The Executive

As Pictured $189.95

You want a promotion, they want something different


2 – BroBasket Rocks Glasses
1 – Premium Whiskey Stones sets – 9 stones & a lovely caring pouch
2 – Godiva™ Chocolate Bars
2 – Godiva™ Chocolate covered nuts
1 – Reusable BroBasket Crate
1 – 8oz Stainless Steel Flask
1 – Premium, Spanish Cedar lined, Leather 3-4 Cigar Case
3 – Nicaraguan Cigars
1 – Triple Torch Lighter
1 – Cigar cutter

The scotch we know they’ll enjoy

1 – Bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label Scotch (750ml) the primo stuff!

The Freebies

2 – BroBasket Coasters
1 – Occasion appropriate greeting card with your special message on it


THE Corporate Gift Basket


Impress Him with the Perfect Gift


Whether he’s your boss, your dad, or the guy you’ve been dating for three weeks, he’ll be impressed that you got him a gift that was so him. The Executive Gift Basket, available with some amazing customizable options, isn’t just for that CEO you know—it’s for any guy who enjoys the finer things in life. From Scotch to cigars, this BroBasket is full of high-end goodies that he can drink, smoke, and keep for posterity. It’s not just about the booze—this BroBasket includes a slew of keepsakes he can use over and over again.

The Drinks, The Smokes, The Snacks


If he’s the drinker or smoker you think he is, he’ll appreciate the 750ml bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label and the three Nicaraguan cigars (importing Cubans is still illegal). To satisfy his appetite and enhance the Scotch, this cigar gift basket includes a selection of Godiva™ chocolate bars and covered nuts, just so he’s got something to munch on after his fourth or fifth drink.

The Things He’ll Have Forever


The booze, the snacks, and the cigars will probably be gone within the first day or so, so we’ve added in some awesome keepsakes that he can use forever. This cigar gift basket includes two BroBasket rocks glasses, one set of premium whiskey stones packed in a carrying pouch, a reusable crate, a cedar-lined cigar case, a cigar cutter, and a Triple Torch lighter to light his cigars, his cigarettes, or whatever else he likes to smoke. What’s our favorite thing in this Scotch gift basket? The stainless steel flask that he can use every time he wants to pre-game at a sporting event, sneak in a drink at work, or take swigs during a family gathering on a Sunday afternoon.

Checkout this cool vid about how Johnnie Walker is made


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Can I choose a delivery date?

Yes, just pick your preferred delivery date during checkout so it gets there on their special day. AND make sure you choose the appropriate shipping option so it gets there on time, we cannot make sure it gets there on time if you do not.

How fast can my order get there?

Orders received before 3pm PST can be shipped same day

*Shipping price Varies by size and destination of BroBasket
**Saturday Delivery additional $9.95

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