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Fitness BroBox

Fitness BroBox


The Contents

2 – Packs of Beef Jerky (1.25oz/pack)
2 – Trail Mix Snacks
2 – Pure Protein Bars
2 – KIND Fruit and nut bars
2 – Whey Protein packets
1 – Muscle Milk

The Freebies

1 – Card with your special message


Better than those other “health” presents

Hey, bro – do you even lift? If you’ve ever heard your buddy utter those fateful words, then it’s time to strap on your weightlifting gloves, roll out the yoga mat, and send your obsessed friend something he’ll really love – enough protein for “the gains” he’s in need of! This BroBox™ punches way above its weight as far as body building and healthy presents go. The Jack Links beef jerky makes a great protein-filled snack on the go, the healthy snacks are there when you need a little bit more to munch on to give you the boost you need to keep going, Pure Protein and Kind bars are great before or after a good workout, the whey protein is a must for all people into better health, and the Muscle Milk makes for a great way to pound some protein to get those biceps a burstin, those pecs a-poppin, and those glutes a-clappin.

This gift is for the rats and the gnats

Okay I couldn’t come up with a better term, so maybe let’s define what a gym rat is vs a gnat. Gym rats practically live you-know-where, much like the rats on an old pirate ship or that abandoned restaurant down the street. Gnats, meanwhile, are just starting out – they are the “little” guys. Well, not little in stature, but they just don’t have their swagger yet. They aren’t sure what way to use certain machines (where the hell are you supposed to put your feet?!), but they want to aspire to the rat life so they don’t need no temptations in their life. That is why this BroBox™ is for all of the above! It packs a ton of protein and healthy snacks for everyone who’s all about them gains, but also makes for a great starter pack for those “little” guys that need a little motivation to keep them in the game.

Healthy boxes like these make great alternatives

Look, we get it. Beer, chips and candy don’t exactly make healthy snacks. Nobody’s stuffing a fifth of vodka into their duffel bag before heading to the weight room. That is why we offer good alternatives for those folks that are too healthy to mess with that stuff or at least need to be. That’s why we have this BroBox™! It’s for those people in your life that do the whole boiled chicken and rice thing. Yeah, we don’t get it either, but your bro does. So enough with the booze, snacks, and other crap he doesn’t need. Support his “gainz” and get him something that he’ll love already – a Fitness BroBox from BroBasket. Order today!

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Yes he was stoked

Jenn H.

Great deal!

Great deal, exactly what we were looking for.

Aaron S.

Best gift ever!

Wow! Just wow! Packaging was totally amazing and the variety of the fitness snacks was so great! 10/10

Kristen L.

Recipient did not receive the package yet!

No - he never got it.

Tony C.

Great gift ideas!

There is something for everyone! Everyone who received a basket thought this was a greatest thing. So if you have someone that's hard to buy for, a Bro Basket is something to get them!

Which states can I have alcohol BroBaskets shipped to?

We are able to ship alcohol BroBaskets to most states. Due to some state liquor laws, BroBaskets with alcohol in them are not able to be shipped to; Utah, Alabama, Illinois, New Hampshire, Michigan, and Mississippi. Non-Alcohol BroBaskets can be shipped to all 50 states.

Can I choose a delivery date?

Yes, you will be given the option to choose your delivery date at checkout . A calendar will provide you with the option to select and view the shipping costs for your selected arrival date prior to checking-out.

How fast can my order get there?

If you place your order before 3pm PST (6pm EST), Monday – Friday , you can take advantage of having your package shipped out of the warehouse that day, as all shipments out of the warehouse occur prior to 3pm PST. This means that you get to take advantage of same day shipping, with tomorrow being the quickest we can get a BroBasket to your recipient.

It is good to note that overnight shipping is guaranteed! Any overnight delivery order that does not arrive on time will allow you to receive a refund in the shipping cost.

If your order is placed after 3PM PST , you can still choose any delivery method, but you will not be able to choose next day shipping(overnight) being that the warehouse is done with shipping for the day.

How much does shipping cost?

The cost of shipping depends on the size/weight of the basket, shipping service, and shipping destination.

Important Reminders:

*Delivery dates are estimated as the carrier may experience issues outside of our control that cause a delay while delivering the package. In addition, there may be other unforeseen circumstances that cause a delivery to be delayed.

*Any packages containing alcohol require an adult signature. This means that someone over the age of 21 must be available to sign for the package at the time of delivery. If someone is not available to sign for the package, the package will be held by the shipping company for delivery the next business day.

*It is always best to ship to a workplace or office where an adult will be available to sign. If you must ship to a residential address, it is recommended that you notify someone at the address of the arrival date so that they present to sign for the package.

*We are not responsible for errors on the part of the customer and/or shipping company, incorrect or undeliverable addresses and/or recipients, delays caused by weather, mechanical failure or other acts beyond our control. Brobasket will not pay for re-shipping costs due to any of the instances mentioned above.

What Makes a BroBasket better then other gift baskets?

Well its simple, what you see is what you get! Other gift basket companies sell you generic overpriced crap in a cheap wicker basket. All of our gift baskets however, feature name brand products in reusable crates, tubs, buckets or tins. Additionally, we pride ourselves on the fact our gifts show up to their door looking just like they do on our website (sometimes better)!

Do Men really like your gifts as much as you say they do?

Of course! We took over a year researching our products and asking tons of guys what they liked and what they didn’t. We wanted to put together the best ‘gifts for men’ that men have ever seen; because let’s face it, guys are tired of boring gifts! We’ve had reports of our BroBaskets bringing guys to tears and even stopping marital arguments the second the BroBasket arrived (Both true btw!)

Can you get my BroBasket there in time?

You can find all that info on that “Shipping Info” tab you see to the left of this one. We strive to make the recipient’s day, so if you don’t see a shipping option that fits your need, call or email us! (844)446-2443 |

What is your return policy?

We want to make their day just as much as you do, that means that if their BroBasket shows up damaged, we will gladly refund you based on the amount of damage or send you replacement items free of charge. In some cases, up to your total purchase. If it is really jacked up we will even send them a brand new BroBasket free of charge, we want them to be nothing less than stoked to receive a BroBasket.

Can I send a BroBasket to a woman?

OFCOURSE!! Just because we originally started this business to make great ‘guy gifts’ doesn’t mean women can’t enjoy them too! You’d be surprised how many BroBaskets we ship to women (over 1/3). One guy even bought it for his girlfriend and said “Flowers are nice and all, but I know what you REALLY want!”

Can you leave the gift on the doorstep if no one is at home?

We most certainly CANNOT. Unless of course it’s one of our Boozeless BroBaskets. . 🙂