He Has No Idea What He’s in For… Muhahahahaha

Gifts for New Dads

So he’s a new dad. He has a new little bundle of joy, and he has no idea how many sleepless nights are in his future. So before he figures it out, lets help him celebrate his new status in life! Get that new dad a gift that will come in handy when he finally figures out whats in store!

As always, if you don’t like what you see here, you can always customize your own BroBasket from scratch! 

Looking for a quick gift?

Most of our gifts for new dads are completely customizable from the ground up. We offer graduation gift baskets in all shapes and sizes, and for all budgets, whether he likes beer, craft beer, tequila, whiskey, cigars, a classy bottle of wine, beef jerky, junk food or maybe he doesn’t really drink, (at least that’s what he tells you) we got you covered! In the event you want something pre-made, check out our quick gift ideas here.

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