozy Stocking Fillers And Secret Santa’s

Stocking fillers and dirty Santa gifts are usually small items that don’t cost much, such as a $10 limit. Don’t worry, booze comes in smaller sizes to accommodate this request. Look out for “airplane” size bottles of spirits, such as whiskey, vodka, and tequila that you can pair with glassware and some mixers to make it the perfect cocktail set. Mini wine gift sets that usually inculde a small bottle that is one glass of wine with a nice glass to go with it. Quirkier presents include the classic beer helmets for hands free drinking, alternatives to board games, such as ‘snakes and bladdered’ and wine glasses that hold an entire bottle of wine are a great Christmas gag gift.



Get your Christmas shopping underway this year by looking for experiences, tickets and plenty of booze to keep the men in your life well catered for. If they receive any disappointing gifts this year, they won’t be from you, so you can feel confident knowing you’ve shopped well.

We hope you enjoyed our list of the top Christmas gifts for men in 2018, let us know if you tried any of these out and/or any great ideas you have to add to this list in the comments below.


The Guys @ The BroBasket

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