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From candy lovers to the healthy guys, we got you covered

Food Gifts for Men

Get him a cooler gift this time; get him a BroBasket!  We sell some of the most awesome food gifts for men.  We offer everything from gifts full of candy and junk food to healthy gifts full of everything to keep him happy at the gym or on the trail.  Even though we specialize in gift baskets with alcohol, we’re pretty sure our BroBasket’s stand up on their own without the booze. Check out our selection of cool food gifts.

  • Customize Your Own Gift Basket

    Customize Your Own Basket

    From $39.95
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  • Junk Foodie Care Package

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  • Gift Card

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  • Serious Golfer Gift Basket

    Serious Golfer Gift Basket

    As Pictured $89.95
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  • Barbecue Party Gift Basket

    Barbecue Party Gift Basket

    As Pictured $89.95
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  • Titos Holiday Sweater

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We take pride in our gifts, but if you want to explore more of our range, take a look at all our gifts.