One gift, two gift, three gift, four. If you get them too many, they’ll end up on the floor.

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Valentines Day Gift Baskets Men Really Want

This Valentines day He’s probably getting you flowers (your fav of course), what are you getting him?!

First off, I freaking hope it isn’t flowers! Second, did you know that the idea that sparked what became The BroBasket was a women wanting to send her man flowers and that man asking for a bucket of beer instead?
Well this Valentines day get him a BroBasket, its like flowers for a guys, a drinkable arrangement if you will. What man can resist all his favorite stuff (and booze) shoved into one awesome gift basket. Plus, he’ll have to share with you, and once you’re both drunk that’s when the real Valentine’s Day fun begins (am I right?)

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